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The Personality of Your Business: The Facets of Branding

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marketing branding design concept

marketing branding design conceptWhen it comes to marketing and advertising, customer relatability is among the most important things to keep in mind. Many brands are quite obsessed with it without knowing that such factor only happens if they invest in another core aspect of marketing: branding.

Branding is your identity; it’s what gives your business a personality and its tangibility. When things about your enterprise are concretized, consumers will find it easy to trust your brand and look at your business with faith.

There are many reasons big corporations, such as Pepsi and McDonald’s, are invested in branding. And you should, too. Here are some things to keep in mind to get started:

The Visual Identity

The visual identity or the logo of your business is the representation of your offerings, mission, and vision. Normally, it should state the offerings and name of your business. That’s how straightforward it should be.

Decide whether the identity will be a logotype or a logomark. Incorporate the typeface of your choice and the elements that will represent your products and its people. Colors for web design and graphic design are also important. You may seek to work with a reliable provider of web design in Utah for this project.

The Voice

You surely want your brand to be relatable yet authoritative. You may also want to be friendly, but still reliable. This is where the importance of brand voice will come in. The voice of your brand is basically the way you use language. If you’re running a business-to-business enterprise, an industry-specific set of jargons will do just fine. If you’re running a food business, on the other hand, you may want your brand to sound warm and friendly.

The Tagline

The tagline of the business is the soul of your commitment and mission. Therefore, it has to be simple and easy to understand. One good example of an effective tagline is Nike’s Just do it!

These are just some of the things to keep in mind when creating your brand. It can be summed up in three words: “Make it memorable.”

3 Places You Should Visit on You Next Jordan Tour

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City of PetraDespite Jordan being surrounded by unimaginable unrest and chaos, it has managed to remain on the neutral ground and a peaceful place that is worth visiting. It is still the ultimate jewel and pride of the Middle East.

Jordan is an offbeat destination bordering Israel to the west and Iraq and Saudi Arabia to the East. It is popular among tourists, especially religious people from across the globe. Those who go for LDS trips to Jordan once can’t get enough.

Here are some of the locations that make people come back to explore this beautiful kingdom.

1. Petra

This ranks among the ancient and greatest cities in the world. Its momentous buildings that have been set up on high cliffs make Petra live up to the hype. The two-kilometer walk through the narrow and deep gorge in Siq will intrigue your instincts before landing you in the breathtaking Treasury Square. This legendary setting has been the venue for some Hollywood films.

2. Jerash

You haven’t been to Jordan if you haven’t visited a Roman Ruin. Jerash presents the highest preserved ancient Roman city that is not in Italy. This building is as old as 6500 years, and the dry Jordan climate has played a huge role in keeping the ruins in good condition. Inside the building, you can explore the North theater of Jerash, the temple of the Artemis, and the Forum.

3. Dead Sea

The Dead Sea has plenty of salt such that you can float on the water until your heart gets enough of it. The waters are also known to have healing effects and people who come here to seek this benefit can get accommodation near the sea for an early morning dip. You can also get a mud rub after which your skin will be as soft as a baby’s bum.

There are many other places to visit in Jordan besides Amman. With its rich history, excellent eco-adventures and the incredible landscapes and climbs, the country is a wonderful vacation destination in the Middle East.

4 Car Trade-In Secrets You will Wish You Have Known Earlier

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Car showroomSo, you are thinking of getting a shiny new car but have not figured yet what to do with your current one. You could decide to sell it to raise funds for the new ride or you could trade it in and enjoy, a reduced sales tax, among other benefits.

If you decide to go with the latter option, these tips will help you get a decent deal:

Stage the car

You have probably heard that it is best to trade in your car in its current state. Bad advice. Sure, a knowledgeable car dealer in Auckland can tell whether your car is in a bad shape regardless of the staging, but it doesn’t reflect well on you if the car is an eyesore. A thoroughly cleaned and waxed ride, on the other hand, will give you an edge.

Gather all receipts

Like every good car owner, you have kept records and receipts ever since you acquired your car. Now is the time to reap the benefits of your good habit. Gather all those receipts and show them to the car dealer. They are proof that you have taken excellent care of your car and they will boost your chances of getting a better deal on your trade-in.

Time your trade-in well

The best time to go for a trade in is at the end of the month when the salesman needs to meet quotas. You will get a great deal during these periods. You can likewise take advantage of a promotion in your local car dealership and get a fantastic deal.

Do your homework

A few hours spent online can yield a wealth of information on what your car’s value might be in the market. Simply search for cars of the same model and with similar mileage. Get a copy of that information and take it to the car dealer to help argue your position.

You need not tremble at the thought of haggling for a great deal at the dealership when trading in your car. With just a few expert tips, you can always walk away with a fair price.

Sharing the Thrill: Group Ghost Hunting

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haunted house tourThe usual travel adventures could get boring at times. If you feel brave and want a new experience for you and your friends, going on a ghost tour could be a bright idea. Sharing some spooky fun can be really fun, you know!

The scary side of the Charleston Harbor

Charleston Harbor is one of the popular sites for ghost hunting. Supposed haunted sightings accompany age-old tales of murder, deceit, and war in the harbor as well as in the ancient buildings and streets around it. To make the most of such unique travel draw, haunted tours in Charleston, SC are scheduled to give those who feel brave something different to experience.

The activities liven up around Halloween when several events are set up to showcase the scary side of the town. Whether you want to participate in a spooky run or watch fright night attractions that include stage plays, dances, and music events, you’ll be entertained and enthralled at the same time.

Other times, you can simply go ghost hunting or have a haunted tour of the sites that were prepared for such.

Be equipped

You know what to prepare when you go on a vacation, but when you go ghost hunting, there are some things you must be specific with.

For one, never leave without a camera at hand. A good quality camera that could record sharp images and if you like, vivid audio recordings and video images, must be first in your bag. Some people think that ghost tours could be cheesy, but still, you’ll never know what can happen once you are there.

For another, never leave without your keen observant self. Ghost stories may have reasonable explanations, but with proper documentation, nothing could diffuse what you think you have experienced there.

At the end of the day, have fun. Be sure you and your friends will have a good laugh about the experience afterwards.

Getting Financial Support for a Child With a Disability

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Mother and daughter with disability outdoors

Mother and daughter with disability outdoorsFamilies with disability are more likely to live in poverty. A parent may have to be a full-time career, limiting their employment prospects. Medical bills are also higher. That’s why parents can claim disability benefits.

In 2011, the percentage of disabled people living in poverty was 28.6%, compared with a level of 13.7% among people without a disability. Families residing in Columbia fared the worst, with 39.4% of people with disabilities experiencing poverty.

As well as having restricted access to the workplace, they incur extra expenses in daily living (such as assistive devices, home and vehicle adaptations, personal assistant costs or therapies not covered under insurance), making SSI disability benefits vital for families.

Eligibility for Disability Benefit

A disabled child aged newborn to 18 years may be able to receive disability benefits. Social security disability eligibility for children is as follows:

  • The child must have a physical or mental impairment
  • The impairment must ‘very seriously limit’ their activities (for example, communication or social difficulties)
  • The child is blind
  • They must have had a diagnosed disability for at least a year at the time of application, or expect that it will last at least a year
  • Older children cannot be at work considered “substantial”

As SSI is meant for people with disabilities with low or no income and seniors, parents will need to supply evidence of their income as part of the parent’s income may be considered as if it were the child’s.

Some 60% of SSI claims suffer denials.

For a better chance of success, parents could consider hiring a social security attorney. Claims put through by an attorney are more likely to be accepted, and the attorney can also help with appeals.

SSI Rates

The maximum amount an individual can receive from 2018 is $750 a month. This will be reduced if the child must stay in a hospital. Most children receiving SSI are also eligible for Medicaid.

Finances can be limited when raising a disabled child. SSI can help cover those costs and Medicaid can give the child subsidized and free healthcare.

4 Ways to Avoid Sports Injuries

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sports massage therapy

sports massage therapyIt’s great to be active in sports. Being physically active can be significant to your health and your overall well-being. However, getting yourself hurt is a possibility.

Pain management massage in places such as Salt Lake City can help you recover from a sports injury. But, how can you prevent it from happening in the first place? Jenna Baker LMT has some answers.

Take a day off to rest.

You should always take time off to rest at least once in every week and at least one month in a year from training to let your body recover from all the strenuous activities. Doing so will give your body enough time to recuperate, heal itself as well as build muscle and strength.

Always wear protective gear.

One of the most important things you need to remember when doing sports is to wear protective gears appropriate always. You might want to wear a helmet if you’re playing highly physical sports, such as hockey and skating.

Meanwhile, other sports could require you to wear gloves and mouth guards. You should try to speak with your coach or mentor to know the proper gear for the sport.

Regularly warm up.

Warm-ups are a great way to condition your muscles for the long and strenuous activities ahead. That’s why it’s vital to do a little bit of stretching to prepare your body for a game. You might try to do some stretches and jumping jacks to get your body ready.

Keep yourself hydrated.

Drinking a lot of liquid can help replenish the lost electrolytes from your body. It’s also important to keep yourself hydrated during hot days, especially when you’re out in the sun.

Knowing how to take care of yourself properly is essential to ensure you won’t get any sports injuries. It’s always best to know all the rules about the game and get enough rest if you need it to keep your body at its best in each game.

Steps to Take when Your Child Breaks a Tooth

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Kid on a dentist's chair

Kid on a dentist's chairOne moment your kid is having fun playing with friends and the next thing you know, he or she is already running to your feet, crying about an aching tooth. It’s a common scenario, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less scary. If your child’s mouth is bleeding because of a chipped tooth, call your trusted pediatric dentist in Indianapolis immediately. Here are three steps to keep in mind when your kid breaks a tooth.

Schedule a dentist appointment right away

Call a dentist for any instruction regarding your kid’s particular emergency case. Schedule an appointment immediately. Your child may be required to undergo dental x-rays or radiographs in case further examination is needed.

Once the tooth is fixed, get instructions for any take-home remedies and necessary lifestyle changes. Ensure that your kid properly adjusts to the treatment to prevent further damage to the tooth.

Rinse with cold water and place an ice compress

The first thing you need to do after the incident is to wash your child’s mouth with cold water. After that, wrap an ice compress around his or her face to reduce gum and mouth swelling.

Check if the tooth is only chipped or completely knocked-out because they require different remedies. Ask your dentist for the right course of action. On your way to the clinic, make sure that your kid holds a piece of gauze over the damaged tooth to manage the pain and keep it from bleeding.

Collect the tooth fragments

It’s still possible to reconstruct your child’s tooth; just make sure to collect and bring the tooth fragments for reconstruction. There is a range of treatment plans available for reattaching and re-contouring of broken teeth.

Plan for this type of situation and look for a trusted emergency pediatric specialist. Keep their hotline saved on your phone, so you can contact them right away.

How to Pick a Good Second-Hand Car

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a girl buying a carWhen purchasing a second-hand vehicle, there are steps customers can take to make sure they're getting the most for their money. With careful buying, a used car can give many years of service. As older cars were built to last, it might even out-perform a new car. Used car dealers in Tauranga share some tips to help you tell whether the vehicle you're eyeing is a good deal.

Make sure a professional inspect the car.

Before signing on the dotted line, it is vital to book a professional inspection. A reputable dealer will include this in their service. Local used car dealers will offer a pre-sale inspection and let potential buyers know if there are any areas of the vehicle that need some repairs. 

Check the paintwork.

New paintwork or varying shades of colour may be a warning sign that rust damage has been covered up. Using a dealer rather than buying privately should eliminate this problem.

Check the tyres, shock absorbers and exhaust fumes.

To drive legally in New Zealand, you need to have a car with threads that measure a minimum of 1.5mm around the tyres. Shock absorbers help the car glide over bumps in the road without jarring its occupants. By pressing on the car so that it moves up and down, you can assess the state of the shock absorbers. If the car refuses to budge, then they need to be replaced. Inspect the exhaust pipes for signs of wear. Dark fumes when test-driving the vehicle are abnormal.

Second-hand cars were built to last and can be better quality than new cars if the discerning driver knows what to look for. With help from a dealer, a pre-loved car could bring years of driving enjoyment.

Auto Body Repairs: Should You DIY or Call a Panel Beater?

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Auto mechanic repairing vehicle inside workshop

Auto mechanic repairing vehicle inside workshopThe lifespan of cars these days is getting longer. Today, the average age is 11 years. While many factors contribute to its better longevity, a significant part of it is due to its design. The modern vehicles are not only beautiful but are also well-built. They come with more effective security features and easier-to-use control settings.

If this isn’t good news, you can extend the vehicle’s life further when you perform the necessary repairs. When it comes to auto body repair, however, should you do it by yourself or opt for automotive services?

When You Can DIY

Many car owners prefer a DIY route with auto body repair. One of the primary reasons is to avoid spending. It also helps that the Internet is already abundant with how-to videos and guides. Several offline and online stores are also carrying the needed tools.

Some auto body repair jobs may be possible to do on your own. These include spray painting the vehicle or removing the scratches. There are already polishers that can help restore faded finishes.

One of the biggest challenges with DIY is the skill. If you have no experience with being a handyman or having difficulty with learning technical skills, you’re more likely to make mistakes. These errors can be costly. Worse, you can introduce damages to the vehicle.

Why You Should Consider an Auto Body Repair Service

Making the vehicle look as good as new is not an easy task. It requires time, money, and effort. If you’re a busy person, it’s a responsibility you would have to do for a long time. In fact, it can be so long you’d forget about it.

Second, it is complicated. An auto body repair goes beyond changing the paint or covering the scratches. It also involves replacing or fixing the hood or trunk. It may entail some modifications on the exterior to make the car appear more attractive and safer. These may include changing the lights or installing new doors and windows after a collision.

An auto repair body inevitably means spending, but in reality, it is an investment. It not only improves the look of the vehicle but also enhances its performance and safety.

How to Make Your Warehouse Loading More Efficient

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Forklift driver talking with his manager in a large warehouseWarehouses are often busy—while one shipment is being loaded, another one is being unloaded. This makes the job a little bit difficult and dangerous for most warehouse workers.

If you are managing a warehouse, you should know that you always have to be on your feet and do things efficiently. Time is money, after all. So, how do you make the process of loading and unloading easier and more efficient? One great option is to use cargo rollers.

Will cargo rollers and loading ramps speed up the process?

Yes, it definitely can. Carrying the trays and boxes manually can be dangerous for the employees. When you install cargo rollers, loading ramps, and dock boards, you make the process 10 times easier and safer. Employees, however, must still make sure to follow the weight limit in each loading ramp, as overloading it can cause certain accidents.

What type of lights should you use in the warehouse?

To prevent accidents in the warehouse, you must install super bright LED lights to help the employees see and operate things clearly. Operating forklifts is hard enough on its own; working it in the dark is even harder.

This tip is especially important if you require your employees to work during the night. Light every area up and make sure that proper lighting is used to avoid unwanted accidents.

Will digital signage works?

These days, more and more warehouses are going digital when it comes to their signage. It helps the employees know about the ETA of cargoes, what the incoming shipment is holding, and other types of information that are important to the drivers, loaders, and support staff. This helps everything go smoothly, as long as everyone follows the plan and updates the signage when needed.

Now that almost everything has improved when it comes to warehouse technology, warehouse owners must keep up by following the trends. This is, after all, for the safety of both the employees and the owners.