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24-Hour Restaurant: Running a Cafe by Day and a Bar by Night

24-Hour RestaurantRemember those cartoons where bars suddenly convert to cafes because a police officer is nearby? You’d be surprised how easy it can be to turn a cafe into a nightclub with these hacks. Consider these options when your cafe is in the planning stages.

Repurposed Furniture – Find tables, seats, cutlery, and displays that both shifts can use. Choose durable and stylish furniture that's easy to clean, move around, and be used either by a cafe customer or a party animal. Stainless steel is one of the ideal options for furnishings and is an ideal material for accents and ornamentation. If you're going to follow this advice, make sure to contact a reliable steel supplier for design ideas and bulk purchases.

Lights – Invest in dimmer and multi-functional lights to accommodate both establishments' operational and technical needs. For dimmers, buy LED lights with a light yellow or orange tint to simulate sunlight at your cafe.  For the bar, install strobes, spotlights and other multi-functional light fixtures for the dance floor, stage and performance areas. The type of bar you're planning to setup can help you decide.

Sounds and Music – A good way of establishing mood is through music, so choose your music for both the cafe and bar. Trance, dance, and DJ mixes are typically common for a standard bar while instrumentals, Jazz tunes, and even the basic elevator music would fit your cafe. Install top-quality sound systems that can enhance the visual aesthetic of both your cafe and bar.

Staffing – As you are offering two service establishment and styles, your staff should also be adaptive and open to the changes in the character of your business and customers. Choose experienced staff that are friendly, personable, and can work the night shift or are amenable to shift changes in a pinch. Make sure you also hire extra security staff for the bar.

A 24/7 restaurant offers you the chance to maximize earning reputation and more revenue. This kind of business is feasible. The only tricky part is designing your establishment. Rule of thumb: A cafe is relaxing, while a bar is energizing.