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Corporate Gifts: Showing Your Gratitude to Loyal Clients

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cookie gifts

cookie giftsClients who have been loyal to your products and services deserve corporate gifts during special occasions. Gifts reflect how you value the personal relationship between your company and your client. As an act of gratitude, giving gifts is also a way of showing that you care for your clients.

Nonetheless, it can be hard to find the perfect gift for clients simply because you don’t know what their tastes and interests are. Here are some ideas on how you can please clients with your gifts:

Make your gifts appropriate to the business relationship

Careful selection is important when giving gifts, as these are a concrete expression of what you want to say to clients. You don’t want to give flowers and chocolates like what married couples give to each other. Give useful, office-related items like pens or penholders. If you want to make it extra special, Marcelita’s Cookies suggest corporate cookie gifts and wine with your company logo.

Accompany your gift with a thoughtful letter

As it is a corporate gift, explain to them why you chose those gifts for them. Clients would love to know how businesses value their patronage; the best way to do this is by sending them thoughtful messages. Let them know how grateful you are for having them as your clients and how you look forward to having more years with them.

Choose the perfect time

Most businesses send gifts during the Christmas season or at the end of the year. If you want your gifts to have more impact, send gifts on not widely celebrated days like your company’s anniversary. You can also mark the date when you started a business relationship with your client. Timing is important whenever you send gifts.

Giving simple things as expressions of gratitude can build your company’s image. Clients, in turn, will remember these small acts of showing value and appreciation.

When You Understand Her Insecurities, You Understand Her Better

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WomanIf you’ve ever had a fight with your wife or your girlfriend, then you know just how complex women can be. At the heart of their complexity lays insecurities that are often projected in their relationships. Understand those insecurities to know the reason behind her actions.

Do You Want Me?

A woman’s pursuit of sexual desirability causes her to compare herself to other women and, in the process, make unfair judgments about herself. When she asked if you thought the girl who passed you by in the Western Australian Museum looked pretty and you replied that you did, she marked that woman as competition but belted most of her annoyance at you.

She wants verbal confirmation every now and then that you’ve got eyes only for her. Strange as it may seem, hearing that you think of another woman as attractive makes her worry about her worth.

Do I Look Good Enough?

She knows the best hairdressers in West Perth and she can give you a list of their treatments. For women, caring for the hair is important not because of simple vanity, but because she wants to look and feel her best.

Her questions regarding her new hairstyle hardly require you to tap into your fashion sense. She wants you to compliment her to assure her that she looks good despite the pressure society puts on women.

Do I Meet the Standards?

The matter of securing stability in their finances and their careers burden women, especially since most of them want to achieve this before their 30th birthday – the ideal age to marry. This inclination towards independence may sometimes lead them to reject your financial help. Show your support and encouragement instead.

Women can sympathise with your insecurities when it comes to your physical appeal and ability to provide. The gap created by your different approaches to these frustrations, however, only adds to the conflict. But focusing on those similarities and supporting one another would undoubtedly make an impact.

How Viruses can be Deadly for Your Business

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SecurityIn today’s fast-paced world, almost every business relies on computers to complete their tasks. What used to take hours to finish, now employees can do within a few minutes. Regardless of how advanced this technology is, however, it isn’t invincible to threats like viruses.

Computer Forensics NZ Ltd and other online security experts share what viruses can do to businesses and what to do if ever an infection takes place:

The Consequences to Your Business
  1. Lost Data – A single virus can infect an entire network of data, causing your system to shut down and deleting or leaking everything in your hard drive. What’s worse is that it can spread to the network of your business partners and clients, as well.
  2. Lost Business – A virus can force your network to shut down. When it does so, your clients won’t have any access to you or your site. The same goes for your employees. Everybody has to wait for the system to work again before going back to business.
  3. Lost Time – Instead of working on important tasks, you put effort and money on removing the virus. Even if there are experts who can remove them within a few hours or days, it’s still a loss for your business. Your employees could’ve done something more productive.
If Your Business is Infected

Unplug the computer immediately — you don’t need to use its shutdown feature — to stop its system from running. The longer it runs, the more damage it could do to your data. Don’t attempt to restore lost files using free software, as you don’t know what the virus is and what parts of network it has infected. Let professionals handle the removal of the virus and the collection of your lost data.

Don’t let your business data become corrupted or deleted permanently. Know ways how to handle viruses before, during and after an attack.

In-Training: Preparing Your Future Heavy Machinery Operators

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constructionThe construction and industrial industry are both high-risk work environments, but promoting safety is possible with the help of high quality equipment and properly trained workers. When working with heavy equipment and lifting machines like mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs), it’s every contractor’s wish to avoid any type of accident. As such, they find it important to perform the necessary preparations before sending their workers to the actual job.

Are Formal Education and Training Necessary?

The regulation 21(12) of the Workplace Safety and Health (General Provisions) Regulations specifies that only a trained and competent individual can operate lifting machines, including MEWPs. Those who have to work with heavy machinery should pass training courses conducted by accredited training providers of the Ministry of Manpower (MOM).

In addition, galmon.com noted that these courses are highly specific. If your workers need to operate a boom lift, you should let them attend that particular class. From operating controls to promoting safety, each MEWP training course has different demands and requirements.

What Are the Common Job Requirements?

An aspiring heavy machinery operator should be of legal age, have at least a high school diploma, and is willing to undergo more training under their employer. Experience might be necessary, so it’s best to choose or suggest that they get hands-on training from local contractors.

If not, you or anybody who’s skilled enough at operating heavy machinery can offer supervised and on-the-job training. After all, businesses work differently and you need to inform new workers about each task to avoid accidents. Let them work with a superior during their probationary status and see if they can adapt to the type of work immediately. Remember that they need technical and non-technical skills.

Reduce workplace accidents by decreasing the occurrence of human error in the workplace. Before allowing workers—newly hired or not—to operate heavy machinery, make sure they have the necessary skills, licensure and certification.

Basic Nissan Maintenance Guidelines: Read This or Risk Voiding Your Warranty

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Nissan Maintenance Guidelines

Nissan Maintenance GuidelinesUsing only genuine Nissan car parts when having your Nissan vehicle serviced or repaired is the best approach to make sure your vehicle’s quality and performance won’t be compromised. K.D. Auto Spares, one-stop shop for Nissan parts in West Auckland, shares more information below:

Preventive Maintenance for Your Nissan

Scheduled preventive maintenance is a crucial step you must highly consider to optimise your vehicle’s performance, safety, durability, resale value and reliability. Ideally, you should follow the maintenance schedule included in your vehicle’s service manual since these are recommended by the manufacturers themselves and will ensure your vehicle will stay in perfect running condition.

Additionally, you should know that proper maintenance of your Nissan vehicle—whether for regular servicing or replacement of car parts—is a condition stated in your vehicle’s warranty coverage.

Basic Standard Maintenance Guidelines for Your Nissan

Nissan recommends that you take your vehicle for standard maintenance every six months or when your vehicle reaches 5,000 miles, considering that you drive your Nissan under temperate or typical driving conditions. Take note that you mustn’t utilise aftermarket flushing systems and related services not approved by Nissan.

The main issue here is that majority of these flushing systems use harsh solvents and chemicals that Nissan hasn’t validated and does not approve of. You should check your vehicle’s owner’s manual for Nissan-approved fuel, fluids, lubricant, refrigerant and grease to be on the safe side.

Does Your Vehicle Require Additional Maintenance?

If you use your vehicle under demanding and severe driving conditions—then yes, you should definitely consider additional maintenance. In general, additional servicing must be carried out if you do any of the following:

  • Embark on short, repeated drives of not more than five miles in usual temperatures or not more than 10 miles in cold temperatures;
  • Drive in dusty and dirty settings on rough, salt-laden or muddy roads;
  • Drive long distances at low speeds or in scorching weather in stop and go traffic; and
  • Tow a trailer with a carrier or camper

Keep in mind that if you fail to have your Nissan serviced at the recommended maintenance schedule, you risk voiding your vehicle’s warranty, as well as reduce its safety, performance, resale value and durability.

3 Ways Your Home Plumbing can Save Water

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PlumbingWasteful water usage and unnecessary but preventable damage to your home’s plumbing costs you buckets of cash.

Despite New Zealand having a generous supply of water by international standards, certain regions still have a problem with conservation. There is a problem with water distribution across the country; some areas have a surplus, while others experience seasonal shortages.

Proper water usage and conservation starts at home. With that, here are a few plumbing works and features you should consider to avoid wasting water at home, all while saving on your water bill.

1. To the Loo

The toilet is one of the biggest wasters of water in any household. This often boils down to two reasons: too much flushing and leaks.

Many old toilets use three gallons or more per flush. If what you use is one of these water guzzlers, you might want to get a newer model, which uses only about 1.6 gallons per flush.

Also, a leaky toilet can waste anywhere from 90 up to 200 gallons per day. Christchurch-based Tim Miller Plumbing says leaks and burst pipes are some of the most common household plumbing problems, and yet these are also some of the most ignored.

2. Bath and Beyond

Taking showers saves more water than a bath, but there is a way to improve it further. Standard showerheads use about 2.5 gallons per minute—a lot compared to the output of performance showerheads at about 1.75 gpm.

Although your personal preferences determine the shower flow rate, properly designed and installed low-flow showerheads can help you save a lot more.

3. Under Pressure

As flow rate is directly related to pressure, maximum water flow from plumbing fixtures operating on a fixed setting can be regulated by reducing water pressure.

Say your current water pressure is at 100 psi; reducing it by half using valves results in a water flow reduction of about one-third. This reduction also saves water by reducing the likelihood of leaking pipes and heaters, as well as dripping faucets.

When it comes to conserving water, every drop counts. At home, you can do your part with just a few replacements and fixes in your plumbing.

5 Reasons to File Bankruptcy Immediately

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Bankruptcy Immediately

Bankruptcy ImmediatelyBankruptcy is never a cause for joy. Filing it usually means that an individual has exhausted all their financial means and have no way to pay outstanding debt. The only redeeming part in bankruptcy is it gives a chance to the reorganize finances.

Running out of money is a big problem, especially to entities and people with a sizeable worth beforehand. A lawyer should be present from the start. Law firms such as Jennings & Madura, LLC notes that legal professionals help with the processes and choices a bankrupt organization or individual must make.

Aside from wanting a new start, filing a bankruptcy right away has some advantages. It’s not much, but it would still provide comfort in a troubled situation.

1. Foreclosure and Repossession

When banks and lenders come calling, it’s not a good sign. Nonetheless, the automotive stay granted in bankruptcy cases prevents financial entities from collecting anything. The thing is the bankrupt person must catch up with the mortgage payments, or else the “stay” won’t stay for long.

The same goes for cars. In some cases, states and banks forgive the deficiencies remaining. It’s better to consult with a lawyer about the local version of bankruptcy.

2. Protection Against Lawsuits

Recently, rapper Curtis Jackson, aka 50 Cent, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. This is to protect his assets from pending lawsuits, rather than financial downfall. Paying for legal defense will defer the completion of payments. There are exemptions, however, where bankruptcy can’t stop lawsuits.

3. Eviction

A stay in eviction will only be beneficial if the person could pay the rent in time. When the property owner got an eviction order, bankruptcy stays won’t apply. In addition, bankruptcy stays don’t cover eviction due to drugs.

4. A Higher Paying Job

The means test aims to determine one’s average income for the past six months. The higher the income, it’s less likely to pass a means test. But, to people who just started a higher-paying job, bankruptcy will help in passing the means test. Additionally, it curbs the increase in test average income.

5. Relocation

While some states are more lenient towards bankruptcy, there are those whose laws aren’t as forgiving. Relocated individuals can use the domicile to protect the property from repossession.

The only relief from bankruptcy is when a judge grants discharge. Even then, there is still a lot of work to do. So, make sure to retain the services of a legal professional. With the help of a competent bankruptcy lawyer, dealing with financial doom can be easier.

Here’s Something Every Gymnastics Club Manager Should Use

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management software

management softwareMore and more people are conscious of their health and weight. The demand for gymnastics club-related services is on the rise. While this means an increase in the number of potential clients, it also means more work for the management.

This is why you need well-developed gymnastics club software.

What these Programs are All About

Gymnastics studios offer young children and teenagers a way to use their energies for productive activities. From developing flexibility to improving coordination and physical agility, members of the club learn about the sport itself, including the basics, proper use of equipment, and the more advanced exercise routines.

Since there are a multitude of activities and equipment involved in gymnastics, running a club can be too much for you to handle on your own. With the use of a program designed specifically for managing a studio, enjoy the following benefits:

  • Simplified financial management. Through gymnastics club software, simplify the processing of financial data. Billing, payment notifications, and membership tracking are just a few of the tasks that you can assign to well-built software.
  • Confidentiality. Keeping private and sensitive information about your club’s members is of utmost priority. When you manually administer such data, you run the risk of compromising privacy. Prevent this, as well as its consequences, by using secure management software.
  • Streamlined club operations. In addition to financial tasks, this kind of program also offers solutions for the other integral aspects of your club operations. Membership application, existing member information, scheduling of activities, and event promotions are some of the other processes that gymnastics club management software can assist you with.

As you can see, running and managing a gymnastics club does not have to be a burden. By investing in well-developed software, stay on top of administration tasks.

Internet Services: Connecting Guests Anytime, Anywhere

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Internet Services

Internet ServicesPeople these days can’t go a day without using the internet. It has become a necessity for everyone because of how it fosters better communications, even among people in different parts of the world.

As such, public and private establishments have ensured their customers’ satisfaction by providing them with reliable internet connections. Having free internet for guests adds to the appeal of commercial spaces like restaurants, hotels, and shops.

Creates Good Traffic for Business

Most establishments that have free internet or free Wi-Fi in their premises attract more customers and tend to have a more “high-end” image with the public. Customers all over the world now demand internet access as part of any establishment’s services–they want to take a picture of the food and post it online right away before digging in. They want to comment on the status updates of others constantly.

With so many things that one can do online, free access may be one of the best things that an establishment could offer.

How Free Internet Works

Commercial establishments don’t just put up hundreds of internet routers just to give their guests a free pass to surf. They spend for it and view it as an additional investment to entice their customers to stay.

Hotels and restaurants sign up with internet service providers to implement Wi-Fi coverage. Once they have coverage, their guests can start using it. To ensure that only their customers have access to the service, business owners protect their connections. They do this by setting up passwords and giving these out only to their guests.

It is advisable for businesses to regularly change their passwords, though. They should also have regular inspections from their service providers to ensure that their networks are always secured. After all, the service may be free to guests, but the owners still pay for it.

7 Key Preparations before You Build Your Fence

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Building a fence

Building a fenceBuilding a fence is an engaging house project. Before you begin buying materials and nailing down raw materials, make sure that you are well informed and that you prepared well. But what do you need to prepare?

Here are the seven essential things you need to do so for that proper fence.

1) Why are you building a fence?

The type of fence you will build depends heavily on why you are constructing one in the first place. For example, if you are constructing one for security, take a look at steel fences, but if you are doing it for aesthetic value, check wooden fences.

2) Consider the climate.

Account for the climate and the seasons. This will help you in designing the structure and choosing the materials. For all types of weather, reinforced steel is always your best bet. Choose among the many types, materials, and fencing supplies in Perth or mix it up depending on your preference, suggests Direct Trades Supply.

3) Learn the local rules.

You have to consult the local rules and ordinances before you start building. There are zoning rules and there are neighbourhood rules to factor in the construction. Before you start building, inquire about the required permits to avoid inconveniencing anyone.

4) Do a little research before you begin.

You have to search for tutorials and tips to make sure that the fence construction will run smoothly. It might seem quite easy, but the truth is that building a strong and reliable fence can be quite tricky.

5) Pick the best materials.

With the various options for fencing supplies, it can get confusing. List down the materials that will work best with the type of fence that you plan to build.

6) Compact the earth.

To build a fence that will stand the test of time, make sure to press and compact the earth well. The less pockets of air you have in your soil, the easier it is for you to build the foundation and secure the fence posts.

7) Build the foundation.

Finally, make sure to build a reliable foundation. You may cast it with steel or simply do it with concrete. Never miss this step if you want to have a permanent fence.

Take all these into account and you will surely be able to build a good fence. Consult a fence contractor if you have any doubts.