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3 Awesome Ways to Design a Container Shed

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Construction of small container shed

Construction of small container shedThe popularity of the humble container shed continues to be on the rise for a number of practical reasons: durability, affordability and its portability. Discover how these container units can be used as sheds, which is a popular building option in Australia right now.

1. Private Movie House

The size of a container unit is perfect for a home entertainment setup. There is enough room for a widescreen, comfortable seating, and even a corner for snacks and refreshments. Whether you are watching movies from your collection or using your subscription, movie nights become even more enjoyable when you convert one of the container sheds in Australia into your own movie theatre, complete with surround sound and snacks.

2. A Multi-Purpose Studio

The studio can be used as a home office, a music room or even fitted out like an actual studio apartment and use it as an auxiliary home perfect for guests or for your kids when they feel like living with a little independence on some days. Because container sheds are sturdy, they can be stacked to make a multi-level dwelling if you have space for it.

3. Herb Nursery and Shaded Kitchen

Have some masterpiece dinners in your herb and kitchen shed. This is a place where you can grow your favourite herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables. You can cook them in your al fresco kitchen, as well — a garden to table experience you can enjoy anytime and any day of the week.

These are just some of the many brilliant ways to use a container shed. Whether you have a simple or ambitious building project in mind, give shipping containers a go. You will be surprised at how easy it is to build with. Discover the hidden potential of this industrial material and start building the shed of your dreams today.

5 Western Wedding Essentials

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Bride and groom celebrating weddingIf you are all about that western/rustic lifestyle and are about to get hitched with someone who shares your inclination, why not go all the way and stage the best western/rustic wedding rodeo country has ever seen? To pull this off, here are five things you need.

1. Ranch Venue

The United States has ranches aplenty, so this should not be too challenging. But if you wish to get wed in the best ranches this country has to offer, here are four options for you: Spring Creek Ranch (Jackson Hole, Wyoming), The Alisal Guest House Ranch and Resort (Solvang, California), Hidden Meadow Ranch (White Mountains, Arizona), and Triple Creek Ranch (Bitterroot Mountain Range, Montana).

2. Western/Rustic Fashion

You can either go full on cowboy & cowgirl on your wedding or choose to accentuate instead. For instance, you can opt for the traditional way—white dress and black coat and tie—and accessorize with A.A. Callister western wedding boot corral or hats or whatnot. Whichever fashion choices you eventually settle with, just make sure they can be easily disengage come wedding night.

3. Western Décor

There are no rules here except for go as rustic as your imagination will allow. From sitting implements made of a plank of woods on top of blocks of hay to western arches and platforms, the sky is the limit as to how far you wish to take your chosen theme.

4. Western Wedding Favors

For something to remind your guests of your game-breaking western-themed wedding, you must give away wedding favors consistent with your rustic matrimonial affair. Your options run the gamut; from personalized cowboy hat cork coaster to personalized matchboxes.

5. Pick Up Truck

Ditch the limo or the conventional white car and find a red pick-up truck instead. This will allow you as a couple to make a dramatic and theme-consistent entrance and exit, at the back of the pick-up.

With these five essentials, your western/rustic wedding will be one for the books. Who knows it might even get picked up by wedding-devoted sites and go viral.

4 Things a Makeup Artist Can’t Live Without

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Makeup artists equipmentWe call makeup artists “artists” for a reason. They help men and women look their best and are experts on highlighting a person’s best facial features. However, they do need a little help sometimes, which is why they rely on some tools in their arsenal. Below are just some of the things that makeup artists have to bring with them to work, according to PJS Beauty Salon Equipment:

1. Cotton Buds

Cotton buds are a makeup artist’s best friend. They use them both to apply makeup and fix makeup mistakes. A cotton bud moistened with water or setting spray can help spread concealer evenly in areas that need full and seamless coverage, as well as put eyeshadow on the lids.

A cotton bud dipped in micellar water can erase winged eyeliner mistakes and similar makeup looks that are challenging to create.

2. Primer

Primers are essential to makeup artists because they need them to turn their clients’ faces into a flawless canvas. Some people have larger pores than others or suffer from acne or bumps and irritations, which will make makeup look uneven or patchy on their skin. Primers also help makeup last longer, especially when the client has an event to attend to.

3. Beauty Blender

A Beauty Blender is a godsend to makeup artists because it allows them to seamlessly blend products onto a client’s skin, from foundation to contouring cream. A Beauty Blender is a soft sponge that allows makeup artists to smoothly apply liquid or cream foundation formulations onto a person’s skin and blend out harsh lines. The sponge also picks up excess products which prevent caking.

4. Micellar Water

Micellar water has been the secret of French women for decades. This multipurpose cleanser is certainly a must-have not just for makeup artists, but anyone. They can use micellar water to cleanse and prep skin so that it has that nice, healthy glow.

It also shrinks pores and makes skin look hydrated. Lastly, since it erases makeup, it allows makeup artists to make adjustments to their client’s makeup look for the day.

Follow These Tips for a Safe and Fun Amusement Park Experience

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Kids having fun at an amusement parkVisiting family amusement parks in New Jersey is a great way to spend a day bonding with your children. With giant slides and numerous activities to explore, you’re guaranteed hours of fun and excitement. But sometimes, unforeseen incidents can pop up, like a tummy ache after a too-hard splash down the water slide. So if you want to ensure a day without worries at the amusement park, take note of these tips from Casino Pier & Breakwater Beach:

Stay with your child

It’s always best to accompany your child on any type of ride or activity to ensure that all rules are being followed. In water parks, for instance, lifeguards are always on duty, but this doesn’t mean that you can leave your child to swim alone. Always keep an eye on your kids to ensure they’re following the rules, which will keep them and their peers safe. And as much as possible, allow your children to wear life vests added protection.
Understand motion  sickness

Anyone can suffer from motion sickness, especially if you’re under 50 years of age. If you can’t avoid that water coaster ride, eat lightly – but don’t skip meals – to help avoid nausea. If you start feeling queasy, keep your head steady and close your eyes.

Arrange a meeting place

Arrange a central meeting place beforehand to prepare for the unlikely event that a family member gets separated from the group. It’s also a good idea to take a digital picture of your kids before entering the park so you can show it to authorities in case they get separated from you.

Don’t overdo it

The number of rides and attractions in an amusement park can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t mean that you must ignore your body’s signs. Take a rest if you start feeling tired. Get out of the sun, but don’t expose yourself to the cold either. Also, keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water and avoiding caffeinated drinks.

5 Signature Cocktails for Your Wedding Party

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An Alcoholic BeverageFrom the invitations to the vows, you may have already planned all the details of your wedding. The signature drink bar, however, is just as important as the meals that you’ll be preparing for your guests. When it comes to making a memorable “just married” statement, nothing beats the novelty of speciality cocktail. As one of the leading wedding venues in Tunbridge Wells notes, it’s possible to keep the party going and the drinks flowing. Here are five cocktail recipes that will add a unique touch to your special day.

Blueberry Mojito

If you’re a fan of classic blues, why not try showing it through your wedding drinks? This minty blue mojito with fresh blueberries is not only tasty, but the pop of colour is a joy to look at.

Pineapple Punch

Create a fun, summer vibe with this fun drink that’s perfect for a tropical-themed wedding. With a hint of rum and a kick of fresh pineapples, this bohemian punch will surely be unforgettable.

Rosé Sangria

Get your guests talking with some bubbly Rosé sangria. When matched with some delicious Spanish food, the combination can make for a glamorous tapas-fest.

The Beet-Lini

The presentation is a huge part of what makes a signature cocktail unforgettable. In this case, the beet-lini is a colourful and healthy drink that will not only delight your guests’ eyes but also their taste buds. This is also a great choice for vegetarians.

Watermelon Refresher

A summer nuptial is not complete without seasonal treats. Choose fruits like strawberry or watermelon and mix them with a healthy splash of lime and vodka for an energising drink.

Make your wedding day more exciting with these five unique cocktail recipes. And while you’re at it, remember to choose a great venue for this celebration.

Guide to Planning Your Dream Wedding in Kent

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Newly Wed Couple
Getting married is one of the most important and special moments in a person’s life. If you are planning to tie the knot soon, this is your chance to turn your dream into reality. There are few places in the UK more beautiful than Kent. And there are even fewer things more magical or grander than a castle.

Choosing your wedding venue in Kent should be a cinch. There are just a few more things to consider when planning your big day.

Wedding Packages

Start by researching castle wedding packages and then narrow your list down to the ones that fit your budget. Do not forget to check all the details, such as if you have access to the entire castle (for photos, for instance) or just the areas that you booked, like the grounds or the dining room. You may likewise consider exchanging marriage vows in one of the charming barns in Kent for that romantic country feel.

In addition, consider researching for the cost of various wedding suppliers, such as caterers, florists, lights and sounds rental, and the like. Calculate everything to see if you can save more by sourcing these individually.

Your Wedding Theme

Decide if you want to have a theme or not. Getting married in a gorgeous castle already seems like a wedding theme itself – fairy tale or royal wedding theme if you will. Deciding on a more specific theme will just help you streamline your selection process, from the area of the castle to hold your wedding at right down to the décor. If you prefer a country-style barn wedding, you will get a classic theme that provides wonderful opportunities for taking photographs and relaxing in a nature-inspired venue.

Where to Hold the Ceremony and Reception

Your choice will depend on your theme, as well as the number of guests you are expecting. If you are planning a more laid back castle wedding or are expecting a huge number of guests, castle grounds are your best bet. If you are planning a more luxurious or formal wedding, a castle’s grand ballroom or formal dining room is right for you.

Your wedding day is a memorable day for you, your partner, your family and your friends. Make it extra special by choosing the best wedding venue in Kent.

More than Snips and Cuts: The Secrets to Beauty Salon Success

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A Beauty SalonIt is never too late to begin considering operation problems that will affect and contribute to your business’ success. To start, when it comes to beauty salons, PJS Beauty Salon Equipment suggests that you choose quality furniture and equipment to serve your clients. You must also carefully think about your operating hours to accommodate the maximum number of clients during business hours.

Moreover, you would have to include proper pricing of your services in your development plan. If you set high rates, you will restrict the number of clients who can afford them. On the other hand, setting very low prices will restrict the potential of your income and possibly endanger your business.

Deciding on the rates require more than just visiting your competitors, accumulating service menus and setting competitive prices. Instead, you must think of the aspects that will affect your prices: profit, overhead and labour costs.

1.    Labour costs for spas, such as benefits and salary for stylists and administrative staff. Do not forget to include your salary. This cost is conveyed as the rate per hour and can differ depending on the length of time it takes your staff to perform services.

2.    Overhead costs, including all expenses needed to operate the salon besides labour. This consists of your utilities, lease and mortgage payments, and so on. It would be practical for you to estimate that your expenses will take around 40 to 50 per cent of your material and labour costs.

3.    When it comes to profit, salon owners can expect to get a profit of around 11 to 15 per cent. You have the choice to make the profit figure lower or higher. To get the net profit that you desire, increase the percentage factor. This way, you will get the estimated gross amount that you will earn.

Never cease trying to find a way to enhance the quality of services, along with the prices of your services. Your clients will look forward to their next appointment knowing that they can afford and trust you.

All the Reasons You Should Take Up ATV Off-Road Riding Now

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ATV Rider in the actionIn today’s time and age, a lot of people live extremely hectic lifestyles that they no longer have the time to enjoy the outdoors. With so much on their plates, from household chores and responsibilities to work, many of them turn to the Internet and technology for amusement and entertainment.

This has then resulted in people spending about 90% of their time cooped up indoors. Stepping outside and unplugging yourself from technology can greatly benefit you, especially when you do something as fun as off-road driving and riding with an ATV.

Driving an ATV can already bring your stress levels down

Just a quick, leisurely walk outside can already help you feel relaxed, so imagine what driving with a high-performance off-road vehicle can do for you.

With an open-air vehicle designed to tackle dirt roads as you pass by stretches of majestic views and sceneries, you can expect to feel your stress levels go down every minute. Plus, overcoming obstacles on trails can even help make you a better city or highway driver.

Add nature to the mix, and you will feel even better

It can be quite boring and tiresome when your everyday views are limited to buildings and vehicles. And with the rising concerns in air pollution, it is highly likely you drive with your car windows open.

So why not add nature and fresh breeze into the mix?

When you take up ATV driving, you can surround yourself with Salt Lake City’s amazing beautiful outdoors and natural wonders. This, plus exposing yourself to the clean, fresh air will make you feel even better.

You can enjoy all these with company

Traditionally, ATVs only accommodated a single driver. Nowadays though, you will find side-by-side ATVs here in Salt Lake City that let you experience all the benefits above with a fellow off-road enthusiast.

Always remember that while it is necessary to spend time indoors, you should understand the importance of outdoor time too.

Pointers for Upping the Ante on Your Dance Performances

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Dance PerformanceDance is an ancient form of artistic expression. However, it continues to be redefined through the decades with new and revived genres, brilliant and creative choreography, and advanced technology. Up the ante with these additional elements to your dance troupe’s standard routines!

Learn a New Discipline

Sometimes, being so focused on a single method of choreography can be a hindrance to creativity. This mindset stops you from accessing parts of your brain and body that you’ve yet to utilize. Learning a new discipline through another dance instructor or choreographer can help open greater possibilities for your dancers and routine.

Watch Other Shows

A lot of people firmly believe that one should be focused only on their team. Some argue that it can discourage amateur dancers, seeing professionals at work and upfront. This mindset can be detrimental to less experienced dancers because it stops them from being creatively competitive and challenged. Consider the experience as taking inspiration from those you regard highly instead as a source of dismay and discouragement.

Get Into Competitions

Another way to challenge yourself and the troupe is to enter as many contests that you can be qualified for. Look up local, citywide and interstate dance competitions both for group or individual partners. Prioritize gaining experience, having fun and possible improvements instead of just winning and you’ll always be champions no matter what position you end up with in the roster.

Make Good Use of Props

The human body is an instrument of beauty. It can be used with great skill, with continuous practice and experience. However, by integrating clever props into your choreography like hula hoops, poi, colored powder from Chameleon Colors and prop weapons you can dazzle the crowd with more than your movements or form.

From Twyla Tharp to Kazuo Ono, the Vaganova Academy to the Jabbawockeez, dance is proven to be alive and kicking. It is also for anyone willing to expend the time and energy to learn and improve. Along with dance, practice dedication, willingness and discipline for the best results.

Surprisingly Fantastic Spring Festivals Around the World

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Holi Festival Color Powder

Holi Festival Color PowderSpring will officially start soon. Flowers will start blooming again and the temperature will start getting warmer after a harsh cold winter. If you’re tired of the usual spring welcoming routines such as Easter bunnies, chocolate eggs, and a hefty load of four-leaf clovers, here are unique and fantastic ways of welcoming the season of blossoming, as celebrated in different countries around the world.

  1. Japan — The blooming of bright pink cherry blossoms, known in Japan as sakura, signals the start of spring in this oriental country. Japanese people gather under cherry blossom trees for a day of picnic, traditional music, and lively parties.
  2. India — Probably the most popular non-Western spring festival, the Holi is a Hindu festival that celebrates the end of the chilly winter season. People gather and party in the streets as they dance and jive in lively music while splashing cold water and colorful holi powder at everyone. Aside from welcoming the spring, the Holi is also a mythological celebration paying tribute and honor to Lord Vishnu.
  3. England – The British are known to be cheese lovers, and the country’s quirky spring race, popularly known as the Cooper’s Hill Cheese-Rolling and Wake, is a living testament to this. Race participants chase a round 9-lb double Gloucester cheese that is rolled from the top of the hill. Whoever catches the cheese ball or reaches the bottom of the hill first gets to take home the huge delight. Now that is one cheesy trophy!
  4. Thailand — Thai people welcome the spring season in a rather wet and wild way, with the Songkran Festival. People gather in the streets and engage in a “water battle royale”, arming themselves with anything that can hold water such as water guns, balloons, and containers. Prepare to get soaking wet and hyped up in this three-day celebration.
  5. Spain — The Las Fallas is Spain’s spring festival, where hundreds of gigantic paper mache puppets are displayed in the town plaza. This festive event is not complete without booming cannons, pompous firecrackers, lively music, fancy costumes, and all-you-can-eat mouth-watering paella. The highlight of the Las Fallas is the burning of the paper mache puppets in a massive bonfire, accompanied by a grandiose fireworks display.

Spring is an indication of a fresh and bright beginning after a long period of winter. Go ahead, start it with a twist, and welcome this beloved season with a big bang.