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Do Web Development and SEO Go Hand in Hand?

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Web Design

Web DesignAs a web development company, you must have plans of expanding your business, increasing profits, and providing top-rate services for your customers. Taking on additional clients and offering new services is a daunting task for companies looking to grow.

How can you expand your business without spending so much money for training and new hires? Here’s an idea.

Should You Provide SEO Services?

Search engine optimization is a buzzword thrown around by online marketing industry experts. Are you ready to join the fray and offer the same services as other leaders in the field?

Jumping into a market you are unfamiliar with is fraught with risks that you might be unprepared to handle. You might lose clients because you provided them with mediocre online marketing services you haphazardly offered with an untrained and overworked staff.

Turning down clients or passing up on potential business growth because you do not have the services they need limits your ability to expand. You might not have the same opportunity again, if you pass on it now. Learning SEO takes months or even years and you have to master the fundamentals because the landscape changes almost every year with the updates search engines go through.

Web design is a vital cog in the success of any SEO campaign, but it is not the only answer. Adding online marketing to your repertoire of services must include all aspects. Expertise in social media marketing, creative content creation, PPC, link building, and other services are musts. Providing potential clients with these services require technical knowhow and experience.

If SEO is beyond your area of expertise and it would take a major investment to train staff, outsourcing the work is an ideal business option. Businesses that resell SEO services through companies like SEOReseller.com don’t have to worry about training their staff or learning the ropes of an industry outside their scope.

Taking on work that you have no experience or expertise is a recipe for disaster. Outsourcing talent is a common tactic implemented even by big companies. Take advantage of outsourced SEO services to boost your company’s image and gain the trust of your clients.

Making the Moments Last: 3 Wedding Photography Styles

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Wedding photography

Wedding photographyFrom the venue, flowers and décors to the guest list, hotel rooms and invitations – checklists for wedding can sometimes seem endless.

Setting the date is just the beginning of the whirlwind that is wedding planning. The event and days leading up to it will be a treasure trove of precious memories, and you do not want to miss anything. Make every moment count by hiring the right photographer.

Pictures can last a lifetime, so do everything to make them remarkable and fabulous. You want your photographer to capture all the details, create magical moments and know all the techniques. Just like when looking for bridesmaids’ dresses or hair and makeup artists, there are wedding photography styles to choose from that will help you decide how your photos will look.


Anyone can take a picture, but Michelle van Heerden Photography shares what separates a true professional: the ability to consistently shoot relaxed, fresh-looking photos. If you do not want highly styled photographs, choose documentary photography. It captures candid images of people and actions. For instance, a picture of your mom helping you with the veil, intimate shots of the groom hugging siblings or a photo of guests arriving at the venue or making toasts.


This timeless style is like the ones in your parents or grandparents’ wedding albums. It may be a bit formal, but the photos are sure to be stunning, sophisticated and gorgeous. The main idea behind classic images is to create photos that are ideal for display – whether on a wall or in a portrait album. A wedding photographer shooting in this style makes sure every detail of the shot is striking. Not to mention ensures that images can express feeling using the background, the attire and even a person’s body alignment.


The key component of dramatic photography is the weather. As it is full of emotions and warm moments, it is something many photographers find difficult to master. To make your wedding snaps look dreamy, think of out of the box ideas like a photo of the couple’s silhouette wrapped in each other’s arms set against a stained glass window or a tender forehead kiss under the rain.

It is best to make a shot list and schedule the appropriate time of taking photos. When choosing the right style, think carefully about the key moments you want to capture at your wedding.

Here’s How You Benefit From Hiring a PBM Consultant

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Hiring a consultant

Hiring a consultantMaking the necessary arrangements in pharmacy benefits management (PBM), when not done properly, can get you fired. Acquire the services of a consulting firm to have someone walk you through the process.

There are several issues where your consultant can give you that much-needed helping hand.

Designing that Perfect Pharmacy Plan

When it comes to conceptualizing a pharmacy benefits plan, count on your consulting company to guide you every step of the way. From the evaluation phase to eventually fashioning out the most valuable plan, coordinate with your consultant to understand everything.

Make sure the plan caters to the main sponsor and the plan members. Ensure that it is within their means and offers flexibility in various circumstances.

Making way for Auditing Services

It’s okay to have questions—that’s what your consultant is there for. Your consultant will examine the agreements in terms of the reliability of each deal. Consultants take into account certain financial requirements, including the legalization of information, business conformity, performance certification, updates on medicines, financial medical assistance for retirees, pharmacy assets, and discount programs.

Helping with Vendor Request Proposals

Consulting services include helping you deal with requests for proposal (RFP) from your vendor options. They help you in RFP development and fulfillment, proposal assessment, and selecting among bidders.

Contracting also under Consulting

You need not worry about the nitty-gritty of contracting because your consulting firm is right there to help. PBM consulting firms like Crystalclearrx.com offer services including evaluating, settling, writing, and inspecting your contracts. They consider price updates, ultimately crafting the most ideal client-friendly deals.

Now that you already got a dose of what it’s like to have a PBM consultant, it’s time to think about hiring one. Just as the PBM consultant helps you screen proposals, make sure you get help in finding the right company as well.

Signs That Say It’s Time to Replace Your Pipes

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changing pipes

changing pipesPeople use pipes for baths, dishes, toilets and other daily activities that involve water. The constant use tends to wear them down and cause problems over time. Thus, pipes at home should undergo occasional maintenance.

Some plumbing problems are too severe for repairs to handle, however. There are times when people need to replace their pipes. As there is no definite time for replacing them, here are some telltale signs that suggest it may be time to do so:


Minor leaks may not necessarily require repiping provided these are isolated cases. If those leaks are large-scale or recurring in the same place, however, Beehive Plumbing recommends repiping the water lines. Fixing them will only add more expenses. People should also watch out for discolorations in areas near pipes as these suggest leakages.

Low water pressure

Those who experience little or no flow of water upon turning their faucets at maximum may have to repair or replace their pipes. Falling water pressure may indicate serious damages, leaks or buildup of debris in the water lines. Solutions to low water pressure problems vary depending on the scenario. It’s better to call a plumber in this case.

Discolored water

Brown or yellow water pouring out of faucets suggest broken or rusty pipes. If it comes with a nasty odor, it may indicate that the broken pipes caused the dirt water to mix with the clean one. Repiping is the best solution in such cases.

Noisy pipes

Healthy pipes won’t produce other sounds except for running water. Loud noises coming from the water source may mean that the pipes need maintenance or replacements in extreme cases.

Rising water bill

People can tell if their pipes need fixing just by reading their water bills. Their pipes may need replacement if their bills are higher than what they usually pay without consuming too much water. They should monitor their bills and consumption rates often to determine if repiping is necessary.

It’s not easy to conclude whether pipes need repairs or replacements. For people who experience these signs, it’s still better and safer to call plumbers than assume and handle things themselves. Fixing pipes requires technical knowledge and expertise that only these professionals have.

Transporting Your Goods Securely

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Pickup service

Pickup serviceHomes and businesses always need to move things from one location to another. This is why delivery services are important.

Customers, however, are always concerned about the quality of their delivery service. They want their goods to arrive safely and in a timely manner. Finding a reliable pickup and delivery service provider that deals with clients in a professional way is easy if you know what to look out for. A company that pays the same careful attention to big and small deliveries is one sign of a great pickup service.

To know if the company is focused on providing excellent customer service, here are some other things to consider:

1. Mode of Packing

Packing requires an extra measure of care to preserve the good condition of the goods, whether these may be small, big, fragile or tough. Also, every item should be carefully delivered to the destination and handled according to the requests of the customer. Check that the materials the delivery service uses is appropriate for the items and can protect them for the duration of the journey.

2. Reachable Anytime

You should be able to contact the company easily, especially when emergencies arise. They should provide clear details about the delivery, including the fees and if any items need special considerations. Dealing with a delivery service provider that pays attention to your needs guarantees that the delivery will go on without major issues.

3. On-Time Schedule

Customers want delivery services that are on-time and organized. Especially for businesses, working with a delivery company that knows how to do proper transport of goods saves them time and money. Check online reviews to see what previous clients have to say about the delivery service you are considering.

4. Safety Practices

Although time is of the essence with deliveries, following proper ways of doing things should be the priority. Ask the company if their employees are knowledgeable in moving items. The drivers should have the qualifications to drive their vehicles safely.

Keeping in mind these things will make choosing a reliable and efficient pickup service easier. Don’t hesitate to ask the company important questions to know if they are the right one for you.

You Got a Fast Car: Improving the Speed of Your Car

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Modify your Engine

Modify your EngineWho doesn’t love a fast car? After all, cars can be a symbol of your affinity for anything sophisticated. And the faster your car is, the better. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford a sports car. Before you give up your auto for a speedier and pricier one, there are some tweaks that you can implement to convert it into something that will give you wild rides.

The first thing you need to do is know your car well, its specifications, and its capabilities. Here are some tips that will help you pump up your ride:

Change the Fan

Your car has a built-in fan placed between the radiator and the engine. Depending on the make of your car, this fan adds to the weight of the entire vehicle. It may consume a huge chunk of energy, which you can actually use to ramp up the speed of the car. You may replace it with an electric fan that doesn’t partake of a large amount of horsepower.

Modify the Engine

If your old car has a problematic system, it’s high time to modify some parts of the engine. You can change the fuel pump, the carburetors, and the exhaust system. If you want a complete refurbishment, go for a total engine transplant. Don’t forget about the safety. You may use Brembo brake kits available on sites like allstartire.com.

Streamline it

The bigger the car is, the slower it runs. Realizing this, you may consider stripping your car out. Remove old things that add load to the car. Switch to streamlined and lightweight seats and air-conditioning systems. Be sure to change the windows and the sound system.

Change the Tires

Friction is one of the many factors that affect speed. Regular tires can be sticky and rough at the same time. Newer models of tires are smooth; they can complement the speed your engine sets without compromising safety.

Know that modifying your car may cost the invalidation of its warranty. Do not do things on your own, however; seek the help of a professional.

Contributing Factors to the Long Lifespan of Hong Kong People

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People in Hongkong

People in HongkongPeople may expect to enjoy life longer in Hong Kong. Statistics from the Department of Health showed that residents of Hong Kong have higher life expectancy rates, with males and females living up to 81.1 and 86.7 years respectively. This means they live four years longer than the British, French and Americans.

What are the factors that contribute to their long lives? Pacific Prime suggests that rising health insurance, government policies and expenditures on health and healthy lifestyle are responsible for Hongkongers living longer.

Health insurance

More people in Hong Kong have health insurance, providing them more access to healthcare and improves their life expectancy. The region is one of the highly developed insurance markets in Asia. The Office of the Commissioner of Insurance’s (OCI) provisional statistics noted that Hong Kong’s total gross premiums rose by 13.9% or HK$290.7 billion (US$37.4 billion), which represents 13.7% of the city’s GDP in 2013. The region attracts large insurance companies, providing more health betterment opportunities for its citizens.

Expenditure on health

The government allocates a large budget to increase the quality and quantity of healthcare in Hong Kong. In 2010-2011, they spent a total of HK$93,433M or 5.1% of GDP for public hospitals, private health institutions, rehabilitation services and medical equipment. From those figures, the government allocates as much as HK$13,302 per capita for healthcare alone. The higher allocation gives citizens more access to healthcare, thus making them live longer.

Healthy Lifestyle

The lifestyle is partly responsible for the long lives of most citizens in Hong Kong. The combination of proper diet, exercise and work contributes to their longevity. People there live on vegetables, tea and other healthy foods. Hong Kong is predominantly Chinese, which practices tai chi and other exercises with therapeutic claims. Most citizens continue to work even in their 70s or 80s due to the lack of statutory retirement age. The constant activity improves their physical, psychological and mental health.

The people of Hong Kong live long thanks to rising health insurance market, government policy and expenditure on health and healthy lifestyle.

Because Choosing the Right Paper Type for Printing is an Art

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PaperThe right type of paper can make all the difference when it comes to printing. You need to ask yourself a few questions before coming up with a decision. Is this paper appropriate for the report? Is this fine for photographs? Is that type suitable for my first draft?

Considering these things will not only allow you to have a presentable printed media, but will help you save a lot on printing costs. After all, not all paper types are created equal.

Keep the Thing in Mind Before the Project

Consider the paper before you work on a project, whether it’s design or a report. Doing this will prevent costly mistakes in the end. More importantly, you can optimise the printing, as you’re using the right type of paper. If you’re working with a printer, ask for recommendations, especially if you’re working on photographs, style guides and coffee table books.

There are dust-free paper types available, as well. The computer and printer solutions provider PrintCom said, “When more powder gets into the drums, fusers and developers, they need to be replaced much sooner, which is costly. Less powder on the paper also causes less slippage and paper jams, try it.”

Mind the Finish

Keep two words in mind when talking about the finish: gloss (coated) and matte (uncoated). Simply put, gloss has smooth and reflective surface. Paper types under this category are ideal for photographs, flyers, menus and paraphernalia where graphics need to be emphasised. Matte, on the other hand, doesn’t reflect light effectively. This property renders it suitable for books and magazines. Paper variants under this category can be used in photography, as well.

Don’t Forget the Weight

The weight of the paper speaks about practicality. Heavier paper types are usually used for more important documents and materials, such as style guides, annual reports and art books. Lightweights, on the other hand, are used for everyday documents, book pages and mails.

The type of paper influences printing cost and efficiency. It’s easy to pick a ream of paper at a supplies store, but remember, the right sheet can make all the difference. Keep all these things in mind before you finally print your project.

Pull Over: Visual Cues of DUI

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DUIApart from sobriety tests and blood alcohol testing, law enforcement officers also use their observation skills or deduction to determine if you are driving under the influence. In most cases, officers will ask you to pull over if they notice erratic driving like swerving, speeding, or even driving slowly.

Cornett Law Office explained on their website that, “Kentucky Revised Statute 189A.010(1), prohibits driving under the influence of alcohol or any other substance or combination of substances (DUI) or with a certain concentration of alcohol. To sustain a conviction under Kentucky Revised Statute, the Commonwealth must prove that the driver was under the influence of the offending substances.”

Here then are the common visual cues for DUI:

Speed and Stopping Problems

Research suggests that braking properly can be a difficult task for drunk drivers. There is a high probability of DUI suspicion if an officer notices any type of stopping problem. This includes abrupt stops, stopping short or beyond a limit line, or stopping at an inappropriate angle. If you’re driving while intoxicated, you may also find it hard to maintain a right speed and may accelerate or decelerate for no apparent reason.

Improper Lane Position

Impaired or intoxicated drivers find it extremely difficult to maintain a proper lane position, commonly referred to as weaving. This happens when your car constantly moves from one side of the lane to the other. Drifting is also another cue, which refers to vehicle moving in a straight line, but with a slight angle to the lane.

Impaired Vigilance

Alcohol can impair your vigilance and cause you forget to turn off the headlights when needed or forget to signal a turn to change lanes. Other cues for vigilance problems include slow response to traffic signals, failure to respond to officer’s lights or hand signals, and driving in the wrong lane or wrong way in a one-way road. Stopping for no apparent reason may also signal DUI, as this indicates that you are confused or lost.

Impaired Judgment

Alcohol-impaired judgment can cause you to provide an unsafe distance or follow another car closely. This can also result in endangering others or taking risks. Common cues include improper lane change, illegal turn, driving on the wrong side of the road, and stopping inappropriately in response to a police officer.

If you are convicted of DUI, hiring an attorney may help defend your case in a court. You will need the assistance of a lawyer, especially if it is your first DUI or DWI offense.

The Benefits of Getting a People Counter for Your Business

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storeAny store, whether standing on its own or located inside a mall, needs foot traffic to sell anything. That said, it matters to know the number of people who walk inside your store on certain days and times.

Information is power

People counters are devices that accurately track just how many people come into a shop. Depending on the features, they also provide information like exact time, the date and even images. This kind of customer tracking is especially important to a business. Knowing when there is high and low foot traffic can help determine the best times to offer promotions, increase pricing, and even change the display of the merchandise.

They aren’t just for shops–museums, hospitals, and offices can also have these devices installed. Information from people counters helps in smart allocation of resources where there is more need for them.

For example, if you determine that your business doesn’t get a lot of people on certain days, you can hold off on ordering extra supplies. This is a smart way of dealing with lean times and a great way to know when you can earn more money. People counters let you know when and where to put your investment.

How they work

There are different ways how these devices do their job. You can choose people counters that use cameras in tracking individuals. There are some that use heat sensors, which detect a person’s thermal signature. There are also those that use motion sensors at a store’s entry and exit points.

If you’re unsure about which type to use for your specific business, it’s best to seek the advice of a reliable counting solutions company so you’ll know exactly what you need. You will also know where best to install these devices.

Instead of getting new items or revamping your store, why not see if a people counter can help improve your bottom line? Remember, for any kind of business, it’s the people who count most.