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Are You a Piano Novice? Get to Know the Best Piano for You

playing pianoVenturing into music is the best option for a healthy hobby in today’s world. The mental and physical benefits of music have been unparalleled for ages. The best musical instrument you can learn to play is the piano.

Playing the piano has been proven to foster your eye-hand coordination and enhance your aural awareness which is good for your brain and ears. When taking piano lessons in Lehi, having your instrument is beneficial for extra practice.

Here are some types of piano that will be perfect for a beginner.


These are lighter and smaller compared to other pianos. The keys on a keyboard are also easy to press down since, unlike other piano types, they are not weighted.

These qualities make a keyboard ideal for beginners starting their relationship with music and help them to learn the different notes easily. For small kids, keyboards with approximately twelve notes in one octave are ideal.

Digital Pianos

This piano is relatively portable and is very similar to the acoustic piano used for beginner exams. It has weighted keys, and it allows you to adjust the music’s volume and use your headphones for a silent practice session.

Digital pianos with cabinet-style consoles for installation are less expensive and smaller compared to upright ones.

Acoustic Pianos

These have a rich tone hard to replicate on a digital piano. They are also not very loud; hence you can be sure the neighbors will not complain. Though more expensive compared to other beginner options, an acoustic piano is the best for honing your piano playing skills.

Knowledge of the piano goes beyond playing it as a healthy hobby. You can earn money from playing the piano in various functions on a full or part-time basis. The money you spend on your lessons, therefore, is one of the investments you will make towards a lifetime skill that will change your life.