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Retweet, Like, Share: How Social Media Has Reacted To The 2014 World Cup

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social media marketingWorld Cup supporters have taken to various networking sites, bringing the month-long tournament spirit into the digital sphere. They have brought their country banners and showed support for their teams, bearing different hashtags—#worlcup2014, #wm2014 for Germany, #Copa2014 for Portugal, and #Brasil2014 for Spain.

Along with these movements are the distinct social media marketing of different networking sites, making their pages a fertile ground for significant social interaction. Here are some of the changes in three of the leading social media sites:


Twitter recently launched a new interface design which promotes World Cup discussion. The microblogging site has taken a proactive approach in encouraging users to show support for their national teams, even participating in the Internet arena. It features a systematic process of posting “supportive” tweets, changing the profile image, following favorite players, and assisting users in typing #WorldCup. This has led to the increase in the activities on Twitter, a wise move for the microblogging site.


Utilizing the online traffic on Facebook, the website has created a campaign around Facebook Ref, tasked with the “colorful commentaries and updates about the World Cup fan experience.” The man behind the page has also interacted with a few comments from the fans.

Facebook, maximizing the power of social media, has featured “Trending World Cup,” where users are allowed to see real-time posts about the tournament, including the play by play scores, data visualization of fandom on Facebook, and the updates on key figures.


As a staple move, Google customizes their logo with doodles based on the theme of the world cup and the tournament activities for that day. On day 2, the Google doodle mirrored the opening ceremony with dancing trees and a drum. By clicking the logo, you are taken to another page that presents a search results page for “World Cup 2014” along with a tournament schedule card at the top of the page. This move of customizing their logo continues as the tournament progresses.

With these action-packed interactions, social media is seemingly holding the key to a treasure box. It has been utilized by online businesses to create a strong brand and competitive stance on the industry. Facebook, Twitter and Google have been grounds for business expansions, generating large and significant online traffic.

Leaving the Nest: Lessons Learned from Living Alone in Manila

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residential properties for rentFilipinos are known the world over for their strong familial ties. Unlike other Westernized countries, you don’t have to leave your parents’ house once you turn 18 or start earning your own money. Living alone isn’t quite the norm just yet, unless work requires a person to move.

For those who live in the suburbs, commuting or driving to and from work can be draining. It’s because of this reason alone that most people look for residential properties for rent near their place of work. If you are thinking about doing the same, here are some lessons you need to know:

It’s Normal to be Emotional

A few tears will be shed, especially if it’s your first time to be on your own. Here’s a tip: let it all out. Holding in your emotions will just affect your performance at work. Letting it out will make you feel better. Once you’re through the initial sadness, you can start discovering all the good things about living on your own.

There Will Be an Adjustment Period

It is normal to feel homesick, but don’t entertain thoughts of maybe moving back home to easily. Set a daily habit or routine. Watch a movie, eat out, or make use of the amenities found in your condominium complex, if there are any. Settle in – make the place your own. Adding some personality to the space will help make it easier to call home

Keep Yourself Busy

Thoughts usually flow when you are not doing anything. Plan what you are going to do for the day. After work, you can walk around the city, get together with friends, or kill time at the gym. If you decide to stay in, you can read books or surf the net. Go out from time to time and familiarize with your neighborhood. Keep yourself occupied.

Living alone is hard. There will always be pros and cons to living alone, but a strong dependency on your family will only hinder your growth. Doing something new and experiencing the struggles of life molds your personality. Being alone doesn’t mean you’re alone.

Smile Makeover: Revealing a More Attractive Smile

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smileA smile makeover is an excellent way to improve the colour, shape, and length of your teeth. It may involve one or more cosmetic services to give your smile a more appealing look. This could mean different to each patient, depending on the treatment required.

Smile makeovers usually include a complete smile analysis and makeover options to suit your condition. Some may require white porcelain veneers to imitate a Hollywood smile while others just want a simple procedure like teeth whitening and replacement of amalgam fillings. Read on to learn more about smile makeover options.

Improving Smile

If you feel uncomfortable when you smile, there are many ways to improve it using cosmetic dentistry. Crooked teeth can be addressed with conventional orthodontics or Invisalign braces. Porcelain veneers or instant orthodontics are available as well for a faster solution to misaligned teeth.

Smile makeovers usually involve replacement of existing restorations or gaps between teeth. According to a dentist Manchester patients consult, common solutions for missing teeth include dental bridge, denture, or dental implants. For chipped and broken teeth, the treatment will depend on the extent of the damage. Cosmetic options include bonding, porcelain veneers, and crowns.

Other Treatment Options

Surgical or laser gum contouring is available for people with gummy smile. If you have badly stained teeth, however, professional teeth whitening may suit you. People with deep smile lines or frown line may go for a combination of dermal filler treatments and Botox to improve their smile.

The Cost of Smile Makeover

The cost will depend on many factors such as the treatment needed, quality of materials used, including the skills of your cosmetic dentists. You may find a simple smile improvement a little affordable, but a little costly for complete smile reconstruction.

The result of the treatment may give you a smile you can be proud of. This may improve your overall appearance and make you feel more confident about yourself. Consult a reliable cosmetic dentist to know the dental and facial rejuvenation procedures that may improve the overall aesthetics of your smile.

Impress Your Guests with a Cozy and Inviting Home

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Air Condition UnitOwning an inviting home makes an enjoyable and memorable place for your guests. Your main goal is to make them comfortable the moment they step inside. If you have no idea how to make your house cozier and more guest-friendly, below are some simple tips to get you started:

Install Air Conditioner

Your home needs to have a balanced indoor temperature regardless of the weather outside. Health and comfort go hand in hand. You, your family, and your guests need to have a convenient and comfortable indoor air temperature environment where you can relax freely. If you don’t have HVAC system in your house yet, look for air conditioner installation in Mobile, Alabama.

Let Your Home Reflect Who You Are

Your home must be a reflection of your personality. Don’t try to make it look something you’re not. Don’t feel pressured to keep up with the latest trend. No matter how trendy it is, if it doesn’t reflect your taste, it has no part in your home.

Prioritize Your Front Door and Entryway

Impress your guests as soon as your door is opened. Make sure your entryway is inviting enough, so they will instantly feel at home. Define the space using bold colors and keep it clear of furniture items to exude a feeling of openness. You may also want to add eye-catching wall displays to engage your guests right away.

Arrange Your Furniture

Most guests don’t feel comfortable in spaces they don’t know how to traverse. If you have a small home, don’t squish large furniture items so closely that people can’t move through. Also, limit putting pillows on the ground to avoid tripping.

Add a Good Read

The simplest way to warm a home is to surround it with literature. Fill shelves with your favorite books, place magazines under the center table, and place volumes of novels on the nightstand in the guestroom.

Keep Your House Smelling Fresh

How your home smells actually has a stronger impact than its overall aesthetic. People love houses that smell great. So, if you want to make an impression, create an ambience with some fresh flower scent that will make your guests love your home even more.

Every homeowner wants to make their guests feel at home during their visit. Impress them by keeping these simple tips in mind.

How to Monetize Your Website NOW

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reliable seo servicesThe goal for all business owners in Detroit and basically everywhere else is to ensure the launch of an interactive and smart website. Remember that it’s not just an online representation of your business, it also has the potential to gain a strong following. Make the most out of web traffic by monetizing your website! Before taking further steps, make sure that your site looks professional enough for the task. You may want to hire professional web design SEO services in Detroit so your website or blog doesn’t look amateur at all.

You might ask, when is the right time to place ads and sponsorships? Do you wait until you’ve hit a certain number of views? The answer is: the sooner, the better!

There are many upsides to introducing monetized aspects on a website early. For one, your readers will not be surprised if you suddenly introduce sponsored posts or place ads around your site. You can also use this for market research. This will help you choose the kinds of advertising that works with your readership.

There are many ways to monetize a website apart from selling your own products or services. Here are a few:

  • Creating ad space – companies see popular websites as prime real estate. While you can ask for a hefty amount for a little 2×2 ad on your website, your viewers might get turned off by the ads.
  • Sponsored posts – you can work with brands and agree to advertorials if you want to keep your site clear of advertisements. Just make sure you find a middle ground between staying true to your content and pleasing your sponsors.
  • Affiliate programs – simply put, you link any brand or product mention back to their sales pages. If anyone who clicks on the link makes a purchase, you get a percentage of the sale.

Earning money from a website is not easy, nor will you get rich overnight. If a monetizing scheme doesn’t work with your readers, don’t be afraid to make changes. Keep in mind that without your readership, your site will not earn at all.

Spiced Up Marketing: The Way to a Successful Business

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advertising onlineNew research has revealed the marketing challenges that dawned upon the industry. The research suggests that marketers today are struggling toward business growth and innovation. It shows that 69% of respondents are concerned about new product development, while 73% cite concerns about business growth.

Procter & Gamble’s (P&G) global marketing director Stephen Squire says, “New product development is the lifeblood” of the business and “the key engine of growth is innovation.” To jumpstart innovations in the business, you might need to work on several areas in the business:

Producing Quality Content

As veryimportantplaces.co.uk and other online advertisers say, relevant information fuels the marketing business. With the new trends in marketing, you need to step up the game by satiating the hunger of most online consumers today—the hunger for unique and important data. The competitive industry landscape requires engaging storytelling techniques that can deliver better results for the business. Rethink and rebuild your marketing strategies, and employ changes that would lead the business on the road to success. This kind of approach might also compel your business to outsource exceptional talents and skills, contributing as a good and productive investment for the company.

Online Advertising

The Internet is the new battleground for business. With online advertising and digital campaigns, you need to be flexible with the shifting market targets. You need to determine how and where you should present your content, considering where most online consumers go—on social networking sites. Study your objectives and find a suitable channel for your message, whether you want video content or infographics. Also, keep in mind that the key metrics for success and an editorial calendar could help you in achieving business goals, step by step.


Through retargeting, you are employing a paid search strategy that sends messages to consumers who are already interested in your business. This can help you in increasing brand recognition and encouraging repeat visits to the website. With substantial knowledge about your audience, you can tailor marketing strategies that would fit their needs.

With the combination of quality content, effective distribution and stronger retargeting, you are on the road to success. By studying your market and giving them what they want, you can devise strategies that could fit the nature of the business and increase profits in the way you envisioned.

Open Wide: 3 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Oral Bacteria

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oral healthYour mouth is full of bacteria, whether you’re aware of it or not. Bacterial growth will happen no matter what you do; the important thing is that you manage it and make sure it does not reach dangerous levels.

There is no treatment that can eliminate all the germs in the mouth. The goal for everyone is to manage these microorganisms to keep them from spreading, building up, invading your teeth, and causing dental and other health problems.

Here are a few other things you probably did not know about the bacteria in your mouth.

‘Them’, not ‘It’

There are numerous bacteria in the mouth, some of them good, while some are potentially harmful. These microorganisms spread like wildfire in your oral cavity because of the perfect conditions for breeding, such as the moisture, temperature, and exposed surfaces.

Staphylococcus, streptococcus, lactobacillus, and E. Coli are just some of the bacteria commonly found in the oral cavity. Professionals from Bromley Dental Practice explain this is the reason dentists recommend brushing at least twice a day, flossing, and even rinsing with mouthwash.

They Lurk in the Dark

Just because you brush your teeth and it feels clean doesn’t mean that it is. Oral bacteria will always be present inside your mouth. These germs often build up between the teeth and are often unreachable using a regular toothbrush, which highlights the importance of flossing. If not managed properly, these bacteria can cause numerous dental and health problems.

They Extend Beyond Teeth and Gums

Many oral diseases extend past the teeth and gums, especially when left untreated. Periodontitis, for example, is known to be a contributing factor to several heart diseases.

Also, just like other parts of your body, the mouth can show signs something else is wrong in your system. For instance, a study suggests Pancreatic cancer may be detected through the biomarkers that are the bacteria in your mouth.

The oral cavity is home to a thriving environment full of microorganisms. The best way to manage these bacteria and keep your mouth healthy is to practice good oral hygiene every day.

Experiencing the Land Down Under

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australiaThe world holds so much wonder. Many people now spend their lives in different places other than where they were born. The world practically has no borders today. It is virtually impossible to see it all, which is why people often choose to stay in the most attractive places.

Australia is a popular destination not only among tourists, but among migrants as well. The website mygration.com.au notes that immigrating to Australia means enjoying the highest standard of living around the world in terms of housing, education, and healthcare.

Career opportunities

Workers will find a lot of opportunities in widely varying fields. This makes Australia a fertile ground to start a fresh career and a new life altogether. Australia features immense career opportunities in finance, healthcare, and mining for those willing to travel down south.


Australians are known the world over for their inherent warmth and their welcoming nature. Whatever cultural background you may be from, you are sure to settle in and find a perfect home in the Land Down Under.


The Australian weather is one of the most constant in the world. It is quite a draw for people looking to settle in warmer climates. Winter seasons are generally moderate, making acclimatization a non-issue.

The wonders of the Australian landscape are spectacular as well. The great outback offers nature lovers a visual treat. The renowned place where kangaroos and koalas abound holds wonders waiting to be discovered and experienced.

Australia was listed as the second-best place to migrate to in a recent report. With all of the wonders and benefits it holds, Australia provides the perfect setting to start a new life for immigrants from all proverbial corners of the globe. When migrating is an option, might as well migrate to one of the best places to live in.

The Importance of Customer Traffic to Retail Stores

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storeRetail store owners must grab the attention of their target market for the business to survive. If you’ve already succeeded, though, the next step is to find out how often and how many are visiting your store. This way, you can plan strategies that’ll contribute to brand loyalty and make them visit again.

Here’s what monitoring customer traffic can do:

Sales Conversion

Customer traffic will tell you how many and what time your store gets more sales. According to CountWise LLC, conversion ratios (potential customers vs. actual transactions) can determine your key performance indicator (KPI). You’ll know the efficiency of your store and the exact number of your potential customers.

Consumer Pattern

If you want to know what products are in demand, you have to observe the buying patterns of your customers. Even if they’re not part of a store membership, you can use general observations to make an estimate. For instance, during a specific season your store received more women customers and bought the same products.

Marketing Evaluation

A successful advertising and marketing effort will increase customer traffic. If you’ve recently put up a print advertisement, for instance, you can determine its effectiveness by the number of customers that visit every day. Do this for your next advertisements to measure your ads’ effectiveness.

Workforce Allocation

Knowing the flow of your customers will give you an idea about the store’s peak hours and weakest sales. Instead of assigning your employees equally, why not think of a strategy that can provide better quality service? For instance, if your store gets more visits around the afternoon, then adding a staff during that shift is ideal.

The success of your retail store depends on many factors. If you want to provide better service, then it’s ideal to monitor customer activities to improve your operations.

Getting Through a Divorce Positively

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hiring reliable divorce attorneyA divorce can affect every aspect of not only your life, but even of those around you. It’s a time when your emotions and thoughts can be excessively overwhelming. Once your decision is final, you must help yourself by moving on with life.

Here are some things you must do to get through this tough situation:

Prepare Yourself Emotionally

Take good care of yourself through the grieving process. Recognize your pain to conquer it. Don’t neglect taking care of yourself during this rough time. Surround yourself with positive people and positive thoughts. If you think it will help, don’t be reluctant to join a support group or talk to a therapist.

Get a Good Lawyer

Seek advice from a reliable divorce lawyer who can inform you of how you can protect yourself and your children, if you have any. Find someone you feel totally comfortable with because you’ll have to share very personal information. Ask questions and make sure you know what to expect and how the process works.

Monitor Your Finances

Know what assets and liabilities you have and empower yourself with information on how to protect them. You’ll never know how the other party will handle the divorce, so it’s best to be ready for anything. Secure copies of financial documents and monitor your bank accounts and credit cards.

Protect Your Children

The divorce can be a lot more challenging if you have children. No matter how much problems you have with your spouse, always keep your children’s happiness as the top priority. Don’t ever fight or say negative things about each other in front of your children. This will confuse them and put them in the middle, which should never be the case. Explain the situation to them in a calm manner that will make them feel safe.

Regardless of how you feel, you must always make the right decisions. Don’t worsen the situation by focusing on the negative and trying to seek revenge. Allow yourself some time to reflect and you just might be amazed at how you can find happiness after everything.