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Pointers for Upping the Ante on Your Dance Performances

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Dance PerformanceDance is an ancient form of artistic expression. However, it continues to be redefined through the decades with new and revived genres, brilliant and creative choreography, and advanced technology. Up the ante with these additional elements to your dance troupe’s standard routines!

Learn a New Discipline

Sometimes, being so focused on a single method of choreography can be a hindrance to creativity. This mindset stops you from accessing parts of your brain and body that you’ve yet to utilize. Learning a new discipline through another dance instructor or choreographer can help open greater possibilities for your dancers and routine.

Watch Other Shows

A lot of people firmly believe that one should be focused only on their team. Some argue that it can discourage amateur dancers, seeing professionals at work and upfront. This mindset can be detrimental to less experienced dancers because it stops them from being creatively competitive and challenged. Consider the experience as taking inspiration from those you regard highly instead as a source of dismay and discouragement.

Get Into Competitions

Another way to challenge yourself and the troupe is to enter as many contests that you can be qualified for. Look up local, citywide and interstate dance competitions both for group or individual partners. Prioritize gaining experience, having fun and possible improvements instead of just winning and you’ll always be champions no matter what position you end up with in the roster.

Make Good Use of Props

The human body is an instrument of beauty. It can be used with great skill, with continuous practice and experience. However, by integrating clever props into your choreography like hula hoops, poi, colored powder from Chameleon Colors and prop weapons you can dazzle the crowd with more than your movements or form.

From Twyla Tharp to Kazuo Ono, the Vaganova Academy to the Jabbawockeez, dance is proven to be alive and kicking. It is also for anyone willing to expend the time and energy to learn and improve. Along with dance, practice dedication, willingness and discipline for the best results.