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Delta Announces Big Change To Frequent Flier Program

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Pantallas_Tactiles_DeltaDelta Air Lines is changing its frequent-flier program to lure higher-spending customers, including business travelers who often book flights on short notice and pay more than bargain-hunting leisure travels.

Rewards for ‘elites’

The move aims to favor customers who buy the priciest tickets instead of those who fly the most miles.

These so-called “elite” fliers account for only 2% of the company’s customers, but generate more than 20% of the revenues.

Starting 2015, Delta will base frequent-flier rewards on the fares its customers pay instead of the miles they travel. This will affect all classes of travelers.

A historic shift

Delta will become the largest U.S. airline to make such a change.

The strategy of distance to dollars signifies a huge benefit to the elites in the form of lots of free flights.

The bargain-hunting leisure travelers flying on cheap fares, on the other hand, will suffer.

Delta’s major rivals, American and United, are likely to watch to see how passengers respond.

Taco Bell To Serve Waffle Taco, New Breakfast Menu In March

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taco bell

Image by AdamL212

Egg McMuffin, meet the Waffle Taco.

Fast food chain Taco Bell announced it is readying for the launch of its national breakfast menu on March 27, which will feature items such as the A.M. Crunchwrap and the Waffle Taco, all designed to appeal to its fan base of younger adults, particularly the men.

Big Bite for Breakfast

The waffle taco and most of Taco Bell’s breakfast menu was originally only a myth, talked about only on the dark parts of the Internet, but now it is a reality. And the chain says their breakfast will be offered until 11 a.m. a half hour longer than the availability of McDonald’s Egg McMuffin, which is only offered till 10:30 a.m.

Breakfast for Two

“We can turn the breakfast conversation into a two horse race,” said Taco Bell president Brian Niccol, noting that Taco Bell intends to be a “strong No. 2” after McDonald’s.

McDonald’s has long been the leader when it comes to fast food breakfasts, with its popular Sausage Biscuits, Hotcakes and other items raking in roughly 20 percent of the company’s U.S. sales. The fast food giant, however, has been facing stiffer competition in recent years, with restaurants such as Starbucks and Subway rolling out breakfast sandwiches as well.

Lakers Trade Steve Blake To The Warriors

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Steve BlakeThe Warriors have their back-up point guard, and the Swag time Lakers got even swaggier as Steve Blake trades places with Kent Bazemore. The trade was announced just over an hour before the Lakers were set to tip-off the visiting Houston Rockets.

Win-win Situation

The Warriors gain a prize piece in their rotation as Blake will hopefully fill a void left by Jarrett Jack in the past off-season, they just hope that he stays healthy at least for the rest of the season. The Lakers also win in this trade as they off-load a veteran player who hasn’t played as much basketball as they would have liked, and gain an energetic young player that can grow into a real force.

A Lot of Point guards

The Warriors made the trade after acquiring Jordan Crawford from the Boston Celtics, who thrived as a starter in the East, but struggled off the bench in the West. It will be a challenge for the Warriors coaching staff to find the right mix minutes to get all their three point guards to be effective.

Deng To Be Traded A Second Time

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Luol DengJust over a month after the Cleveland Cavaliers acquired Luol Deng from the Chicago Bulls, they seem to be putting the All-Star forward on the trading block again as the deadline draws closer.

Franchise in Flux

Cleveland traded problematic center Andrew Bynum, and three future draft picks for the versatile forward in the hopes that his skillset would complement the young core of Kyrie Irving, Dion Waiters, and Tristan Thompson. However, even with the leadership and experience Deng offers the Cavs are still playing with losing records.

The team recently fired GM Chris Grant, and the team is expected to make some moves this offseason, if not in the trade deadline. This recent announcement only underscores the complete disarray of the franchise.

Comeback Bull

Chicago dealt Deng because of his rejection of their three-year$30 million deal that would keep the team under the luxury tax number. Now that Deng has seen what may be in store for him on other teams that deal may not look as bad. But, any prodigal son story can only happen after the summer as NBA regulations disallow any team from reacquiring players traded in the same season.

American Wins Gold… For Russia

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Vic WildAmerican-born Vic Wild won the gold medal in slalom snowboarding as a Russian. Wild left the country in 2011 after he felt that parallel slalom snowboarding wasn’t a priority for the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association. Wild acquired a Russian nationality after he married his Russian girlfriend Alexa Zavarzina in Siberia.

Shifting Allegiances

While the US federation concentrated on events like half pipe and slope style, the Russians were serious about Alpine racing, which created the perfect opportunity for Wild to shift allegiances. Wild admits that he can’t speak Russian fluently or completely understand the culture; he told the Russian federation that he wouldn’t disappoint when he first gained citizenship, and he delivered.

America Happy for Wild

The US snowboarding delegation congratulated Wild for his win, and don’t begrudge him his decision to play for a different red, white and blue. Fellow competitor Justin Reiter tweeted his support for Wild, and Canadian Jasey Jay Anderson was glad Wild made the transition as the US allegedly gave him no support.