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Exploring Batam: What to See and Experience

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BatamAre you looking for things to do while in Batam, one of the closest islands to Singapore from Indonesia? You may have visited this place for business and may not consider it a holiday destination, but this little place has several attractions that are worth a look, whether on a short or long vacation.

Barelang Bridges

These six bridges are one of the iconic landmarks and feats of engineering of Batam; its name “Barelang” is an abbreviated form of the names of three islands, which are Batam, Rempang and Galang. These structures connect the small island of Tonton Nipah to its larger counterparts in Setoko, Rempang, Galang Baru and Galang. The combined length of the bridges is around 2 kilometres; travelling from the first one to the last one is about 20 minutes. The most impressive and popular is the Fisabilillah Bridge that links Tonton Island and Batam.

Temple Hopping

Some of the attractions in Batam include temples, says WOW Getaways; you will most likely see two kinds, which are Buddhist or Hindu. One of the most famous is Tua Pek Kong Temple or also known as Buddhu Bhakti. Locals visit it every day for their daily prayers and offerings, but it is also open to guests. The Adhi Vinayakar Hindu Temple is also another noteworthy destination; this attraction is in Sei Ladi Hills. Hindu worshipers visit this sacred place from different parts of the island.

One of the main attractions is Maha Vihara Duta Maitreya Buddhist Temple; this is near the Batam Centre ferry terminal. Visitors and devotees will see statues of Buddha, Goddess of Mercy and Guan Gong when they explore the different chambers.

Beach Fun

The beaches of Batam have their own distinct personalities. The two most famous are near the Waterfront City or along the Nongsa Coast. Visitors have several options for activities, which include windsurfing, snorkelling, canoeing, speed boating, parasailing and others.

This part of Indonesia has several other places to see, discover and experience; you only get to scratch the surface with the things on this list.

Two Super Simple Ways to Get a Super Holiday on a Weekend

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Whale Watching

Whale WatchingYou spend weekends lounging at home, taking walks around the neighbourhood and doing nothing. After all, you deserve the non-active weekend following a stressful week at work. You need this weekend to ‘top up’ lost energy reserve, and recharge your mind and body so you avoid taking sick days. Your routine, though, is becoming dull and you feel like doing something else.

Here are two effortless ways to experience a great holiday on a weekend:

1. Don’t stay indoors

By all means, catch up on sleep and stay in bed longer on a Saturday or Sunday. But that doesn’t mean you should lie down all day. While appealing, it can sap more energy and lead to a sedentary lifestyle on weekends, which can bring about chronic diseases.

Rather than turn into a couch potato, go for a hike or spend some time in the park. Get as much fresh air and sunlight as possible. After a week spent behind your desk in a building, your mind and body will appreciate the outdoors.

2. Do a one-day holiday

Think of it as a mini holiday. Instead of waiting months before you take a trip, look up activities that you can enjoy for an entire day. Go to museums around your city and rediscover contemporary art.

Book a whale watching cruise and marvel at majestic whales. Western Australia is a good place to go for these tours because humpback whales migrate to the area around June. While in WA, you can also head to Penguin Island for more spectacular wildlife viewing.

Other mini holiday ideas include an overnight stay at a seaside villa, a drive through scenic Great Ocean Road with a stopover at surf mecca Bells Beach and a simple gastronomic odyssey of Australia’s best restaurants in your area.

You have multiple options to spend a better, grander weekend than staying at home. If you’re able, take a quick trip out of the city. If not, explore parts of your city you have never visited.

A mini holiday will do your mind and body some good. And when Monday comes around, you’re ready for another week-long ‘battle’ with paperwork, projects and meetings.

Essential Shortlist of Ogden Housing Grant Requirements

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Housing Grant in Ogden

Housing Grant in OgdenFor Ogden, Utah, helping households with permanent settlement in the city is important for its growth and advancement. Because of this, the local government has prepared a number of different programs that can help low-income households purchase, repair, and improve their homes. For expedited loan and grant applications, it would be best to have the following information on hand.

Your Household’s Financial Information – Ogden’s housing grant program, Own in Ogden, is limited to households of a certain amount of income depending on the size of the household. Therefore, it’s important that you truthfully declare your household’s income and have the necessary documents to support it. The same applies for the other home loans offered, with the addition of personal credit information. These data will reflect your ability to pay for your requested loan.

Your Property’s Information – For the grant, you would need to provide the title of the property, any documents that show the price or your intended purchase, and if its state of construction. For the loans, you would also need the aforementioned papers, plus documents that prove that you are the owner of the property as well as information on any loans that you had before related to the said property. This information gives an idea of how much you will need to purchase or improve your target acquisition.

Other Related Information – For both grants and loans, you would need to provide the appropriate and completely filled-out application forms, notes someone from Wasatch Peaks Credit Union. Loans generally require a bit more information from you than a grant application. Also, you would need to provide other pertinent information, such as personal identification, what work will be done with your loan request, as well as any existing insurances that you may have.

Getting a home in Ogden or having it repaired or improved can be easy as long as you have all the requirements and information on hand. It can also be made simpler by working with the right financial service provider. Do choose carefully as your financial representative should be efficient and trustworthy just so you know you’re getting the best deal.