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4 Reasons to Use a Multi-Element GNSS Simulator

phone equipped with GNSS system and GPSThe sole purpose of a GNSS or other navigational devices is to give positions and directions. It has to be accurate and reliable to work. As such, these devices need to go through testing to make sure they are giving the right results. However, you need more than one test to make sure they will give consistent results. A multi-element GNSS simulator can test a device under a variety of conditions. Here are some benefits of using this type of test.

Faster Turnover

Testing a device using different simulators can take a lot of time. You have to set it up each time before carrying out each test. A multi-element simulator puts a device through its paces in one go. You get results faster, which means you can make adjustments and release the product into the market sooner.

More Confidence

A navigation device has to be accurate in all possible conditions. A multi-element simulator tests the device under different situations. This means it will work reliably in any type of live environment. Putting it through thorough testing gives you confidence. You can guarantee your product will perform as expected with normal use.

More Control

Any kind of simulator gives you more control while testing the device. Without one, you have to go outside and hope for the best. This is because a live environment is unpredictable. Simulators let you do your tests in the comfort of a laboratory. You can replay any scenario as needed without once having to go outdoors. Most importantly, you can choose the factors that may affect the results.

More Savings

You save time as well as money if you use a simulator. You will get results more quickly. You do not have to travel, so that means you will not have to pay for gas or transportation. You can also carry out the tests using fewer people, so you save on labor costs. Finally, you only need to buy one multi-element simulator instead of two or more.

The one thing a navigation product should be is to be accurate. A multi-element GNSS simulator can make sure your product will work as expected. This can help your company get a good reputation.