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Twitter Rolls Out Photo Tags, Collages Functions

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twetty birdMicroblogging site Twitter announced that it is rolling out new features: photo tagging and collage.

New features

The photo-tagging service would make it easier for people to mention different people in the photo without consuming the precious 140 characters of a tweet. Tagged images will appear under the Notifications tab, like regular tweet mentions and favorites. Images would have a “who’s in this photo?” option in which users can mention other Twitter users.

The collage feature would allow more photos in a single tweet. Users could choose up to four images that the site would tile into a rectangle.

Twitter’s new features will start with the Android and iOS apps before it rolls out to the web service.

What about privacy?

The features come with a new section in the privacy settings. By default, the website allows photo tagging from anyone, but it will have the option of allowing only followed users to tag photos. On another note, users can also turn off the service altogether. Users can also remove photo tags.

Last year, Instagram offered the photo-tagging option too, while Facebook has been capable of the feature for a long time now.

David Beckham Hailed As ‘No. 1 Underwear Model’

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Image by The Democratic Alliance | Wikimedia

Image by The Democratic Alliance | Wikimedia

Former England football captain David Beckham is surely a man of many talents, as he recently impressed the fashion world with his underwear campaigns.

Greatest underwear model

Beckham isn’t just one of the most famous names in sports, but he’s also a hot model. Tommy Hilfiger has named the 38-year-old as the “Underwear Model of the Century.”

By judging Beckham’s many shirtless underwear ads for a number of fashion retailers, it’s not surprising that Hilfiger proclaimed him as the champion.

Fashion designer Hilfiger believes the famous star can pull off the seductive look even in minimal clothing.

Career breakthough

This is just one of the many career highs for Beckham.

As a player for Manchester United, he already made a name by winning several tournaments. He made his England debut at a World Cup event in 1996.

Beckham announced his retirement last year.

Shares Decline As Fed Policy Review Nears

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On Wednesday, March 19, Asian shares decline, as investors continue to observe the Crimea-Ukraine crisis and wait for the review of the Federal Reserve policy.

Global Market

Market centre in Tokyo stock exchange

Image by ehnmark | Wikimedia

The slowing economic growth of China, the present crisis in Ukraine, and the economic situation of the United States caused global markets to slip. Furthermore, the economic situation in the US resulted in many speculations about the future of the Federal Reserve policy review.

Despite concerns on the economy of China, the Yuan exceeded the midpoint set by the central bank by one percent. This was the first time Yuan reached this margin since the daily trading band was extended by two percent.

Positive Performances

Even with the weaknesses of Australia, China, and India, the Asian market continues to show promising performances, as South Korea and the Philippines become stronger.

Fed Policy Review

Apart from the continuous decrease of the size of its monthly bond purchase program, experts expect the Fed to change its forward guidance when it announces its policy statement.

This will be the first Fed policy review supervised by Janet Yellen, the new head of Federal Reserve.

McDonald’s Faces Lawsuit Over Wage Theft

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Image by Annette Bernhardt | Wikimedia

McDonald’s workers in California, Michigan, and New York filed lawsuits against the company, claiming it was “stealing” salaries.

Alleged theft

According to the lawsuit, the company illegally underpaid employees by erasing hours from their timecards, not paying overtime, and ordering them to work off the clock.

McDonald’s, however, said it was committed to provide fair treatment to workers and was “reviewing the allegations.”

“McDonald’s and our independent franchisees are committed to undertaking a comprehensive investigation of the allegations and will take any necessary actions as they apply to our respective organizations,” the company said in a statement.

‘Unlawful schemes’

The lawsuits were announced by the workers’ lawyers and organizers of a group that is pressing the country’s fast-food restaurants to increase salaries.

The workers have filed a total of seven lawsuits in the three states.

“We’ve uncovered several unlawful schemes, but they all share a common purpose – to drive labour costs down by stealing wages from McDonald’s workers,” said Lawyer Michael Rubin, who filed California charges.

Mobile App Lets Lord & Taylor Customers Pay Using Bitcoin

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bitcoin'sLord & Taylor department stores now accept Bitcoin payments through ‘Pounce’— a mobile shopping application made by an Israeli startup.

With the help of Pounce, Bitcoin users can make purchases by using their phones to scan images in print advertisements. The software, which has had a partnership for print-ad shopping with Hudson’s Bay Co. (HBC), Lord & Taylor’s parent company since January, now works with Coinbase Inc.’s digital Bitcoin wallet.

Bitcoin to Be as Good as Cash

Companies like Coinbase and Revel Systems Inc. are seeking to connect Bitcoin with real-world commerce to help establish the virtual currency as a viable way to pay for goods.

Getting a way to shop at Lord & Taylor with Bitcoins “has the potential to bring more legitimacy to the currency,” said Ugo Egbunike, director of business development at ETF.com, an analysis firm for exchange-traded funds. “This definitely helps boost the Bitcoin economy,” he said.

Bitcoin is a virtual currency created in 2009 by an anonymous person using the alias Satoshi Nakamoto. More merchants are now accepting it as payment for products or services.

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West To Tie The Knot In May

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Kim Kardashian

Image courtesy of Guise Archives

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are just a few months away from getting married, as they have finally chosen a date for their pending nuptials.

Spring wedding

Kim and Kanye’s wedding plans are well underway, having set a date — May 24.

The wedding will be held in Paris, France, as Kim has previously stated.

The bride-to-be also spilled some secret details saying that they’re planning to keep the ceremony “super small” and “super intimate.”

‘Kanye really cares’

So far, the couple has been reportedly splitting the wedding planning duties.

“I know they think or they say that the guy usually doesn’t care and just shows up, but Kanye really cares and is really passionate about (the wedding), so it makes my job so much easier,” Kardashian said in an interview in January. “I love it because he knows what he wants, and I love that about him.”

Wi-Fi On Airplanes Ready For Takeoff

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Wi-Fi technology inside aircrafts, which was a big security concern in the past, could soon take off as new technology now allows passengers to surf the web as if they were in a local coffee shop on the ground.

Wi-Fi on Board

AirplanesMore and more airlines are rolling new and improved services, including allowing Wi-Fi, Internet, and mobile gadget use onboard airplanes. All of these are possible thanks to satellite technology, said industry leaders at the recent Singapore Airshow, according to a report from the AFP.

US-based Honeywell Aerospace and Gogo, suppliers of in-flight connectivity systems to airlines, are working with satellite giant Inmarsat to implement the “first global high-speed broadband for the skies” called the Global Xpress (GX) Aviation network.

Honeywell Aerospace Asia Pacific President Briand Greer said in-flight Wi-Fi could generate $2.8 billion for the company alone over the next 20 years, according to the AFP report.

Greer estimates that around seven to eight percent of airlines around the world currently offer wireless connection, but says this number is expected to grow to 25 percent by 2018.

Speed Issues

After years of struggling due to poor signal quality, in-flight Wi-Fi can now reach download speeds of up to 50 megabits per second, Greer said.

“How we describe it is it will be like you are sitting at Starbucks with your smartphone, your computer and your iPad,” Greer told reporters.

Onboard Wi-Fi is not a new idea, though. European carrier Lufthansa debuted Conexxion by Boeing’s system in 2004, but closed it down after the idea did not soar high.

Police Arrest 2 Teens After Viral Dog Abuse Video

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Image by Dave Conner

A viral video showing the beating a dog led to the arrest of two teenagers in St. Louis.

Animal abuse

According to St. Louis County police spokesperson Brian Schellman, the authorities opened an investigation after the video made the rounds online and reported their concerns. The incident happened some place in St. Louis County 1st precinct.

The cops have referred the juveniles to the Family Court where they are charged with animal abuse.

Viral video

A Facebook profile under the name Coats Keshawn posted the video. It shows a boy flipping a dog and slamming it to the ground several times, followed by lunges and punches.

It received over 4,400 shares on the social network and earned the ire of netizens.

“What is wrong with you?” read several of the comments on the post.

The authorities reported that animal control officers already have custody of the dog and it is undergoing examinations and treatments for sustained injuries. The dog is likely to be put up for adoption later on.