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Poolside Safety: Ways to Keep Your Pets from Drowning

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Keep Your Pets from Drowning

Keep Your Pets from DrowningThe Australian Companion Animal Council Inc. (ACAC) reported that more than 63% of Australian households own a pet—dogs (40%), cats (26%) or both (53%)—and many treat them as part of the family. If you’re the same, then you should start taking some safety measures to make sure they won’t get into any accident at home. The swimming pool, for instance, is among the most dangerous places for them. Here are some ways you can keep your pets safe:

Install Fences or Balustrades

Pool safety expert Glass Pool Fencing & Balustrading Perth and pet resources online like PetMD.com and PetPlace.com noted that many owners mistakenly believe that their pets can swim automatically after falling into a pool. The truth is, it depends. Even some dog breeds aren’t natural swimmers and hate being in water. Avoid drowning incidents by installing a tubular pool fence or a frameless balustrade. Make sure that the gaps are small, so your pets won’t be able to slip through and find their way in.

Cover the Pool with Durable Material

If you’re concerned about the appearance of your exteriors, then covering the pool is another option. Make sure that it’s durable enough, though. Your pets might try to play above the swimming pool, thinking that it has a stable surface. If possible, keep them away still even if the cover is in place.

Let Your Pets be Familiar with the Area

Introduce your pets to every corner of your house, especially those that have the freedom to roam around like cats and dogs. This is to answer their curiosity and prevent them from going to places they shouldn’t be. Pets are curious beings, so it could put them at risk if they reach the pool and not know its dangers. If possible, train them to stay away from the area.

Keep your pets safe any time of the day. Know the most effective ways to keep them out of the pool, so they won’t run the risk of drowning.

Beauty Regimen Dos and Don’ts

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brazilian waxing

brazilian waxingBeauty is in the eye of the beholder—its maintenance and enhancement, however, is in your hands. Use your young age to experiment and learn all about the different ways you can do so.

With unlimited access to information and tips on beauty and wellness online and offline, there is simply no excuse to not care for yourself properly—even in your 20s. This, however, does not make it easy for you or anybody especially for your firsts, both for your face and body.

Here are some things to remember when it comes to your beauty routine:


Your body is a huge part of your beautifying process. One problem area shared by women everywhere is unwanted hair. This is a concerned addressed by waxing.

DO: Talk to a friend or someone who has had this done before. Prepare yourself for what it would feel like. The most important of all: know what you are getting. A bikini wax or a Brazilian Wax? Cold or warm? Do not go in blind.

DON’T: Guess what you should and should not get. Not only is this foolish, it is irresponsible to pay for something you have no idea what would be the result.

Hair Makeover

As a woman, hair is a sign of femininity and beauty. Sticking to one hairstyle, however, is boring and that should not be the case. So every once in a while, you get a makeover to spice things up a bit and experiment.

DO: Research. If it is easier, find pegs for your #HairGoals—know what you want. Be outspoken with your wants and desired outcome, tell the stylist the effect you want to achieve and get your money’s worth.

DON’T: Let stylists decide for you. While they may be professionals, your hair is yours and your preference should be followed. It is always your decision to make. Do not hesitate to speak your mind and most of all, don’t be bitchy when you do so.


It is not easy finding what suits you and what doesn’t, especially in makeup. It requires a lot of time, effort and practice.

DO: Experiment—it is not easy but it’s part of the learning curve. There will be times when it will not look as pretty as you want it to be, but it is a start in finding what suits you best.

DON’T: Forget to moisturise and cleanse your face before and after putting on makeup. Also, do not overdo it. Most importantly, do not be afraid to look a bit foolish—you have to start somewhere.

Your beauty regimen will be your daily gospel, knowing how to do them properly will give you better results. Be sure to keep these dos and don’ts in mind.

Simple is Successful: Enhancing Your Web Design for the Best

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web design

web designSimplicity makes a website look stylish and neat; over-the-top designs will only confuse your visitors. To make sure that visitors keep coming back to your site, you need to do some upgrades. As industry authorities put it, changes can make a big difference on visitor retention.

Web design experts give some simple steps on developing your site and making visitors stay longer:

Design a logo that your visitors will remember

A logo is important for a website, as it serves as your brand’s identity. You must create and design a logo that is suitable to your niche. It does not necessarily have to be complicated; a simple and attractive design will do. As the website design experts of Perth say, what matters is that visitors will remember your logo.

Don’t go overboard with the layout

A complex layout might only confuse your visitors and prompt them to leave your site. Instead of using non-related links and pages, set main pages on top of your website and the not-so important information at the bottom.

Clean up the mess

Many websites contain extravagant graphics, to the extent that these overwhelm visitors and make the site less appealing. Clean up the unnecessary graphics that only distract the visitors from the most important parts of the website. Reduce the number of links and options to eliminate the clutter. Keep your paragraph short and simple; a single paragraph should never exceed to more than six lines.

Every little detail you put on your website matters – from the navigation buttons to the content arrangement. A professional web designer knows what the visitors are looking for and what your website should look like based on your niche. With a pleasant and neat website, you will have higher chances of getting more traffic into your site.

Going for the Classic Look of Timber Flooring

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timber flooring

timber flooringExcept for areas where constant moisture is a concern, it is absolutely recommendable to go with timber flooring for residential and commercial spaces. Each piece has the unique look of the tree it came from. Timber is also renowned for its exceptional quality and gives a beautiful look to any interior.

As timber flooring is highly sought after by homeowners, it is available in a range of varieties. Some of the popular options are bamboo, oak, spotted gum and others.

About Timber Quality

As flooring material, it is a great option as it is easy to maintain. It goes well with all types of home designs.Homeowners can even choose customised options for floors with a soft or a hard look and there are even options for making them non-slippery and stain resistant. There are also environmentally friendly choices available.

Wide Range of Options

The type of tree the timber flooring comes from dictates the natural colour that it has. The gorgeous colours ranging from light brown to red show the range that is available to homeowners. Since no two trees are the same, there are subtle differences even within a single tree species that will give your home a unique look.

Apart from the inherent qualities, however, timber flooring can also be made in various colours, textures and designs. Available in different board sizes, the cost of timber flooring is measured according to the floor area and also the quality of the timber.

Ideal for Commercial and Residential Spaces

For various commercial and residential structures in Perth, WA flooring quality is a top concern.It has to be comfortable for people to walk on, yet also tough enough to take the foot traffic.

Professional installers, having done timber flooring jobs for years, know that it is a superior choice when it comes to reliability and outstanding style. These installers can advise on the suitability of timber flooring according to the specific demands of shops or living rooms.

Know about the advantages of timber flooring by consulting with experienced contractors. With its timeless appeal and proven toughness, you will surely enjoy your floors for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions about Second Mortgages

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Second mortgage

Second mortgageWhile paying for a mortgage in Sandy, you might be thinking about getting a second mortgage for your other needs. It could be for home improvements, or for your children’s tuition fee. It can also be for any unprecedented events, such as loss of job and sickness.

Whatever your reasons are, it is important to get a better view of what second mortgages are. It is also important to know whether it is wise to extend your mortgage loan or not.

How Does It Work?

A second mortgage means loaning a part of your home’s equity. Home equity is the difference between the property’s value and your outstanding loan. So, if your property values at $200,000 and your loan is $130,000, you have a $70,000 home equity. The $70,000 is the amount you can access for second mortgage.

What are Its Different Types?

There are two types of second mortgages:

  • Line of credit – It works pretty much like a credit card. You are allowed to make loans until you reach your ‘credit line.’ Your credit line depends on your equity and the bank’s standard loan rate. This type is perfect for small, everyday expenses
  • Home equity loans – This type of second mortgage (Sandy or elsewhere) allows you to get a lump sum of money. Like the first option, this type of second mortgage also depends on your equity and the bank’s standard loan rate. This is perfect if you are planning to make big purchases, such as cars or a big home improvement
What are the Risks?

Deciding whether to get a second loan entirely depends on your financial situation. Remember, when you decide to take any type of loan (whether primary or secondary) with your home as collateral, a lien is attached to your property. This lien tells everyone that you owe the creditor some money. Unfortunately, this also gives them the right to take possession of your home should you fail to settle the debt.

The key here is simple: By keeping in mind that every loan extension places your home at risk of repossession, you will never borrow an amount which you can never pay.

Planning the Perfect Proposal: Ways to Make Sure It’s a Yes!

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Planning the Perfect Proposal

Planning the Perfect ProposalNo pressure! But the day when you finally pop the question to your significant other is probably—if not the—most important day of your lives. Of course you’d want to make it special and memorable; a story to be told over and over to your grand children.

The big question though, is how? Here are some great ideas that might inspire you how to make your proposal special and truly unique.

Choose the location well

Should you pop the question while on travel? At the place where you had your first date? Whichever you choose, make sure that the location suits both of your personalities. A sentimental location, say the restaurant where you first met your significant other, would be perfect for an intimate and romantic proposal. If you want something with a little more flair, why not try an unusual location, such as the train station or in the middle of a park. But, if you do want to go over-the-top and public, do make sure that your significant other will be cool with it.

Say what you feel

Truly one of the best things that you can do is to add a personal touch to make the day special. Don’t just pop the standard “Will you marry me?”—use your own words and tell them how you feel. Your significant other will definitely appreciate it.

Add something extra

Whether it’s making your significant other’s favorite meal or simply inviting your friends and family to witness the event, that extra touch will make the day memorable. Why not express your love with custom engagement rings? Choose your own design or have them carve your names.

Don’t forget the photos!

Whether you choose to hire a professional photographer or simply ask someone to take photos for you, do make sure that you document the event. Lots of couples often forget to photograph this momentous event. Plan in advance and have someone snap a photo of that moment when you pop the question. If you’re doing a destination proposal, don’t be shy to ask even a stranger to snap one for you.

Tips to Finding the Best Bike in Brisbane

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bikeA study in 2013 revealed that Brisbane made little progress in encouraging cycling as an alternative mode of transportation. A goal to double cycling by next year apparently stagnated, with the city being one of the most car-dependent places in Australia, if not the world.

Only two percent of the transport budget is dedicated to improving footpaths and cycling in the city. In spite of this, Brisbane has wonderful cycling tracks beside the river where the weather is perfect for cycling any day of the year.

You may be a kid or an adult—whatever your age, cycling is a good exercise for you. You may already be interested in cycling and planning to buy your first bike. Here are some factors to think about before buying a bike:

  • Budget

Know how much you are willing to spend. Allocate two-thirds of that budget to the bike itself. The remaining one-third must be for accessories, like a helmet.

  • Fit

Do not buy a bike simply because it looks good. Choose one that fits your size. Check the seat height, saddle position, handlebar height and reach—and make the appropriate adjustments.

  • Testing

Test different models of bikes and weigh your options.

  • Personal Service

It will be best to find a bike shop you can go to for all your bike-related purchases. The best bike shops in Brisbane can ensure the quality of your bike. You might even get discounts on accessories, free adjustments for a set period, fitting sessions and test rides.

There are lots of bike shops in Brisbane, so you have many options. Maybe the nearest bike shop will be the best choice, maybe you need to do a bit of walking to find a good store. Wherever you choose to go, just keep in mind these factors and you will have a bike soon.

Making Road Trips Fun and Memorable

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Road trip

Road tripGoing on road trips is one way to spend quality time with your family and friend and appreciate travelling. The appeal of such voyages is undeniably timeless. This is especially true for those who always find time for quick getaways.

Road trips, however, do not always go smoothly as expected, especially if you have not anticipated certain needs and made any preparation. Here are some tips on overcoming the troubles on the road whilst maintaining that fun vibe.

Prep Your Car

The vehicle is your home while you’re on the road so make sure that it’s in good shape. You don’t want the whole trip to be spoiled because you spend 2 hours changing the wheels. The first thing you need to check is the fluids. See to it that your car is not short of the following: engine oil, transmission fluid, coolant, brake fluid and gasoline. Check the engine, the lighting and the air-conditioning unit. If you have problematic tyres, be sure to consult tyre shops, such as Richard’s Tyrepower.

Plan the Logistics

A few days before the trip, make a list of the things you need. Delegate tasks to make things easier. If you have a friend who’s good at direction, ask that person to lead the navigation department. If you cook good food, be in charge of the picnic hamper. If another likes taking pictures, ask your friend to take care of the trip’s documentation.

Build Your Playlist

A road trip should have a soundtrack. Build your playlist with songs that you and your travel friends can sing along to. If you’re a fan of pop music, the energetic songs of today’s top artists will be your fix.

Take a Detour

You may have a route to follow, but it’s still a good thing to take a detour. Detours will help you discover things about a destination that are not discussed in travelogues and blogs. For instance, you may find a hole-in-the-wall eatery that serves Greek food in a neighbourhood of Italian restaurants.

Whether it’s a short trip to the next town or a 24-hour drive to the next state, road trips will surely help you make more memories. Keep all these tips in mind to prevent problems and have more fun.

Making your Vision a Reality

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new homes

new homesFinally, you’ve hit the target. All that saving up has gotten you to the point where you can spend for building your own home.

Even with the number of options out there, there’s nothing like creating it from the ground up. You might want to get some help from builders of new homes to see your dreams come true.

How do you make sure, though, that building your dream home won’t turn into a nightmare? The following ideas may help you:

Finding the model of your dreams

Your dream will remain just that until you start working on it. Still, you might not be sure about the kind of home that you want—is it going to be a home on a small lot or something much bigger?

It might be good to see some home designs at this point. The designs you look at will help shape what your home will eventually be. Sometimes, a good inspiration is all that lies between dreaming and building. You can also get ideas from other homes. Looking at their layouts can help you plan your home.

Putting it all together

Once you’ve decided on the design that you want, you should contact experienced builders who can help you make all the detailed plans. They are the best people to advise you if your ideas are doable. They may even suggest better alternatives to what you originally wanted.

Try designing a rough draft and showing it to them. Once they finalise the plans, you may approve them so the building can start.

You should check from time to time how everything is coming along. They may be the professionals, but this is your house that they’re building and you have every right to see the quality of the work. This is also a good way of checking that everything is going according to schedule and the design.

A Few Things Landlords Wish They Knew About Rental Properties

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Rent property

Rent propertyA rental property has always been a good investment option. Quality accommodation is always in demand, so you will not run out of possible tenants. Plus, you can pay the mortgage from the rental income, which means you get the property virtually free. That is if you can manage it effectively and get along well with your tenants.

This is what most property owners in Australia find difficult. Rental property management is different from managing the home where you live. It is a tough job, as you need to know the needs of your tenants as well as make sure they follow your rules too.

To help you hit the ground running if you plan to invest in a rental property, here are some pieces of advice from experts on short-term rental Perth properties:

Know the legal structures

In cities like Perth, there are legal structures in place to protect landlords and the tenants. Before diving into the rental property business, know these measures and get all the relevant records like lease conditions and bond lodgement forms. This would be easier if you can get experienced rental property manager to help you.

Keep communication channels open

One effective way to build a strong relationship with your tenant is to keep communication channels open. Give them various ways to contact you if they run into problems like late payment or broken facility. This prevents any issue from escalating further.

Manage your finances

Demand for accommodations may be always there, but it does not mean you can get good tenants easily. It may take several weeks or months to find a candidate who meets your qualifications. So, during downtimes, you should know how to manage your finances and find ways to pay off the mortgage.

Know your taxes

A good landlord knows how to pay taxes their taxes right. After all, it comes with their list of responsibilities. Understand which taxes you need to file and when to file them. First-time landlords can consult rental property managers to facilitate tax filing efficiently.

Rental properties are a great way to build your wealth. Learn the basics of the business and you can maximise the profits you can make.