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The Dos and Don’ts of Rain Gutter Installation

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Rain Gutter

Rain Gutter in Salt Lake City If you are the owner of a modern home, you will definitely have a rain gutter along the edges of your roof. While there are so many kinds of rain gutters of varying designs and construction, they nonetheless serve only one purpose. Rain gutters function in the collection and diversion of rainwater from the edges of your roof so that your house’s foundation is adequately protected against water damage.

The installation of rain gutters should be pretty straightforward. Care should always be taken in its installation so that it will outlive its intended purpose.

The Dos of Rain Gutter Installation
  • Always check your plan before installing any rain gutters to your roof.
  • It is always advisable to draft the placement of the downspouts as well as the overall length of the rain gutter runs.
  • Make sure to place a downspout for every 12 meters of rain gutter.
  • Make sure to place a rain gutter in every roofline.
  • If you have to install a rain gutter and a downspout on a higher portion of the house, make sure that this drains onto the rain gutter of the roof below it and not on the roof itself.
  • Use only high quality aluminum rain gutters for Salt Lake City roofing. You may be paying more but the savings will come in the long term.
  • While there are some companies that provide rain gutter covers or gutter guards, make sure that they are fully functional and are made of the highest quality of material.
The Don’ts of Rain Gutter Installation
  • Don’t economize. While you may save on cheap materials and cheap labor, it will never last long. Year after year you may be spending a lot more because of frequent rain gutter repairs.
  • Don’t just spray over broken or damaged parts of the rain gutter. Sure it will look nice again but for how long?
  • Don’t install a rain gutter without counter flash or wing.
  • Don’t install a rain gutter with its back portion lower than its front, lest you want water seeping through the inside of your enclosed soffit.
  • Don’t use prefabricated downspouts because they might not be able to conform to the natural contours of your house structure.
  • Don’t leave the downspout hanging away from the side of your house. Not only is it an eyesore, it also threatens the integrity of the entire structure.

Installing a system of rain gutters and downspouts can be made relatively easier if you follow these dos and don’ts. The more important thing to never forget is to strive for quality no matter the cost. You simply cannot afford to install a cheap rain gutter only to have an extensive water damage inside your house later on.