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3 Characteristics of the Best GPS Units

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Close-up Of A Person's Hand Using Gps Navigation System In Car

Close-up Of A Person's Hand Using Gps Navigation System In CarNowadays, anyone can have access to navigational data via a number of apps for Android and iOS that cater to this need. To get truly accurate location services, however, it’s important that you invest in a dedicated GPS. While costing more, these units leverage relevant technology towards a single task.

Whether it’s satellite specificity or a built-in inertial simulator, GPS expert CAST states these should be present in any unit you want to purchase.


A proper GPS unit relies on many satellites – specifically, four – at any given moment to pinpoint your position accurately anywhere in the world. The bare minimum for an accurate triangulation is four, so be wary of units that can only connect to far less than that.

In fact, if possible, check how quickly a unit hands off from one satellite to the next – especially if you’re using it on long haul journeys.


Next, you should consider the abuse that your unit is likely to face on your travels. Whether it’s being jostled around your vehicle or has to contend with a range of adverse climate conditions, you’ll want to get a unit that’s tough. The best ones feature rugged builds and some form of weather resistance.

Others even go so far as being water resistant. These are the best long-term investments especially if you’re unsure of road conditions.


A great quality GPS unit benefits from simulators built in to allow for on the go testing of your unit. This is critical if you’re always on the road. For example, an inertial simulator enables you to determine how efficiently your unit handles motion – as when in a car or other vehicle.

This is something that you don’t want to discover in error while you’re actually on the road.

Getting a top quality unit gives you peace of mind when you travel and provides you with the tools to stay on track. Consider these three things before purchasing, and you’re sure to find the best unit money can buy.