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These are the Worst Food and Drinks for Your Teeth

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Model tooth showing interior and decayBesides brushing and flossing your teeth regularly, and frequently visiting a dentist in Richland, WA, avoiding certain foods can help prevent oral health problems. Knowing what particular food and drinks to avoid can save you from the pains of tooth decay.


When you chew bread, the saliva in your mouth breaks down the starches into sugar. This can cause the bacteria in your mouth to release acids that attack the enamel of your teeth. If you are craving for some carbs, go for less-refined varieties such as bread that is made of whole wheat as it likely contains sugar that is not easily broken down.

Sour Candies

Candies have long been known to be bad for people’s dental health, but sour candies — not just the traditional sweet candies — are also bad for your teeth. They contain more and different kinds of acid that tend to be tougher on your teeth. Since sour candies are usually chewy, they can also stick to your teeth longer and likely cause decay.

Coffee and Tea

Coffee and tea can dry out your mouth, which can cause you to have less saliva. Saliva helps keep your teeth healthy by preventing food from sticking to your teeth. It also helps wash away particles of food. In addition, drinking coffee and tea frequently can stain your teeth.

Citric Fruits

Frequent exposure to acidic food can damage the enamel and make the teeth more vulnerable to decay. If you eat citric fruits such as lemon and lime, make sure you brush your teeth after to wash away the acid from your mouth.

Carbonated Sodas

Carbonated sodas cause plaque, which does serious damage to the enamel of your teeth. You essentially coat your teeth with acid if you drink soda instead of water all throughout the day.

You can help prevent tooth decay if you avoid food and drinks that can damage your teeth. Remember, bread, sour candies, citrus, caffeinated drinks, and carbonated sodas can make your teeth more vulnerable to cavities.

3 Vital To-Do’s on the Actual Day of Your Certification Exam

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students taking their examPreparing for a certification exam is a must if you want to pass with flying colors. With this in mind, it’s also vital that on the very day of your exam, you have your own set of preparations. Here are a few points to remember:

Light Review

A quick recap of what you’ve learned is a good way to prepare, so you can be sure that you’ve understood the lessons you researched and reviewed. A quick read will suffice since you just need to refresh your mind. Reviewing your Security+ practice tests or any other similar practice exam you took also helps, especially the mistakes you did.

Eat Your Breakfast

For something this important, you cannot skimp on anything that can give you every bit of advantage. As eating breakfast ensures that you’re energized, take the time to finish it at a leisurely pace. Choose food that boosts mental alertness and energy like eggs, bread, and meat. Don’t settle for junk food, as they cannot provide you with the necessary vitamins and energy you need.

Keep Cool

Getting yourself worked up on the day of your exams will not lead to desirable results. Settle down and relax to calm your nerves so you can focus. Call friends for short encouraging messages if you have to. Take the time to enjoy the sunshine, to smile, and to greet fellow examiners. Come in early enough to settle down in your exam venue without rushing yourself. Remember that being ready means being calm enough to maximize the preparations you did.

Knowing what to expect while keeping calm will always make a difference in completing any major task. Any effort you put towards passing your certification can increase your chances of success, which will mean another step towards furthering your career. On the day itself, just aim for the best, fill your mind and body with good stuff, and stay focused to finally get that accreditation you’ve wanted for so long.

Four Tips for Women in Their Last Month of Pregnancy

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pregnant woman eating healthy fruitsThe last few months of pregnancy are among the toughest for a mother. The period between the eighth and ninth months can be crucial for the health of both the baby and the mother. If the pregnancy were a race, the last month would be the final lap. Thus, your body and mind are quivering with anticipation and fear. These four tips can help you deal with the last month of your pregnancy.

Visit a Gynecologist

Because your last month as a pregnant woman is critical, you should make sure that you have the appropriate medical support. You should have three visits to the gynecologist at most. A gynecologist is a doctor who specializes in childbirth and the health of a new mother. They will help you adequately prepare for the excruciating and lengthy process of child labor. You can quickly look for gynecologists in West Jordan.

Do Bulk Shopping

Limit the number of times that you go out shopping because it can be strenuous for If possible, do bulk shopping. Make sure that you have someone to help you out with the groceries.

Pamper Yourself

Do not stress yourself. You are in the last stretch of your pregnancy. Pamper yourself as much as possible because giving birth is not going to be easy.

Sleep as Much as Possible

As difficult it can be to find an ideal position, sleeping is essential for a pregnant woman. This is especially true during the last month.

What a pregnant woman does in the last few weeks of her pregnancy can help determine how complicated the process of giving birth will be. Follow the steps mentioned above to make sure that child labor will be less stressful than it is usually.

Travel Tips: Ways to Enjoy a Side Trip in Auckland

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Tourists Taking a PhotoAre you about to go on a business trip to Auckland? If you are, do try to extend your trip. You wouldn’t want to miss what the largest city in New Zealand has to offer. So go pack some comfortable clothes, hire a weekend car rental in Auckland, and prepare to experience this great city.

City Thrills

While you can always go to art and history museums and see famous landmarks the first time you visit Auckland, why not do something more thrilling? If you’re up for some high-altitude fun, go to the Sky Tower or the Auckland Harbour Bridge. At the Sky Tower, try base-jumping by wire (SkyJump) and walking on a narrow ledge that’s 192 metres above the ground (SkyWalk). For bridge climbing and bungee jumping, the Auckland Harbour Bridge has you covered.

Nature Trips

From beaches and volcanoes to wildlife sanctuaries, there’s no shortage of scenic natural features in Auckland. For one, you can spend some time surfing or basking in the sun at the black-sand Piha Beach. There are also the dormant volcanoes Mount Eden and Rangitoto Island, which you can climb to get breath-taking views of the surrounding areas. And for a chance to see threatened and endangered animals, explore the Tiritiri Matangi Island.

Winery Tours

With world-class wines like cabernet sauvignon, merlot, and pinot gris being produced in Auckland, don’t miss the chance to visit the numerous vineyards and wineries here. In most of these wineries, you can go on guided tours or explore on your own by foot or bike, and then get to talk to the winemakers while sampling their creations. The Waiheke Island—also known as the Island of Wine—Matakana, and Kumeu are the three wine regions in Auckland.

So don’t just work when you get to visit Auckland. Find the time to experience the city and enjoy its diverse, fantastic offerings.

Make it Thrive: Things to Remember When Building a Company Culture

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a team of professionalsA company is not a company without its people. And the people behind the business help shape its future. This can only happen if your business has a company culture. Cultivating culture is one of the things that you should prioritize, as it actually contributes to the way your business’s identity is shaped.

The beginnings can be challenging, but you need to do it. If you are looking for some ways to make this happen, you are reading the right article. Below are some of the pointers that will help you start a culture that is good for your people.

Come up with bonding activities

It may not be a priority, but making friends is among the things that make a workplace valuable. Don’t just let your employees work and work and work. Let them have fun every once in a while. If you may, you can book a bar in Markham, ON and invite everyone for a night of fun. Interest-based activities, such as museum trips and bowling, can be considered.

Set an example

Your company’s culture will not set off if you do not embody the valuable principles. Your employees will need someone to emulate. Don’t just talk about it; live it. So if you want to build a culture of punctuality and reliability, start with yourself. Go to work early. Make sure that you meet all the deadlines.

Involve everyone

In the corporate industry, inclusiveness is a currency. It is among the things that make an employee stay. So, you need to be fair with your judgments and dealings with your employees. If you are building a program, you have to make sure that everyone is involved—from the top management to the administration staff.

Starting a company culture should not stress you out. Think of it as raising a kid (that is if you have a child).

Understanding the Role and Types of SMEs

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man and woman looking at laptop, behind counter at bakeryExperts say that SMEs or small and mid-size enterprises as businesses or individuals that manage their revenues, assets, or employees under a certain threshold. That means they earn less and have fewer workers than big corporations.

An SME corporation in Malaysia explains that SMEs might be small, but they usually come up with brilliant products or services. Read on to find out more about these types of businesses and how they affect the global economy.

Role in the Community

According to Microsoft Emerging Markets chairman Orlando Ayala, small and medium-sized enterprises or SMEs play an important role in the health of local economies in different parts of the world. This makes sense since these businesses or individuals help maintain livelihoods in a small community. For example, SMEs such as small law firms could employ local paralegal assistants.

Technical Knowledge

A technical SME can refer to those who contribute technical knowledge; they often work in groups. Examples include scientists, engineers, lawyers, medical professionals or skilled trade workers. They usually have documentation that proves their proficiency in their field, like degrees or certificates.

Training and Instruction

An instructional SME refers to those who possess a degree of subject matter expertise and are often called upon for their input. Examples of instructional SMEs would include teachers, coaches, mentors, or facilitators. These professionals are adept at training other individuals to hone a certain skill, be it physical or cognitive.

In summary, small and mid-size enterprises operate on a smaller scale than large companies. These earning professionals may provide technical knowledge, such as engineers or provide instructions, such as coaches. With the help of SMEs, people can get professional help at home or in public places.

How 1031 Exchange Helps Property Investors

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hand on top of small houseWhile many people dream of making it big in the real estate sector, they fail to take advantage of every available advantage. A 1031 property exchange allows a taxpayer to exchange a property investment for another one without paying taxes or pay a limited amount for the exchange. Many investors choose a 1031 exchange because it gives them the advantage of deferring tax payments.

Many of the world’s wealthiest people have real estate investments using a 1031 exchange. In most cases, they use it as a commercial investment and lease it out to tenants. In Utah, there are properties for sale that you can buy using the 1031 exchange tax code..

The Limitations of 1031

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) explains that 1031 has limitations on property investors. Investors cannot exchange properties held for resale, stocks, bonds, partnership stocks, or certificates of trust.

Partner with the Government

If your property qualifies for like-kind exchange and you meet the requirements, you can ask the government for some money to grow your investments. When the value increases, you can trade up for rental income or increased value as you defer capital gains taxes. The money for your capital gains tax is put into the next property exchange. In this case, the government helps you build your portfolio.

Diversify your property holdings

A section 1031 property exchange, increases your seed money for the next property by up to 40 percent. It means that you can get a bigger property than you would if you paid the taxes on the sale. Better yet, the exchange gives you free rein on the kind of commercial property to purchase. You can go after an apartment block, office complex, or even agricultural land.

With so many options open, you only need to pick one that gives you the best return on investment. By trading up, you will have a more valuable property with a higher rental income, which means that you get to improve your cash flow. A higher income means that you have greater access to credit and can finance your next buy easily.

You need to be smart in your real estate investment plans if you are to register great success in the sector. By seizing every available advantage, you can be well in your way to making great progress.

To Like a Bike: 3 Ways to Help Anxious Kids Ride a Bike

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dad teaching his son how to ride a bikeBiking is a fun exercise for kids. It strengthens bones, improves muscle strength and enhances the sense of balance. Plus, it makes for an unforced bonding activity with other kids in the neighborhood. However, learning to ride a bike can be a scary experience. If you’re a parent teaching your kid to ride, here is some advice to boost their confidence:

Coach Right

Believe it or not, there’s a right and wrong way to teach. One of the wrong ways is the sink-or-swim approach — just letting the kid ride, dismissing their feelings of anxiety. While this may work in some cases, many times it further discourages the child to continue.

The first step in coaching is to ask your kid why they’re afraid. You’ll be surprised that their feelings come from valid insights. For instance, some kids get anxious because they saw another kid crash. Or, perhaps because you grew impatient with them the last time you taught them.

When you’re able to know what causes anxiety, you’ll be able to frame your teaching better. Encourage them that they won’t crash because you’ll support them at the back, and avoid harsh words. The goal is to start on the right foot.

Balance bikes are a good option when starting; training wheels are another. This will improve your child’s balance and sense of confidence. Make sure to take the training wheels off after a period so your kid doesn’t become too dependent on them.

If they’re really not comfortable about riding on their own, have the family ride along on a family bike, as this can make them more at ease. As they get used to riding, they’ll soon realize that it’s not as scary as it seems — that a crash isn’t serious as long as they don’t go too fast and ride on a soft surface, such as grass.

Ensure safety

A lot of kids’ anxieties come from the bike not being safe. As well as showing them how to use the brakes, don’t forget to provide safety gear. Helmets and knee pads will give them more confidence that they won’t be hurt.

The anxiety your child feels about riding a bike is valid. So, don’t force them on a bike until they have trust that you will help them. Keep them inspired by pep talks, explain the safety features, and use no-pressure tactics.

Dermal Fillers: Look Younger Without Cosmetic Surgery

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woman being injected with dermal fillersPeople who are unhappy about their facial lines and wrinkles but don’t want cosmetic surgery can use dermal fillers instead. In only a few minutes, a dermal filler treatment can make anyone look fresh and young.

What are Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers are injections used to plump out the skin to decrease the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Some clinics also use these injections to make patients’ lips fuller and more defined. Available in aesthetic clinics in Chester, local dermal filler shots can rejuvenate your skin and turn back the clock.

What are the Various Types of Filler?

Calcium Hydroxylapatite – This dermal filler is a mineral-like compound that helps decrease folds and frown lines, plump up the cheeks and enhance facial volume. Unlike animal-derived collagen injections, calcium hydroxylapatite is biosynthetically produced. And its effects last up to 18 months.

Collagen – This is a protein made up of amino acids, proline and glycine. With the help of vitamin C, collagen provides structure to the body, improving the firmness of skin and initiating the formation of new skin cells. The effects of collagen injections last around for four months.

Hyaluronic Acid – This is natural substance is often found in soft connective tissues, joint fluids and skin tissues. Clinics extract and reformulate this natural substance as injections to help the body retain moisture and keep your skin firm. As hyaluronic acid is already present in the body, the side effects of hyaluronic acid injections are trivial. Anti-ageing effects of this dermal filler last around six months.

Poly-L-lactic Acid – This injection increases facial volume and is used to correct facial fat loss. When injected to your face, poly-L-lactic acid stimulates your body to produce more collagen, which rejuvenates the skin, giving it a fuller appearance. You may need several injections before you see significant results, but the anti-ageing effects of this dermal filler can last up to two years.

Polymethyl Methacrylate Microspheres (PMMA) – These are a mix of collagen and coated polymethyl methacrylate microbeads. PMMA is a semi-permanent filler that is most often used to treat medium wrinkles, folds and furrows.

To choose the type of dermal filler that’s right for you, it is best to visit a cosmetic enhancement specialist.

Mortgages and How to Choose the Right One

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couple reading contract carefullyAt least once in their life, an adult would have to sign an important agreement called a mortgage. It gives them the powers they need to purchase assets like a house, car, or fund their education. Because it’s a huge life decision, one should learn the value of preparation before getting into such agreements.

Finding a reputable mortgage company in Phoenix is a good start. But, as VIP Mortgage reminds, there are also things to keep in mind in choosing the right deal.

Know the different mortgage types

There are different mortgage types. The most general ones are divided between privately-owned and government-owned. Understanding the different mortgage types can help you determine which one is most suitable for you.

Check the interest rate

The interest rate should be discussed early on. Knowing the interest rates plays a huge factor in helping people decide whether the deal is worth taking. There are also different types of interest rates namely fixed and adjustable. Your choice would be dependent on the point to consider.

Check your financial standing

The first thing that people tell when you express your intention to apply for a mortgage is to have your credit score in good shape. That, along with your overall financial standing, will affect not just your chances of approval, but also dictate how you would be able to pay for your fees in the future.

Check your length of stay

The length of your stay will determine the kind of mortgage that’s right for you. If this new home will be your retirement home, then having a 30-year term would be ideal. But, if this will just be a stepping stone to get yourself settled and eventually buy a bigger property, then opting for shorter mortgage periods would make more sense.

Take your time and do ample research. These two things are the secret to finding a mortgage type that you will not regret in the long run.