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3 Destinations to Dispose Your Old Tyres

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Waste Removal in Jandakot

Waste Removal in JandakotIf you’ve heard about the piles of tyres hauled from underwater in the Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour last year, then you have a perfect idea of how not to dispose used tyres.

Improper disposal of end-of-life tyres only leads to all sorts of problems. As they act as an excellent fuel source, these solid wastes increase the risk of fire when heated. When they breakdown, tyres are a serious hazard to the environment. In addition, they harbour many types of pests, from mosquitoes to rodents.

If you’re thinking about discarding your old tyres in your backyard, make all the efforts for them to end up in one these locations:


While it’s the least eco-friendly, acceptable destination for rubbish, a landfill is a better destination for your discarded tyres than the ocean. Dumping them there would at least take them away from the residential areas, thus lower the dangers they could bring to the neighbourhood.

However, considering their size, tyre eat up valuable space, which can otherwise be used for dumping smaller rubbish.

Incineration Facility

Australian states have their own ways to convert waste into energy. For instance, Western Australia is investing in state-of-the-art plants to replace old incinerators not just to meet internationally recognised standards, but also to make such facilities environmentally acceptable.

Through incineration, your tyre would get a new lease of life by transforming into different forms of energy to power practically anything.

Recycling Yard

The best option you have is to have your old tyres recycled — and earn money on the side. Even the cash isn’t that promising with the number of tyres you have, paying for skip bin hire in Jandakot, or whichever area you’re in, is just a small price to ensure they’d be properly reused and harm nobody in the future.

Sound waste management should be common sense. No matter how hard it is to dispose tyres compared to other rubbish, you always have eco-friendly options to get rid of them.

LTL Shipping and Its Advantages

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Refrigerated LTL Trucking

Refrigerated LTL TruckingLess than truckload or LTL is a popular and economical shipping method. This is a popular option among most businesses over full truckload shipping or FTL. Here are the benefits of less than truckload shipping.

#1: LTL is cost effective.

Compared to full truckload shipping, you will not need to fill an entire truckload with your shipment and only pay for the space that your shipment takes on the truck. If your shipment only takes a quarter of the truckload, you will only need to pay for a quarter of the shipping cost.

#2: LTL is generally a quicker shipping method than FTL.

One of the biggest reasons that companies use LTL shipping is because this often has a quicker delivery time than full truckload shipments. This is because there are fewer logistics to deal with. With an LTL shipment, there are fewer stops, and weigh-ins are quicker along the way.

#3: LTL offers the ability to ship small shipments.

While courier companies are available for small or light shipments, they also have a weight limit which is usually 100 pounds. Less than truckload shipping doesn’t need to completely fill an entire truck. An LTL shipment is usually preferred for shipments that range from 150 to 10,000 pounds. FTL or full truckload shipping is generally used for shipments over 10,000 pounds.

#4: LTL offers better flexibility and consistency in delivery time.

LTL shipments going to similar places will allow your company to drive the cost down by consolidating multiple shipments from different customers to create a load. Most LTL companies also offer refrigerated LTL shipping for goods that need a controlled temperature. They also provide consistent transit times because they run the same routes and know exactly how long it will take to reach each terminal.

Less than truckload shipping is an ideal way for developing companies to benefit through cost, speed, and flexibility. It allows organizations to move smaller quantities of materials at lower prices, while helping to increase a truck’s capacity and efficiency for everyone involved.

Why Do People Love to DIY Anyway?

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DIY Hardwood Window

DIY Hardwood WindowDo-it-yourself (DIY) projects are extremely popular these days. These are projects made by individuals who use basic and natural materials to repair, modify or create something new, wonderful and essential.

They even re-purpose objects usually found at home and make it into something that suits their particular needs. Thus, it is the perfect way to express one’s creativity, at the same time, save mother earth.

DIY projects can be just about anything under the sun. It can range from a useless old tyre turned into a flower pot for the garden, a tree house built with its own zip line, a vegetable garden made out of wooden ladders, a watering can used as a shower head, or a plastic rain gutter transformed into a child’s reading corner.

You can also buy high quality timber like European oak and construct or install your very own DIY window. Some would even customise their beds, cabinets and tables at home like the ones you use for manipulating equipment, studying, working, doing crafts and sewing. They would maximise unused space and add more storage or better yet create a multi-purpose furniture.

Two main reasons behind this new trend.


Doing DIY projects allow individuals to use their hands and brains. They get to squeeze out all of their creative juices and focus all of that into building something that expresses and showcases that person’s uniqueness and individuality.

That is why DIY products are more valuable than the products bought out of store shelves. It is mainly because of the sense of satisfaction and reward one feels after building something out of his own hands. It’s priceless.


Some of these projects are made out of used materials and unwanted products that is usually found at home. Up-cycling these items into something useful and of better quality can really help in reducing environment destruction at the same time saves you loads of money.

For instance, instead of buying water sprinklers for your lawn, you can use plastic bottles with tiny holes to act as your sprinkler. Just place the nozzle of your hose inside the bottle and it will do its magic.

Keys to Avoiding Bad Mortgage Recommendations

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Mortgage in Salt Lake City

Mortgage in Salt Lake CityWhen you shop around for a mortgage, you’d meet two kinds of people: those who’d sincerely help you get a suitable deal for your situation, and those who’d rip you off the first chance they have.

At first, it’s impossible to tell who’s honest from who has malice, which is why you can only rely on yourself to figure out whose advice to take. Regardless if it’s your first time or not, you can avoid falling victim to bad recommendations by being diligent.

Familiarize Yourself with the Terms

Lesson number one is to learn how to speak the industry language. Many home loan borrowers agree to whatever is told to them without fully understanding what they really mean. Some deals look desirable at the surface, but actually costs more at a closer inspection.

The mortgage industry is full of fancy terms that’s confusing to average borrowers. Also, some lenders apply certain fees you wouldn’t hear from others. Point is, there’s always a reason for that. More than terms, you must understand the concepts behind every element in the deal to see the whole picture.

Do Some Legwork

Other than the basics, you should do a quick research on the company you’d be dealing with. By all means, every mortgage lender in Salt Lake City, Houston, Boston, or any city would put their best foot forward to attract business; but not all of them aren’t really what they seem.

Look for reviews on legitimate sites, and read what their clients have to say about them. Fact-check whatever they claim to see if what they boast really holds true.

Make Sure Everything’s Clear & in Writing

Lastly, words doesn’t mean anything unless they’re in black and white. Many lenders would promise you the numbers you want to hear, but wouldn’t deliver. You must lock it in to make the deal official.

Hear all the deals banks and brokers have to offer, but take every single one with a grain of salt. As you look for a mortgage officer you can trust, make yourself informed to avoid falling prey to anybody.

Getting Your AC Serviced? Then Choose Your Tech Carefully

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Air Conditioning Repair in Perth

Air Conditioning Repair in PerthYou spend most of your time at home, so it only makes sense you keep things as comfortable as possible. Your air conditioning system plays a huge role in achieving this goal, and investing in the right services will help a lot. Such services include annual inspections, checkups, tune-ups, and of course, repairs.

But with so many air conditioner service providers in Perth, how can you be certain of your choice? The first thing is to understand that AC technicians differ in many different aspects, including experience, knowledge, skills, equipment, and rates. So before you make any rash decisions, keep the following in mind: they can save you from the possibility of choosing someone not fit for the job.

1. Estimates or quotes

When speaking to prospective HVAC service personnel, ask them to provide you with an estimate for the services you need. Tell them as much relevant information as you can, such as if, you only require an annual inspection or if you believe your AC is malfunctioning. By providing them with facts, they can accurately give you a quote, which you can then compare to determine which company charges the most reasonable.

2. Replacement parts (for repair jobs)

Many air conditioning components are not expensive, while others cost more. When your situation calls for repairs and part replacement, make sure you ask the technician about the materials, according to the experts from Allairservices.com.au. You do not necessarily need to buy the branded ones, but you definitely would want those that are of top-notch quality.

3. License and insurance

One of the best ways you can guarantee the reputability of your prospects is to check their license and insurance. They should carry both, for not only your safety and their well-being, but also because the government requires them to.

Whatever service you need for an AC technician, choose your tradesperson carefully and thoroughly to avoid even more problems and headaches.