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4 Things a Makeup Artist Can’t Live Without

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Makeup artists equipmentWe call makeup artists “artists” for a reason. They help men and women look their best and are experts on highlighting a person’s best facial features. However, they do need a little help sometimes, which is why they rely on some tools in their arsenal. Below are just some of the things that makeup artists have to bring with them to work, according to PJS Beauty Salon Equipment:

1. Cotton Buds

Cotton buds are a makeup artist’s best friend. They use them both to apply makeup and fix makeup mistakes. A cotton bud moistened with water or setting spray can help spread concealer evenly in areas that need full and seamless coverage, as well as put eyeshadow on the lids.

A cotton bud dipped in micellar water can erase winged eyeliner mistakes and similar makeup looks that are challenging to create.

2. Primer

Primers are essential to makeup artists because they need them to turn their clients’ faces into a flawless canvas. Some people have larger pores than others or suffer from acne or bumps and irritations, which will make makeup look uneven or patchy on their skin. Primers also help makeup last longer, especially when the client has an event to attend to.

3. Beauty Blender

A Beauty Blender is a godsend to makeup artists because it allows them to seamlessly blend products onto a client’s skin, from foundation to contouring cream. A Beauty Blender is a soft sponge that allows makeup artists to smoothly apply liquid or cream foundation formulations onto a person’s skin and blend out harsh lines. The sponge also picks up excess products which prevent caking.

4. Micellar Water

Micellar water has been the secret of French women for decades. This multipurpose cleanser is certainly a must-have not just for makeup artists, but anyone. They can use micellar water to cleanse and prep skin so that it has that nice, healthy glow.

It also shrinks pores and makes skin look hydrated. Lastly, since it erases makeup, it allows makeup artists to make adjustments to their client’s makeup look for the day.