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Are Poly Tanks Good for Long Term Storage?

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Liquid Fertilizer TankDry fertilizer has given way to liquid fertilizer, as the latter is easy to use and also more affordable. It is possible that you have ordered more fertilizer than you immediately require and need to store it for a long time. Hence it is best to be prepared with a plan on how to use the fertilizer and also how to store them. Farmers are looking for the best type of storage tanks.

When selecting a liquid fertilizer tank, you can choose between a steel or poly tank.

  • Options available

There are a number of storage tank options available in the market today. You can pick from poly tanks, fiberglass tanks and also stainless steel tanks. While steel is always the best option, poly tanks can also be used, by taking certain precautions. However, there have been questions poly tanks can be used to store liquid fertilizer long term.

  • Things to consider

There are certain things you should consider before picking a suitable liquid fertilizer storage tank. The first thing is to decide the quantity of fertilizer you wish to store. You should also consider if buying a storage is a long term investment for you. It will be a long term issue if you will continue to use liquid fertilizer in the future. You can also calculate the return on investment when you invest in a storage tank.

  • Long term storage

Stainless steel is ideal for long term storage but if you wish to store liquid fertilizer for a period of one year, poly tanks can also be used. These tanks are cost effective and give a good return on investment. The material used to make these tanks are very sturdy and can withstand heavy liquid fertilizer.

It is advisable to consult professionals if you are in any kind of doubt about the choice of tanks to store liquid fertilizer. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with one in your area?