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Refuting the Misconceptions About the Flu Shot

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flu shot

flu shotThe influenza vaccine is the best way to reduce chances of getting the flu. Despite this known health benefit, there are still some misconceptions about getting the flu shot. These misconceptions have caused people to steer clear of this important preventive measure. Below are three of the most common ones:

1. The vaccine does not prevent influenza at all

While the flu shot doesn’t completely assure you won’t get influenza, it reduces the risk considerably. There are various strains of flu viruses circulating and they are changing every year.

The flu shot is effective in protecting you from the most common types, so be sure to get the shot on the next vaccination season in Singapore.

2. If you never get the flu, you don’t need the shot

You can never predict when you’ll get the flu virus. Even healthy people get it and at times, the effects can be serious. Everyone, from aged 6 months and older, should get the flu shot annually, as the circulating virus strains tend to change each year.

Fortunately, scientists work together regularly to identify the strains that will probably cause widespread illness. Based on their findings and recommendations, experts then create new vaccines.

3. The flu shot will give you influenza

The flu shot doesn’t contain the live virus. What it carries are inactivated viruses. Exposure to the inactivated flu virus helps the body develop protection by letting it produce antibodies.

It is very rare for flu shots to cause headaches or even a low-grade fever. The worst you may feel are mild soreness, swelling or redness at the injection site.

Before believing any myths or misconceptions about certain medical treatments or procedures, do your own research. If you’re still having second thoughts about getting the flu shots, these misconceptions debunked should help you decide.

For New Paralegals: Getting Employed Even Without Experience

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paralegalWriting the “Experience” section is easily one of the most difficult parts of drafting a résumé if you have just graduated from school. For many, it sounds fairly illogical that an employer looks for fresh graduates, but still demand experience.

Whether you are a law graduate or have completed a paralegal degree online in schools, like legalstudies.com, you may encounter this concern. Don’t be discouraged; there are many ways to gain employment even if your résumé isn’t beefed up yet with professional experience. Remember to be patient, as it may take some time.

Undergo Training

Undergoing training may be something you won’t initially consider. Just because you’ve graduated or completed a diploma doesn’t mean you won’t have to improve your skillset. If you have a particular skill that can be transferred to the legal field, bank on it. For instance, undergo training for content management systems and web design if you’re good at blogging. Having additional skills will increase your marketability.

Consider Other Posts in the Law Firm

If you don’t get hired at law firms as a paralegal, try other positions. It may be counterintuitive, especially if you’re expecting to become part of a legal team. You can work as an administrative assistant, a receptionist, or a blogger. What’s important is you make it in the law firm, and your odds of transitioning to a legal post are greater.


Some law firms won’t hire you directly for the position, but they may admit you as an intern. While most paralegal internships are not paid, they allow you to become part of a legal team and expand your experience.

These are only some of the things you can do to gain employment even if you lack experience. If you land a paralegal job, look for a mentor who will help you improve your professional skills.

Luxury Living: What to Look for in an Apartment

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Luxury apartments

Luxury apartmentsSo you’ve finally bagged the promotion and paycheck of your dreams. Now you can move out of your tiny apartment and get a new place you will be proud of.

There are many luxury apartments for sale in Brisbane. The trick is to find the best one that meets both your wants and needs. Look no further. Here’s a checklist for finding the apartment of your dreams.


Australians want to entertain guests in their homes or apartments. Every time a guest walks in, amaze them with the scenery. You may not have a well-tended garden, but an apartment with a good view more than makes up for it. Besides, it also makes for a remarkably high resale value.

High Ceiling

You want luxury apartments with a high ceiling. Remember, higher ceilings are better. With this in mind, consider not only square footage, but also cubic footage.

Practical Layout

The only thing better than a lavish apartment is a practical lavish apartment. Look for a place that draws a clear line between social and private areas. You wouldn’t want your guests walking inside your bedroom just to get access to a bathroom.

Breathtaking Interior & Exterior

Beautiful floors, modern kitchens and a spacious outdoor fit for royalty all make for an ideal luxury apartment. Never choose places that are perfectly situated but outdated in design.

Brisbane’s Pointcorp.com.au suggests luxury apartments for sale near the CBD. Look for designs that showcase urban living and give you easy access to any central location.

Beautiful & Spacious Bathroom

Take a look at the bathroom. It should look good on top of being functional and efficient. A big tub is a major selling point.

Special Amenities & Features

From elaborate fitness centres to private parking spaces, special amenities are what make indulgent spaces stand out. Be sure that the apartment is a worthy investment.

Choosing luxury apartments can be overwhelming if you don’t know what to look for. To make things easier, list down the things you want.

Stay Safe: Healthcare Information for Dubai Expats

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health care services

health care servicesDubai is the Mena Smart City of the year, as revealed in the TMT Mena Awards 2015.

The city’s win is proof of its advancements, which can encourage more people to visit or move here. If you are an expat planning to move to Dubai, make sure to get all important documents and requirements, such as an international health insurance plan.

Getting Health Insurance

The Dubai government wants its residents to be safe and protected by medical insurance. If you do not have medical coverage yet, go to one of Dubai’s commendable health care facilities. Do this after getting your health card from the UAE’s Ministry of Health (MOH).

You can also contact insurance brokers. They have access to different insurance companies.

Public and Private Healthcare Looks Pretty Good

International health insurance providers like UAE-Medical-Insurance.com understand that different individuals need different things in their insurance. In the same way, healthcare facilities in Dubai cater to different medical needs.

This is one advantage of going to a place that puts a premium on its health care system.

Dubai has top calibre facilities, top-notch trauma care and trusted doctors. With the help of insurance brokers, get an expatriate insurance plan that gives you access to the medical facilities Dubai has to offer.

International Health Insurance Plan Required

In a move to ensure that everyone receives medical attention whenever needed, Dubai requires expatriates to get insurance packages. Process this first if you want to move to Dubai without any hassles. Do your research and choose the most fitting international insurance plans.

Some Medications Not Allowed

Even with your insurance plan set up, there’s still one thing to remember: Dubai may not let you carry a lot of prescription medications. If you need to bring medication that is in the control list of the MOH, provide the prescription and additional details.

Contact the experts to know what to do.

More people are eager to move to Dubai because of all its improvements. Contain your excitement and make sure you are prepared. It’s better to be medically covered than sorry.

What’s In and What’s Out in Commercial Architecture This 2015

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Commercial Architectures

Commercial ArchitecturesKeeping ahead of the competition has been, is and always will be the number one trend in commercial architecture, which is why change is happening almost every year. This can be a daunting task in the design world, especially if your end product is a building that’s designed to last decades or even centuries. Keeping this in mind, here are some of the trends that everyone is watching this 2015.

Technology and Change

According to a JLL survey, 90% of companies are willing to spend more on technology between 2012 and 2015. Cloud services and other collaborative innovations have changed business processes and commercial architecture should reflect this. More and more companies are going wireless and designing a space that encourages these kinds of values is becoming a necessity in the architectural field.

Transparency and Openness

Big, clunky metal cabinets are a thing of the 90’s. The growing trend these days are workspaces that encourage people to gather and work together as a community. Pantries and social hubs are replacing rows of filing cabinets, while cubicles are opening up to become more welcoming and transparent.

In addition, work culture today has also changed. Hierarchy is getting more dissolved and the opinions of even the greenest of horns are still heard, considered and valued. As such, glass walls are replacing concrete more and more.

Going Green

With high-quality fibre cement cladding, efficient workforce shifts, and energy-saving amenities, more companies are considering a zero-waste operation. Their business processes are going wireless and paperless and they expect their building to follow the same guidelines even in the construction phase. Everything is streamlined and should be done as efficiently as can be.

Cutting Edge Design

Other than all these requirements, commercial real estate developers should still put more stock on the “hip” factor. Companies want to maintain their headcount while also attracting clients that’s why architects and interior designers are coming up with out-of-this-world layouts and other fun concepts!

Your Children During and After Divorce

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child custody

child custodyGoing through a divorce is a tough time for any family, especially if there are children involved. It might be the solution to a rocky chapter, but your kids see things far differently. For them, separation completely ruins their idea of a happy family for life; the experience might even be more traumatic at such a young age.

The Long Island divorce lawyers at divorceattorneyinlongisland.com noted, “If you are thinking about getting a divorce, it’s important to fully understand this complicated legal process.” No matter how you try to prevent it, divorce would take a psychological toll on your children. While every child copes up in different ways, the key is to understand that factors that may affect their behavior, thus raising them properly after ending your marriage.


The coping strategies children use to deal with divorce depend on their maturity. Preschoolers are most likely to become fastidious, angry, and withdrawn, while kids ages six to eight tend to feel tremendous grief and hope that you and your partner getting back together later on. If your children belong to the nine to 12 age bracket, they might show extreme hatred and disapproval toward you. The situation becomes more delicate if they are already in middle or high school because they are at a greater risk to turn to addictive substances to overcome the pain.

Children react uniquely to divorce, thus requiring a distinct type of approach to help them accept and adjust.


Girls and boys have stark differences, and coping with divorce is not an exception. There is a higher possibility for female kids to just keep their feelings on their own and grow depressed. Male children, on the other than, have a strong tendency to develop rebellious and aggressive behaviors. While your teenage boy may be more open to the thought of you dating, he is more likely to become sexually active early on.

Keeping the well-being of your children in check is the most important thing throughout the process. Apart from keeping the legal battle out of your kids’ sight, make sure to lessen the negative impact of divorce toward your little ones.

Fighting Drug Addiction: Helping Your Daughter Break the Habit

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DrugsDrug addiction not only causes financial difficulties, but also family disputes and sufferings. Those are things that some parents undergo when their kids are hooked. That is why people should never take the problem lightly nor let their kids succumb to drug addiction.

So if your daughter has trouble overcoming her drug addiction, here are some ways to deal with it:

Give her continuous treatments

Psychiatrists still know best how to deal with drug addiction. Make sure that your daughter undergoes rehabilitation programs and aftercare treatments religiously. Rehabilitation facilities emphasize that continuing care is an essential part of recovery. Specialists can help monitor her progress and give her support to keep her from relapsing.

Expose her to other cliques

Some teenagers think that drugs will make them fit in their crowd. It’s better not to let your daughter get involved with people who influenced her. Introduce her to other people around her age who are not into drugs. Keep her busy by letting her participate in sports, advocacies and other organizations. This will keep her mind off the drugs. As what Annie’s House explained, “Social detoxification emphasizes peer and social support. It provides care for clients whose withdrawal signs and symptoms are severe.”

Communicate with her

Some people try drugs to get attention or to counter pressure and depression. Let her open up to you whether she has problems or not. Spend some family time with her by taking her shopping or watching movies.

Don’t support the habits

There might be times where your daughter won’t listen to you and will try to get a dose of drugs even after treatment. Use the financial tough love approach if that’s the case. Tell her that you love her but you don’t support her habits. Don’t give her the means to buy drugs. Monitor her expenses to make sure.

Drug addictions ruin families and lives. Don’t allow your daughter to succumb to drug addiction. As a parent, you have the capacity and responsibility to help her overcome it.

Into the Full Swing: 3 Easy Tricks to Practice the Proper Running Form

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runnersFor most runners, running is a simple, everyday workout routine—you just throw on your kit and head out for a run in the park in the morning—or whenever you have free time during your very busy schedule.

There is more to running than getting out there and doing what feels natural, though. You also need to understand and practice good form. According to research, good form puts less stress on the body, prevents running injuries, and allows you to go faster and longer.

Do a quick Internet search for “the proper running form”, however, and you’ll likely get lost in scientific jargon: stretch reflex, stance time, swing phase, loading rate, and a bunch of other terms that will take a while to understand. Instead of focusing on those boring technicalities, here are simple and easy-to-implement tricks to get the proper running form:

Relax Your Hands

Even during our workout, we are a nation of “accessorizers”. We carry water bottles, phones, activity, trackers, and music players. Although these things contribute to somewhat making the run easier, holding them with your hands is not an element of the good running form.

Use an armband to carry your phone—but if you’re bringing other stuff with you, such as cash or the key to the house, try a trendy fanny pack, such as those from HipAppeal.com. Also, hold your hands as if you are holding drumsticks (for the drums, not chicken drumsticks).

Shorten Your Stride

Don’t reach your foot too far out in front of your body. If you want to practice the proper running form, make light and short steps and don’t allow your foot to extend too far. Make sure your knees and your shins are in alignment as your foot touches the ground.

Check Your Posture

Your mom was right all these years: you should stand up straight. This applies to running posture, too.

Good posture is the biggest component of your form, so remember to “run tall” and stay upright—as if someone is pulling you up from your hair, but with a slight forward lean.

Focus on these fundamentals and you are likely reap the rewards: enjoyable runs, fewer injuries, and maybe even some new personal bests. Doesn’t that make running a lot more fun?

Needle in a Haystack: The Traits That Set Good Accountants Apart

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accountantYou might have a lot in your plate as a medical practitioner – clinic appointments, hospital schedule, medical conferences. As such, keeping your business afloat could be a lot more challenge without a person who can help you with your accounting and auditing needs.

In hiring an accountant for your medical business, Marin Accountants lists the top qualities you should look for:

  1. Has a rich experience handling medical practices clients.

An accountant for doctors does the crucial job of keeping you up to date with your taxes. But not only that, they should also be adept in the world of physician practices. The whole practice of medicine is generally quite different than those in other industries. As such, hiring someone who also advises a lot of doctors could help you keep your business in a financially good shape.

  1. Proactive and always aiming for the extra mile.

Keeping up with your taxes is just one part of accounting. A person doing the accounting job should also assume the role of being your business partner, which means probing whether you are spending more than what your budget allows.

Accountants may suggest deals that could save you a few dollars a month. For example, if they think that one of your staff spends unreasonable amount of money for routine purchases, such as office supplies, they would have the courage to tell you about a possible embezzlement.

  1. Easy to approach and to talk to.

Business partners talk about almost anything under the sun. One final indication that you have a good business partner by your side is when you do not hesitate to talk to him about your business’ future. A good financial buddy may even ask you about how you want to plan for your children’s education, or your retirement.

A good accountant does the extra mile of looking into not just how your business could develop and improve, but also how it could help you reach your personal goals in life.

An accountant is more than just an addition to your payroll. They also act as your guide and your partner for your business’ overall financial success.

Pest Control: Knowing Your Enemy

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spidersLiving with the least amount of stress possible is an important factor to have a positive outlook in life. Starting your day on a high note will not only make you more productive in carrying out various tasks, but will also improve your overall performance as well. Usually, the environment in your home will determine your mood for the day, which is why it is important to keep it clean and pest-free.

It is hard to maintain a happy home when unwanted pests invade your property. Having pests in your house causes many problems. They can cause a substantial amount of damage to your home, as well as pose a serious threat to your health. Whether you live in Illinois, Ohio or Indiana, seeking the help of pest control services is important to keep these unwanted invaders out.

It also helps to know what you are going up against to have a better idea of what to do about pests.

Here are some of the most common home invaders that have been causing trouble in different homes across the country:


Considered as one of the most terrifying creatures to walk on ceilings and walls, spiders are notorious when it comes to striking fear in the hearts of people. Some of them have venom, which can cause a nasty bite and can even send a full-grown adult to the hospital.

Bees & Wasps

These two are among the insects responsible for putting about 50 Americans per year in body bags. According to experts, it would take at least a thousand stings from either bees or wasps to inject a sufficient dose of venom to kill a person. This is quite possible, considering that the hives of bees and wasps can contain more than a thousand insects each.


Termites cause the most damage to property as they eat your very home. Not only do termites eat wood, they can eat anything that contains cellulose, like foam and paper. If left untreated, termites may damage your home enough to destroy it.

Having a professional pest control inspection is one of the best ways to avoid pest infestations. It is better to spend a little for services than to risk your home and your health.