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How Much Does Car Insurance Cost in 2018?

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Car Insurance Costs

Car Insurance CostsA study showed that the average cost of car insurance in the U.S. for 2018 amounts to $941.65 per year, although the price might be higher or lower in some states.

If you live in Illinois, the cost might include SR22 auto insurance from Oxford Auto Insurance. Insurers usually send this to your state of residence as proof of your compliance with auto insurance requirements.

Insurance Rates

North Dakota has the lowest insurance rate per month at $36, while the annual rate costs $428. In Louisiana, car owners pay the highest monthly and yearly rates at $152 and $1,824 respectively. Illinois ranked on the low-end scale with a monthly rate of $78 and an annual rate of $936.

When calculating an insurance quote, your location only serves as part of the actual figure. For instance, your age will be a primary factor, and rates become cheaper as you age. Insurance companies charge a higher price for younger applicants due to their higher probability of being reckless. Some states are also known to be the safest for drivers. This can influence the market rate for insurance.

Safety Record

In Illinois, the state ranked as the 40th worst state in terms of having bad drivers in 2018, according to a study. It rated each state based on the percentage of insured drivers, DUI cases per capita, fatalities per 100 million miles driven, and Google search terms for traffic or speeding tickets.

The study named Mississippi as the worst state based on these four factors. Tennessee ranked behind, while California and Missouri tied at third. If you’re planning to buy insurance in these states, you should expect higher insurance rates.

A comprehensive insurance policy includes proof that your plan meets state regulations. In some cases, evidence of being insured becomes necessary if you have a negative driving record.