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Does Silver Make You Healthier?

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Woman wearing silver jewelriesThe belief in the healing properties of minerals and gemstones dates back thousands of years. It doesn’t seem to be letting up either; from mood rings to powerful amulets that are supposed to protect you from grave danger, people still turn to crystals for protection, good karma, and more.

While it is a challenge to prove the mystical powers of certain pieces of jewelry, the scientific community backs the healing properties of silver. In fact, silver jewelry, such as those offered by Karma and Luck, doesn’t only enhance your appearance — wearing it can also be beneficial to your health. Here are some pros to sporting silver:

Treats Arthritis

Researchers at the University of Southampton set out to study the effectiveness of wearing a particular type of silver ring in easing to ease the symptoms of arthritis. They found that silver ring splints could successfully control the finger joints’ Hyperextension deformity, which is a common symptom of rheumatoid arthritis.

Antimicrobial Agent

Silver has a proven track record of having antimicrobial capabilities that fight off infections and play a role in antibiotics and sterilization. In fact, some people wear silver in the hope of staving off infection, cold and flu symptoms, and other virus and bacteria.

Silver can also help with faster wound healing since silver supposedly keeps your blood vessels elastic, which plays a role in bone formation and healing and skin repair and maintenance.

Detects Toxins

The chemical property of silver reacts and changes color when exposed to other chemicals that are known toxins. Wearing silver jewelry, therefore, can double as a detector of potentially toxic substances nearby.

There is a scientific basis to silver’s health benefits that stem from its electrical and thermal conductivity. Certain silver ions repel radiation from the body while improving blood circulation, balance body temperature, and more. If you are still a skeptic of silver’s health benefits, don’t give up on it altogether. At the very least it’s still a good fashion accessory!

Live Longer with These Habits

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A Woman in a Nursing HomeUnhealthy behaviors will not just make you look much older; they can also shorten your lifespan. Studies suggest that smoking, excessive alcohol drinking, avoiding fruits and vegetables, as well as not exercising can keep you from living healthy and longer. It is important to make a few lifestyle changes and adopt habits that can make you look and feel young.

Avoid Overeating

Overeating can lead to a host of health problems, including weight gain and heart disease. Eating less, on the other hand, can help you age slower. One research also suggests that reducing calorie intake can help minimize the production of a thyroid hormone called T3, which is known to accelerate the aging process and slow down metabolism.

Reduce Screen Time

Spending too much time in front of the TV is associated with earlier death. The same is also true for spending a significant time in front of a computer, phone, or tablet. Studies suggest that they can increase mortality risk because of lower cardiovascular health. It is still okay to watch TV, but limit yourself to just two hours a day. Be active or do other meaningful activities.

Avoid Processed and Unhealthy Foods

These include processed meat, red meat (especially steak and hamburgers), and soda. If you cannot completely avoid such foods, consume them occasionally. It is best to load up on fruits and veggies with vitamins and fiber to reduce your risk of heart disease and other diseases. You can also benefit from taking all natural health supplements from Insight Nutrition.

Reach Out to Friends

Your risk of heart disease increases if you isolate yourself most of the time and don’t reach out to friends and family. This is because loneliness causes inflammation, which is similar to the risk posed by hypertension and high cholesterol. Make it habit to talk to family or friends, or meet up with them whenever you’re feeling lonely.

Apart from these tips, you should also avoid habits that can speed up the aging process like spending more time in the sun, smoking, and being idle all the time. Focus on fitness and surround yourself with people who will encourage you to do healthy and worthwhile things.

Provide Your Pets with the Best Care

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Dog With Its OwnerPets are like humans. They feel hunger, thirst, tiredness, and even illness. Just like us, they have basic needs and need care. Here are some tips on how to take care of your pets.

1. Provide your pet with the proper diet.

Feed your pet with the right kind and amount of food to prevent obesity. Make sure to know which food can cause allergies. For proper nutrition, ask your vet about this concern.  If you’re looking for pet food, some pet shops in California sell high-quality food and other products.

2. Take your pet to a vet regularly.

Have a veterinarian check your pet at least once a year. Also, have it vaccinated since it can also get sick. Be sure to keep a record of all the necessary information about your pet’s overall health.

3. Give your pet a place of its own.

You may allow your pet dog to roam around the house but make sure to build a kennel of its own.  Train your dog to sleep inside or stay there when told to do so. It’s a matter of teaching your dog discipline. In due time, your pet will get used to it. Make sure to clean the kennel regularly.

4. Never allow your pet to stay unrestrained inside a vehicle.

Don’t let your dog stay untethered inside your car. It is best to keep it in a carrier or kennel with a seatbelt or harness.

5. Provide your pet with a healthy environment.

Take your pet on a walk in the morning or afternoon to breathe fresh air and meet other pets. Give it chew toys or rawhide. Allow it to run and interact with other pets. Such activities will strengthen your pet’s bones and muscles, stimulate its brain, and build a strong bond between the two of you.
Taking care of your pet is very rewarding.  It will give you unconditional love and protection. It’s no wonder many homeowners feel that way towards their pets.

Massage Therapy: How it Promotes Better Tissue Healing

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Girl Getting A MassageDo you feel like extreme stress at work causes chronic tension in your muscles? Perhaps you experience generalized muscle discomfort due to chronic fatigue? If you feel like stress has resulted in frequent body pain or tenderness, it is crucial to undergo massage therapy right away.

Clinical studies show that massage therapy has become one of the most effective therapeutic modalities to induce tissue relaxation and healing. A massage therapy here in Jericho has numerous health benefits.

Here are some of the conditions addressed by massage.


Whiplash is an injury that frequently occurs among athletes and car crash victims. It occurs due to trauma to the neck caused by sudden change in forces exerted on the cervical spine. As the muscles hyperextend, you may experience neck stiffness, pain, and headache a few days after the accident.

Massage therapy plays a substantial role in relief of pain caused by whiplash. A therapist performs specific massage techniques such as myofascial release and static compression to free the compressed muscle and restore normal movement.

Myofascial Pain Syndrome

Myofascial pain syndrome is a chronic condition that involves generalized inflammation of the muscles in the body. It may develop due to any lesion in the musculoskeletal system, comprised of ligaments, bones, muscles, tendons, and other connective tissues.

Massage therapy is vital in management because it induces pain relief. Since trigger points are sensitive spots that require tissue manipulation, massage allows deep penetration of these muscles. Hence, there is a decrease in tissue irritation, which lessens muscle spasm.


Anxiety may be a long-term effect of exposure to chronic stress at home, work or school. Massage serves as an effective method of relaxation because it induces the release of cortisol, which is an important hormone in mood regulation. Increased cortisol levels will enhance your mood and reduce anxiety attacks.

Massage therapy plays a significant role in helping you maintain health and well-being. Therefore, it is essential to find a skilled therapist who can use different styles of massage based on your personal needs and preferences.

Learn the Basics about the Body’s Wonder Called Collagen

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Woman having a facial aestheticsThey say what you see is what you get, but sometimes it does not apply. Take, for example, the human body. A lot of people believe it is the bones and joints that make up the skeletal system that help create form. The truth is it is only partly true. Another reason is collagen.

But before you go to any facial aesthetics facility in Bath, here are pieces of information you need to know.

What Is Collagen?

Collagen is a type of protein that is part of the extracellular matrix of the body. It is strong since it is insoluble and fibrous. As to its role, imagine a durable net hammock. It can carry your weight because the materials used as durable.

Anatomically, it provides structural integrity to the bones, joints, and connective tissues. It is one of the primary reasons you have a supple-looking skin.

Declining Collagen

Collagen is tough, but with elastin, it becomes more flexible. As an experiment, squeeze your skin and watch how it “bounces” back to its original form. Moreover, collagen helps in creating new skin cells. These new cells are responsible for giving you a youthful look and glow.

The body, however, undergoes many changes as it becomes older. These include the decreased collagen production. As a result, the skin can begin to sag. A person can also suffer from premature collagen decline due to extrinsic factors such as prolonged sun exposure, poor diet, and smoking.

The loss of collagen and the pressure on the facial muscles when you smile, laugh, frown, etc., can lead to the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Losing collagen, however, should not make you feel hopeless. There are things you can do to slow down the damage and supplement the loss. Besides putting on sunscreen and avoiding smoking, you can also book appointments for Bath facial aesthetics.

Solutions such as collagen injections and use of hyaluronic acids can help improve collagen formation without putting yourself under the knife.

Inspiring Stories of Skiing Aficionados

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Skiing with the familyWhen you shop around ski rentals in Vail such as American Ski Exchange, you might be thinking about the fun that skiing will bring. Appreciating the winter sport that way is great. However, you may value it more by reading the following moving stories of skiing enthusiasts.

Being a Skiing Hero until the End

People who live by and for skiing should know Doug Coombs. Coombs revolutionized how big-mountain skiing was done. He introduced safer methods to skiing in long and steep slopes. He also had a title for achieving over 300 first descents under his name.

He was indeed a legend in the skiing world. Sadly, he passed away in 2006. He did not die in vain though. He was actually trying to assist one of his companions on a skiing trip in France.

Making Someone Happy and Hopeful

No one is too big or too small to help someone. The Boy Scout troop that went with Frank Carpino on a skiing trip is a testament to that. Carpino belongs to the troop, but he was not able to join the skiing trip due to his sickness.

Being the Boy Scout that he is, troop leader Ron Beaulieu planned to help their member who missed the skiing trip. Carpino got a ski specially designed for him, and he went on to ski with his fellows. The boy felt happy as he slid down the snowy slopes of a hill.

Saving Mother Nature

Even if you are someone who visits ski rentals in Vail and skis occasionally, you must have that sense that the snowy slopes are not as good as before. It has a lot to do with climate change. As the planet warms up, the snow on the slopes tends to melt a little bit faster than before.

Jeremy Jones, a professional snowboarder, knows such scenario too well. He founded Protect Our Winters to do his part in saving Mother Nature. The group includes snowboarders and skiers who are as passionate as the founder when it comes to winter sports.

Skiing can be more than just a sport or pastime. It can motivate people to dare. It can make someone smiles despite sickness. It can also inspire you to save Mother Nature along with your fellow winter sports enthusiasts.

Before You Step on the Gas: Porsche Buying Tips for You

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Couple being handed a new car keyHaving a Porsche 911 Turbo S Cabriolet running through the streets of New York would definitely have people turning their heads. So is with other Porsche cars. After all, it is not every man’s dream car for nothing.

Perhaps you are among the hardworking (and lucky) ones who can finally have a chance to get a hold of their dream car. But, before you jump into a shopping spree, here are some tips to help you find the right Porsche for your needs.

Have a budget and stick to it

Know how much you can spend and stick to it. If brand new ones are way beyond your budget, you can consider buying second-hand ones. After all, there are Porsche restoration service centers in New York City such as Formula Motorsports that can make sure that your car is in its top condition.

Narrow down your choices

There are different types of Porsche cars. But in order to get the best one for you, do not forget to consider your kind, budget, and needs. Narrowing down your choices by having criteria can make Porsche buying an easier task for you.

Educate yourself

Read articles, ask fellow Porsche owners, join conventions, be part of Facebook groups, etc. Get out there and take as much information as you can on the car of your choice to be able to evaluate properly whether your chosen car is the right one for you.

Do not forget pre-purchase inspections

Once you settle for “The One,” do not go immediately pay and sign the title. Despite it being a Porsche, you still need to do the standard pre-purchase inspections. Inspect as thoroughly as possible and avoid settling.

Arm yourself with all the right weapons, and you will be more than ready to drive your very own Porsche. Congratulations in advance!

A Brief Guide to Moving Offices

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Moving day in the officeMoving houses is one thing; moving offices present a different challenge altogether. When you move offices, you have to take relocation costs into account, as well as keep your contacts updated. A relocation can halt productivity in your workplace for as long as an entire day, after all. When you carefully plan your office move, however, the relocation itself can run smoothly and allow everyone to get back to work as soon as possible.

Plan the Floor

As said previously, you have to carefully plan your relocation. Think about the new floor plan, first of all, and distribute the space according to the needs of your company’s departments and teams. You also have to remember to delegate space for the printers, photocopiers, kitchen, and storage areas.

Label and Number

You can be even more thorough with your planning: consider numbering the desks and individual offices, for instance. You can then assign each number to the persons who will take up the desks or offices. Finally, right before the move, check that you have access to your office building and that the moving trucks from reliable moving companies like Little Green Truck will have a park space.

Choose What to Bring

Once you have the layout work done, take inventory next. Choose which equipment and furniture you will take and which you will dispose of. Of course, you also have to order their replacements ahead of time so that they will be at the new office when you move in!

Update Your Contacts

You can hire a delivery truck and schedule your move over the weekend so that you’ll be back in business by Monday. You can notify your clients beforehand of the move and how they can contact you in the meantime. You also have to notify your bank, insurance, suppliers, vendors, and other important business associates. Finally, update your business cards, website, contact info, etc.

Moving Day!

It’s time for the move! Pack up your boxes, office equipment and other packages. You can label each box with a colour, number, or name to distinguish them easily. Of course, have all your employees help out with the move.

You are all set once you have planned your move.

Many Brits Assume Wrong Prices for Dental Treatments

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Elderly man being assisted on a dental facilityA study showed that Brits assumed the cost of dental care under the National Health Service (NHS) to be more than their true value. For instance, Brits on average believe that they will need to spend five times more for NHS emergency treatment, which actually costs just £20.60. Patients also expected to pay twice the amount for dental fillings, root canal treatment and tooth extractions.

Clueless Patients

Other than not knowing the real prices for NHS treatments, many people are unaware that the government healthcare agency offers free dental care for children, according to the study. Their lack of information likely serves as a factor for the number of children being admitted to hospitals mainly due to tooth decay.

The Gill Clinic agrees that whether you plan to have tooth fillings in London or invisible braces in Richmond, it is always important to consult with the NHS to ensure that you are paying the right amount.

Similarly, 40 per cent of the respondents remain clueless that pregnant women and those who gave birth within the last 12 months can also get free dental treatments.

NHS Policy

Brits should likewise enjoy the current arrangement for free NHS treatment, as looming uncertainty arises regarding the government’s regulatory plan for the agency. Speculation emerged about private health insurance similar to those in the US.

If this pushes ahead, the NHS will cease to exist amidst a lack of government funding and medical resources. This takes place as private sector outsourcing has amounted to almost £9 billion, accounting for 8 per cent of the annual NHS budget. But the Centre for Health and the Public Interest said that the real value amounts to more than £20 billion.

Patients should not depend on guesswork to know the real prices of NHS dental services, as some of these services apparently will not require them to spend at all. Staying informed is key.

5 Things That Make Your Teeth Sensitive

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Girl checking her teeth with a mirrorDo you wince just from drinking something cold or eating ice cream? There could be times when something triggers your teeth’s sensitivity, and it’s never a pleasant experience. Toothaches may appear to come randomly, but there have been identified causes that can help you determine what’s making your teeth hurt.

Master Dental outlines the five factors that lead to teeth sensitivity.

Since an aching tooth is never welcome, it’s important to know which of these practices and habits are affecting your teeth’s strength:

1. Brushing with force

You might be guilty of applying too much force on your teeth or using a hard-bristled toothbrush. This practice might destroy the protective layers of your teeth, exposing microscopic tubes or canals that are connected to your dental nerves.

2. Eating acidic foods

If these tubes that lead to your nerves are exposed, then eating acidic food can inflict pain on your teeth.

3. Grinding your teeth

This destructive habit can wear down the enamel that’s coating your teeth. Once the enamel is gone, the dentin – or the middle layer of the tooth – can be exposed and affect your dental nerves.

4. Using ‘tooth-whitening’ toothpaste

These types of toothpaste promise to make teeth look good, but may actually be detrimental to your teeth’s strength. Some people can react sensitively to the chemicals found in tooth-whitening agents.

5. Gargling mouthwash excessively

A weakened set of teeth might be a trade-off to a fresh breath. Some over-the-counter rinses contain chemicals that actually contribute to your teeth’s increased sensitivity.

Temporary relief through homemade remedies and instant fixes can help, but you can’t always predict when something is going to cause a terrible toothache. It’s best to consult with a trusted dentist who can provide you with a long-lasting repair to your sensitive teeth and improve your oral health. If you haven’t had your teeth checked, perhaps it’s time to eliminate sensitivity by making an appointment.