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How Innovative is Your Storage System?

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Boxes in the shelves of the warehouseYour business is growing so fast that your current premises are seemingly turning smaller with time, especially because you need a safe and adequate space to keep additional stock and paperwork. And you are now planning to relocate to a larger office, workshop or warehouse.

But have you stopped and considered that using innovative storage and material handling solutions could save you the hustle and unnecessary cost of moving to a new premise?

If you have a knack of storing files and stacking stock to keep them safe and easily accessible, what you need is to find an efficient self-storage system, such as longspan racking or shelving, like those provided by Containit Solutions.

But it is not enough to have a good storage system. How well you maximise your business’ self-storage unit is key to optimising your storage space.

What is the distance between the storage units?

Using racking systems is a good way to organise things in your warehouse, workshop or office. But you should leave adequate space between parallel racking units to access your stored items easily while following regulations for workplace health and safety.

It is important that you also put the items you often use at the front to avoid disarranging your storage unit, and to minimise the time you take accessing your stored items.

How organised are your storage units?

Using storage boxes is a good idea to keep your storage units well organised and free from unnecessary clutter, but you should ensure you use sturdy boxes, as they are more durable, and can endure constant movement with minimal wear and tear.

If the boxes are of uniform size, you will find it easy to stack them and optimise every level of your racking system. Use labelled hanging files in place of storage boxes to store paperwork for easy accessibility. It is also important you keep an inventory of all your stored items.

Contact a trusted and experienced provider of longspan shelving products and other quality, innovative solutions for storage and materials handling in offices, warehouses and workshops to explore options for maximising the capabilities of your self-storage unit.