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Top 3 Things You’ll Love about Winter Weddings

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weddingWinter weddings are just as wonderful as summer and spring. For those who crave a unique wedding experience, winter is the perfect time. Some couples prefer this, as they have great memories connected with the season. Other couples know that winter is an off-season in the wedding industry, making it more affordable for them.

Whether you love the cold weather or just looking to save some money, this article will let you enjoy a magical winter wedding.

Venues that give a winter vibe

Experts on wedding venues Adelaide brides consult note that you don’t have to tie the knot outdoors just to create the aesthetics of a winter landscape. You can look for venues in the mountains, luxury cabins with hot springs, or lakefront venue with a nice view. The best part is you can enjoy all the beauty of winter while staying warm inside.

Endless fashion options

End your fashion worries. There’s no shame in wearing a wedding dress with a big cosy coat. Winter is the only time of year you can use fun accessories, such as scarves, cardigans, faux fur cover-ups, or boots. You can always put a twist on the classic bride look.

Unique touches

A cold-weather wedding allows you to experiment with a themed décor. Warm up the atmosphere with the right lighting and colour palette. Be careful with your colour choices. Stay away from colour pairings that feel holiday. The best way to bring in something chic is to work with elegant white or ivory tones and pair it with antique gold or metallic tones. For winter setting, go for silver candles.

Winter weddings will surely make an impression in the memories of all your guests, as it’s different from the summer weddings they typically attend. Just let your best memories of the season be your planning guide.

plastic surgerySome people turn to plastic surgery to achieve their aesthetic goals—to look and feel beautiful. Others, on the other hand, undergo the procedure to improve more than just their physical appearance.

Each year, the number of cosmetic surgical procedures performed steadily increases. In a research conducted by PlasticSurgery.org, there were 15.1 million cosmetic procedures in the United States in 2013 alone, which is an estimated 3% more than the previous year.

Other than aesthetic purposes, millions of people also go under the knife for the following reasons:


Car wrecks, animal bites, workplace mishaps—accidents can leave people scarred, deformed, or disfigured. It can cause lasting damage to the body, and sometimes, plastic surgery is necessary. Many people choose to get cosmetic procedures done to restore how they looked before the accident.

Career Boost

If your career in Virginia involves interacting with clients or business partners in Richmond or Virginia Beach, plastic surgery can give you that boost you have been hoping for.

Middle-aged professionals, on the other hand, often undergo facelifts and other procedures to maintain a more youthful look.


Cancer is more than just a horrible disease that your body goes great lengths to defeat. It can also leave massive psychological damage.

Undergoing a double mastectomy can be devastating. In 2012, Angelina Jolie underwent the same to prevent breast cancer; nine weeks later, she had another surgery to reconstruct her breasts using implants. Although the procedure isn’t quite necessary, it can ease psychological trauma in some women.

Social Acceptance

It’s natural to long for acceptance. Many who experienced bullying during their younger years often experience a sense of insecurity. As they grow older, some turn to cosmetic surgeons to improve physical assets that they think are lacking or need work.

These reasons for undergoing plastic surgery leave no room for judgments. Anyone can go under the knife not only to look better, but also to correct something he or she is unhappy about.

static latheSafety in the workplace is a top priority, as it has an impact in a project’s deadline, both directly and indirectly. A little tweak can trigger an accident, which may cause more expenses for the company and reduce the production. To help you avoid putting your safety at risk, here are some tips on dealing with machines and tools in your workplace:

Never Do Things on Your Own

When moving machines, especially bulky and heavy ones such as lathe static tools, always seek the assistance of your co-workers. Don’t do it alone; no matter how strong your body is, dropping heavy machine tools may break the bones on your feet.

Remove Unnecessary Things on Your Body

Take off your I.D. laces, necklaces, rings, and other pieces of jewelry, as it might get caught in the machine. Some workers get injured while moving the machines. There are compensation and settlements for broken fingers in the workplace, but it is better to have a complete set of limbs than a few amounts of cash.

Keep the Surroundings Clean and Tidy

Before doing any work, see to it that the place is spotless. A puddle of water or oil can cause serious accidents of slipping. Keep the tubes, metal posts, and other materials organized in one place; poles sneaking out on the walkway may trip workers if unnoticed. Collect metal filings and throw them immediately to avoid getting it in the eyes. Sharp objects shouldn’t also be scattered around.

Don’t Use a Tool without Proper Knowledge

Understand first how a machine works and for what purpose it can be used for. Don’t rush into working with it. Ask others or read the manual before utilizing it. The less you know about a tool, the greater the risks it poses to your safety.

You can prevent the dangers in the workplace by being extra careful and aware of the situation and surroundings all the time. Time is essential, but haste may cost you your safety. Alertness and mindfulness will be your best recourse.

content updatesThe Internet is constantly expanding, with information disseminated to billions across the world. Given how this is the case, it is easy to get swamped with the deluge of content waiting to get noticed. Even if you create compelling material, it can get lost among thousands of other similar ones. This is why search engine giants focus on and prioritise high quality content. Players like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing rank only the most relevant sites and filter out those that offer little to no value.

Content marketing demands time and dedication. After all, if you are aiming to boost your brand’s online presence, you need to cover all bases to avoid wasting resources for meagre results. Those new to the trade, however, fail to maximise their efforts. To get a brand to where the users are, the element of shareability is something that needs to be present.

If you are looking to supercharge a content marketing campaign, take a look at the following:

“One-size-fits-all” is a Myth

An effective SEO service and content marketing strategy involves the creation of market-specific content. According to the editorial director of Buzzfeed, a top viral content site, the concept of one-size-fits-all is actually detrimental. Not all communities are the same, and you need to have a specific approach to generate genuine interest.

Timing is of the Essence

Regular content updates are valuable, but you can make it better with good timing. You can easily stand out just by knowing when to publish or when to tackle key discussions. This means you have to be careful about when to hit the “Post” button.

Use Effective Channels

Lastly, it pays to know which channels produce legitimate and valuable results. Social media platforms are great examples due to the sheer amount of users on these channels. It’s important not to confine all activities on social media, though. An email newsletter, for instance, works far better when you are trying to engage with established audiences, not casual blog viewers.

Shareability means maximising the viable means of extending and establishing your audience. By leveraging effective SEO strategies and understanding the factors that drive online traffic, you can get your brand to rank on the first page of search results.

car hireDid your company just assign you to your first business trip abroad? If so, congratulations; this is an exciting and momentous occasion. You’re truly climbing the corporate ladder, and success here will put your career on the fast track to an executive position.

Preparing for such an important trip takes more than picking out your best suit and packing your laptop, however. Here are five things you should do before leaving the country.

1. Review the financial matters – Don’t assume that your company will cover all of your expenses. Each organisation has different rules, policies, and limits when it comes to reimbursement, so it’s important to familiarise yourself with them. Get in the habit of saving your receipts; practically all companies will require you to present proof before reimbursing.

2. Prepare your documents – If your company hasn’t handled all your travel documents, you should do so as early as possible. Make sure your passport will not expire within six months (as some countries will not accept it), and see if the country you’re travelling to requires a visa. You might also need to get vaccinations.

3. Decide on local transportation – The plane ride to the country in question is usually handled by your company, but everything after that is up to you. For example, many people use a car hire in Perth and other big Australian cities, since it’s faster and easier compared to using public transportation.

It’s important to learn the local traffic laws, however, and to look up directions for the different locations you’ll be going to. At the very least, you should familiarise yourself with major landmarks and highways.

4. Study the local customs and etiquette – This is undoubtedly the most important step if you want to make a good impression and avoid offending your host. While you aren’t expected to get everything perfect, you should at the very least not come across as an ignorant tourist.

Learn the proper way to address people, what the local expectations are on gift giving, and ask your more experienced colleagues for advice. Be professional and punctual at all times, and when in doubt, follow your host’s lead.

5. Start packing – You should pack at least two weeks before you leave. Like with any trip, learn to pack lightly. Bring only what you must, and buy cheap, easily found items at your destination. Dragging around heavy bags until you get to your hotel room will quickly turn your business trip into an exhausting ordeal.

Preparation will determine whether you are seen as a competent professional or a blundering novice. Take the time to do everything right, and you won’t be caught off guard.

demolitionLeaving the home you’ve come to love is not easy. After finding a good location and becoming friends with the neighbours, you just don’t want to leave. A house, however, gets old. Sometimes it’s the design; sometimes it’s the structure’s integrity that becomes the problem. But why look for a new home if you can demolish and rebuild? You’ll have the same address and a brand new house, plus you won’t have to do another house hunt. Here is more information that may convince you of the soundness of this idea:

Should You Demolish?

Demolition depends on different factors, like the severity of property damage or simply wanting to change the floor plan. Perth-based home contractor Vision One Homes notes that residential lots near or within the city are becoming scarce due to the continued urban population growth. You might not find land as big as the one you have now. Rather than going through the difficulties of finding a good location, why not rebuild instead?

Should You Apply for a License?

Any job that involves demolishing a structure like buildings, houses, or any other establishment, is “construction work,” according to the Safe Work Australia and the Work Health and Safety (WHS) Act. Your home building and demolition contractors are likely familiar with, and abide by, the Code of Practice, as they have to follow regulations and apply for a permit.

In some states and territories, however, you can get an exemption if the contractor you’ll hire can prove their experience and expertise in the field. For instance, they need to present their previous projects.

Should You Recycle?

The Department of Environment states in a publication that building materials make up about half of solid waste generated worldwide. In an effort to reduce landfill waste, you should reuse demolition waste by any means possible. Ask an expert to perform a pre-demolition audit to identify materials that you can reuse or at least keep for construction projects in the future.

Rebuilding on an existing location gives you the opportunity to stay while renewing your home. You don’t have to change your lifestyle significantly. In a few months, you may have a new house, but the place is already home.

restaurantThe United Kingdom is home to some of the world’s finest attractions. Of course, you must have explored London countless of times if you visit the UK quite frequently. By then, it’s time to move outside the capital and explore more of what the country has to offer, starting with Kent and the Seven Wonders of the Weald.

Biddenden Vineyards

Visit a place where some of the finest wines in the world are made: the Biddenden Vineyards. Visitors can see the vines up close through a fixed route, taste different blends and observe their production process.

Marle Place Gardens and Gallery

Marle Place Gardens and Gallery is the real deal for those with a fondness for plants. You can visit a Victorian orchid house, walk through acres of woodland, see contemporary art, observe Edwardian rockery and enjoy homemade teas.

Groombridge Place and the Enchanted Forest

Lush gardens, birds of prey displays and giant tree swings – this perhaps best summarises the experience you will have at Groombridge Place and the Enchanted Forest. This is one of the finest locations for a day out.

Chiddingstone Castle and Grounds

Visit the Chiddingstone Castle and Grounds when you want a touch of antiquity during your tour. It’s a glorious country house complete with a waterfall, a lake, a rose garden, a woodland and an orangery adjacent to Edenbridge. This 35-area location has a wide collection of antiques that attract curious minds.

Scotney Castle

Revisit the Victorian era at Scotney Castle. Take a walk around this circa 1500s moated castle set in the charming landscape of England. This place is open for different walks through farmland, parkland and woodland.

Kent and East Sussex Railway

This railway has been a tourist spot in Kent since 1974. Treat yourself to the different on-train catering specials in the area.

Royal Turnbridge Wells

The Royal Turnbridge Wells town is perfect as your last destination when exploring Kent’s very own seven wonders. Cap off your night with a spa treatment from one of the finest shops in town and an exquisite dinner at The Barn and other top-tier pubs. As a premier spa town in southeast England, it’s also the ideal choice to find your accommodation.

The Seven Wonders of the Weald prove to be the next biggest destination after exploring London. Check out these places and enjoy the rich heritage of British culture with these seven must-see destinations.

beach front homeA beachside property can be one of the most financially-rewarding investments. With the potential for high resale value and an attractive living environment, it’s no wonder more investors are looking to add such assets to their portfolios. A beach house is great, whether you intend to use it as a permanent home or a vacation retreat.

Like all other investments, though, there are inherent risks that come with this kind of real estate. While the benefits easily outnumber the disadvantages, it still pays to have a good handle on some of the issues you may encounter in owning a beach home.

Here are a few things to think about:

Frequent Maintenance

The very reason that makes this type of property an attractive asset also poses risks. Being so close to the sea makes the home highly vulnerable to the elements. Humidity and heat can wreak havoc on an ill-maintained beach home. This is why you should conduct regular inspections and make long-term repairs your priority. Real estate agencies like Navarre Beach Realty echo the sentiments of organizations like the National Association of Realtors that maintenance and repair issues should always be of utmost importance.


While owning a private, hidden paradise is a lovely idea, you should also make sure that no matter how “hidden” the property may be, it is still accessible. You do not want your guests to wander around trying to look for your home. It is also best not to cut yourself off from modern conveniences like hospitals and retail establishments.

Communication Systems

Given how some beach locations are considerably far from urban centers, things like a stable Internet connection might become a problem. Know that there are ways to monitor these issues. Some service providers are even ready to extend their expertise to beach homes in more secluded locations.

With an excellent grasp on these issues, you can easily manage and maintain your property and make the most of the opportunity. You can better reap the benefits of having a beach home if you know how to solve the minor issues that come with it.

home window tintingTo avoid the scorching heat of the sun, many people tend to stay indoors. They prevent any contact with the harmful ultraviolet rays that may cause eye and skin damage, premature aging of the skin and other concerns.

Many individuals, however, are unaware of the sneaky moves of ultraviolet rays that enter their homes. To make sure your home is safe from such, here are three points you need to remember:

Unprotected home windows may cause harm.

Staying indoors is not an assurance that you are safe from the damaging effects of extreme sunlight. Even if your roof is strategically designed to block sunlight, ultraviolet rays are naturally sneaky. They can find you through unprotected home windows. Tintworks.com.au says home window tinting in Perth, WA, is an innovative weapon against the harmful effects of sunlight. Protecting yourself from indoor UV exposure may minimise skin aging and development of skin diseases like non-melanoma skin cancers.

Fluorescent light bulbs can emit ultraviolet radiation.

It is important to wisely choose the material makeup of your home, from the wall composition to lighting products. As a report from the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) revealed, compact fluorescent lights can emit ultraviolet radiation. This may aggravate certain skin conditions, such as photodermatoses and skin cancer. Make sure that your home is safe from ultraviolet ray-emitting products. You may replace your fluorescent lamps with light emitting diode (LED) products, which also happen to use up far less electricity.

The sun protection factor should be considered.

When applying an SPF 30 sunscreen correctly, you can get the equivalent of 1 minute of UV rays for each 30 minutes you spend in the sun. This shows that a sunscreen product is just a filter, and does not block all UV rays. Protecting your skin with a sunscreen, however, is a better option than nothing in preventing the development of ultraviolet ray-related diseases. What matters is the level of sun protection you can get, measured by the sun protection factor. Make sure to apply the right amount of sunscreen even when staying indoors.

Make sure that you protect your family’s health by setting up secure home window films, replacing fluorescent lamps with other lighting products, and using a sunscreen. By always keeping your guard up, you can prevent the silent yet harmful effects of exposure to ultraviolet rays.

Venezuela’s largest airport said it’s now charging passengers $20 to breathe clean air, to cover the cost of a newly-installed system to purify air conditioning system.

Paying for the air you breathe  

mumbai-airportPassengers are already used to endless range of taxes and surcharges when traveling. However, many were shocked when Maiquetia International Airport in Caracas announced it will charge passengers worth $20 for the air they breathe.

The Ministry of Water and Air Transport has released a statement, saying it’s the first airport in South American and the Caribbean to use a technology that eliminates bacterial growth to “protect the health of travelers.”

The system also deodorizes and sanitizes Maiquetia International Airport.

‘Ozone thing’

Meanwhile, many people on social media have responded to the tax with both outrage and humor.

According to radio presenter Daniel Martínez, “Could you explain to me the ozone thing in Maiquetia? The toilets don’t have water, the air-con is broken, there are stray dogs inside the airport, but there’s ozone?”