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Making Your Short Holiday in Bath the Trip of a Lifetime

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City of Bath England

City of Bath EnglandThere is a wide range of four-star hotels and spa hotels in Bath.  Many people who are looking for a relaxing day trip in this historic city can also experience the bed and breakfast services for your spa break or holiday in Bath.

Why a Bed and Breakfast?

If you’re staying for the weekend or a short vacation, you can choose a bed and breakfast inn for your accommodations.  This can help you save on expenses, as many of them offer affordable prices and exceptional services.  Some of these also have en-suite facilities for their client’s convenience.

Bath’s special bed and breakfast inns use period decor or have a unique theme that plays on the City’s historic past. They also offer a more intimate setting, as some of them only have seven or eight rooms.

Know the Sites

If you want to see Bath at an affordable price but have limited time,  you should consider the places you want to see, especially if you need to go to nearby towns in Somerset. Prioritise which places you want to see and make sure that you have the transportation and the tickets to see the sites.

No matter what you want to do in Bath, there’s a place that would pique your interest. The world-famous megalith of Stonehenge is in Somerset, and you can find the time to see it when you’re in Bath. You could also visit the museums, the nature parks and recreation centres in the city to make the most of your holidays.

UNESCO has cited Bath as a world heritage site and it is one of the best places in England where your day trip or a short trip can be an affordable, enjoyable, relaxing and exciting holiday.

3 Family Travel Tips You Will Be Happy to Know

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Sentosa IslandTravelling with the entire family is much different from a solo or a couple’s travel. If this will be your first time together overseas, it is perfectly normal to have many questions in mind. You could still be unsure where to take your little ones or how to keep everybody entertained, given that you all have different interests. Moreover, dealing with a possible emergency could cause you to worry that you will think of cancelling your plans altogether. You probably have more ‘what ifs’ in mind, but the answer to all of them is simple — preparation.

Here are some ideas to make sure you are fully prepared for your trip:

Choose location-friendly attractions

If you are visiting Singapore, for instance, you need to make smart choices with the hotel you are going to book and the places you intend to tour. Long public transport rides could bore children, while long walks may drain everybody’s energy before even reaching a specific destination.

Many fun and interesting places in Singapore are near the MRT, while others have a hotel of their own. A good example is Sentosa. If you visit their official website (sentosa.com.sg), you can choose from the many hotels, resorts, and spas in their list. Book one of them instead if most of the destinations in your itinerary are in this island resort.

Book reservations as early as possible

When travelling without kids, your main concern is the budget and experience. You could couch surf, book an Airbnb or a hostel, or even stay at a friend’s place. When travelling with kids, however, comfort and location are the deal breakers. Whichever the case, booking a hotel as early as possible is ideal to make sure you will get a room. In addition, always have a Plan B in case something comes up months or weeks before your flight.

Rent equipment to lighten your load

Most travel destinations already have essential equipment for rent, so you do not have to bring a stroller (for instance) and pay for that extra luggage. Their availability, however, will depend on the location and demand. It is best to research or enquire directly at the destination to know their rates and the number they could rent per day.

Travelling abroad as a family has unique challenges you need to anticipate. With proper planning, you could make sure that everything will flow smoothly and that you would get to enjoy a great vacation.


How to Save on Last-Minute Travel Bookings

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silhouette of family and airplaneWhen you need to travel for leisure or business from here in South Bend, you will usually plan for it in advance. Sometimes, however, situations come up suddenly, and you have to jump on a plane at the last minute.

You may grimace at the expensive airfare and the high fees, but with a few tricks, you can save and get on cheap or inexpensive flights from South Bend.

Use Reward Points or a Less Expensive Airport

When you are an elite traveler, you can skimp on the booking fees and fly for free using reward points. Less frequent travelers will be better off paying cash, however, since reward point redemption can sometimes come with a booking fee.

Alternately, you can pay for a seat on a flight to a less expensive airport, and from there, you can drive to your destination.

Time Your Booking Right

The timing of your last-minute booking will also matter in saving money. Choose flights anytime in the morning to avoid delays and cancellations. Worst case scenario and you miss your trip; you can hop on the next flight out of South Bend.

Be Flexible with your Schedule

In connection with the trick above, you can look to red-eye flights early in the morning to save money. Airlines usually discount on these flights because people usually don’t want to travel early in the day.

When you are quite flexible with your schedule, you can fly early in the morning, although consider your layover time if you have a connecting flight.

Last-Minute Travel Tricks

Other tricks to travel cheap at the last-minute include booking a mid-week flight or searching for last-minute airline specials. You can also save when booking last-minute off-peak season.

When you simply want to satisfy your wanderlust, you can even travel without a specific destination; you can simply book a flight to someplace and explore!

With the tricks above, you can easily save yourself from the expensive airfare and fees that come from last-minute bookings. Booking in advance, however, remains the best way to travel.

Getting Lost in Bath City Centre: A List of Places to Go and See

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Poultney Bridge Bath CityThe Bath City Centre offers more than just a typical sightseeing. From warm and relaxing spa baths to impressive landmarks as well as culture and arts centre, you have a handful of places and activities to experience. Here is a list to help you explore the wonderful city of Bath:

A tour of the city’s heritage at the museum

Feel closer to the city of Bath by visiting some of the museums around. Many of these places narrate the origin as well as the rich heritage of the city. There are also museums that are close to most Bath City Centre hotels, so you will never have to be worried about getting lost or being inconvenienced. You may also go watch and enjoy your favourite play at some of the city’s theatre centres such as the Old Theatre Royal, Krow Keepers, and Theatre Royale Bath.

A Roman Bath experience

Following the origin of the city’s name, you can never miss the chance to enjoy a relaxing bath time in Bath. The Roman Baths complex is a historical site that preserves the 2,000-year old Roman public bath in the city. The place offers guests a full bath experience in the thermal waters to give them a taste of experience as to how Romans did it centuries ago.

A walk through the Royal Crescent

Hailed as one of Bath’s most iconic landmarks, Royal Crescent is truly an eye-catching place to visit. It brags 30 terrace houses that follow an impressive Georgian architecture. Aside from its unique style, what is so remarkable about this landmark is its perfect lawn, which uses a recessed or turfed landscape style to serve as its barriers against grazing livestock.

Enjoy a wonderful time on your trip to the city of Bath by including all or any of these suggestions on your travel bucket list. Once you get there, you will be surprised by the amount of activities you could do and try, so do not dare miss it out.

Travelling Made Personal in the Modern World

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a woman alone in her car, reading a mapTravelling in the modern world is more than just convenient; it is personalised. This, of course, means different things for each person — and that is the point. No one will have the same experiences while travelling, even if you are travelling together. A holiday in New Zealand can prove to be quite the journey.

Hidden Gems

One of the conveniences offered by Auckland is the abundance of car rental options. In the city alone, you can rent a car to take you to some of the best spots. If you extend your travel to the whole of New Zealand, you might discover a few hidden gems along the way.

There are hidden pools and small cafés to visit as well as plenty of memories to capture. Whether you are with the family or a handful of friends, the breathtaking photographs you take will be nothing compared to the experience.

Overcoming Limitations

While not everyone is ready to jump into travelling and experiencing new things because of fears such as agoraphobia, modern conveniences can now give one an alternative way to ‘travel.’ Take Jacqui Kenny, for instance.

While she is an agoraphobe, she has managed to explore the world through Google Street View — and she has done a bit of travelling herself to attend an exhibition of her photographs in New York.

Up next, she is planning to fly home to Auckland from the comforts of London, which she has called home for more than a decade.

A Test of Patience and Resourcefulness

No matter how much of a planner you are, things can go wrong along the way. It’s up to you to work around the challenges that arise and make the most of a bad situation. It can be a great learning experience if you know how to adapt.

There are different ways to travel, and each one is enjoyable in its own way. Make the most of your journey by collecting experiences.

Here’s How to Become a Better and Respectful Bed and Breakfast Guest

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A woman having breakfast in bedIf you are looking to have a vacation abroad, you have a lot of options when it comes to accommodations. You can go to hotels if you have the dough or you can choose to stay at a hostel if you want to save money. But if you want to enjoy the comfort of a home at a reasonable price, bed and breakfast accommodation might just be what you need.

But being a guest to such accommodation does not give you the license to be too lax and rude, either. If you want to be a better and kinder guest, here are some of the things you might want to keep in mind.

Know your host

As a sign of respect, it would be nice if you get to know your host first. If your time and budget permit, you can get them a gift from your place. Gauge their personality based on your conversations with them. Before you check in, notify your host ahead of time, knowing that they will have to make some preparations to keep you comfortable.

Know the house rules

It is vital that you get acquainted with the house rules. The rules are there to maintain order and more importantly, to protect the host’s property. If you have some concerns with the rules, ask questions immediately to avoid problems and misunderstanding down the line.

Always show up

Whether you are staying in a hotel-type bed and breakfast or a boutique b&b in Bath, it will always be a sign of respect to show up at the table or at any event you are invited. Dress appropriately to signify that you honour their invitation.

Staying in a bed and breakfast accommodation can be one of the best decisions you will make while you are travelling abroad. May the tips above help you form a harmonious relationship with the host.

Save Money on Your Next Car Rental

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A man deciding which car to rentCar rental is a major travel expense. Many factors influence the car rental rates you pay during your trip, so companies like Rent Car Manila know that understanding these factors and making the right choice when choosing a car rental service goes a long way toward reducing your car rental costs.

If you are flying to your holiday destination, then it may be a good idea to book your car rental sedan as part of a consolidated travel package from the same travel agency. This allows you to avail greater discount on your car rental. Most rental car companies partner with at least one airline to offer different types of rewards for renting a car. Airlines also offer different bonus car rental programs that give you extra credit, so it makes sense to inquire about these programs when you make your holiday reservations.

1. Choose a car rental that is suitable for your needs

If you are traveling with a large group of friends or family, then you should probably consider a coach or SUV. Likewise, if you have heavy gear, you need an automobile that has enough space for the extra luggage. But if you don’t have a lot of travel companions or you are traveling light, then a sedan car will be enough for you.

2. Look for online coupon codes

Coupon codes and other discount offers entitle you to certain privileges, such as free car rental days or discounted car rental rates. You should also consider visiting social media fan pages of different car rental providers for ongoing promotions.

If you are a business traveler, you may be eligible for additional discounts if you join a travelers’ club or avail the services of the same car rental company on your consecutive business trips.

Choose the duration of the car rental wisely as it affects your car rental rate. With most providers, monthly and weekly rentals will be significantly lower than daily rental rates.

Boutique Hotels and the Ways to Book Them Affordably

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Woman calling the boutique hotel for her reservation Traveling to another country or town is always exciting. However, you also need to have an adequate amount of money to fund not just your travels, but also your accommodation. More often than not, the place where you would stay at takes up a huge chunk of your budget.

Luckily, there are ways for you to book affordable boutique hotels in Baguio City. Casa Vallejo Hotel and other experts list some steps you can follow:

Ring them up

Aside from looking online for the best possible rate, calling the place can give you a better deal. Being respectfully persistent on the phone can give you better deals than clicking and going from one site to another.

Know when to book

Like plane tickets, booking hotel rooms during peak season and peak days would definitely give you a more expensive rate. Booking mid-week during down hours can definitely land you deals you would never have gotten if you booked earlier.

Choose your location

Most people want to have the hotel situation at the most strategic part of town to make it easier for them to go around. Being in the center of everything means paying for a price. Finding a hotel that is near the center, one that would require a reasonable amount of travel time can definitely help you save big bucks when it comes to your lodging needs.


The early bird catches the worm, but in some cases, booking rooms at the spur of the moment can give you better and cheaper deals. It might not always work for you as there are definitely risks involved in booking the last minute, but the chances of getting a room at a price that you want are definitely possible.

Do not let expensive hotel bookings ruin your holiday. Learn how to book wisely to be able to enjoy Baguio City and surroundings.

All You Need to Know About Commercial Lease Termination

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real estateWhether you are a tenant or a landlord, lease termination is an issue you may face at some point. It is a complex and sometimes difficult process that, if handled incorrectly, can be fraught with potential stress or even loss of some of your rights.

Choosing a good commercial lease solicitor like Saracens Solicitors in London helps to avoid the pitfalls and smooth out the process. Following the legal path carefully and persistently with the help of a good team will, hopefully, lead you to a satisfactory solution.

Crafting The Lease You Need

One of the best ways to ensure that you are well protected is to create the right lease in the early stages. Involving a commercial lease solicitor from the start and accurately articulating your needs is an investment in your future peace of mind. The rights enshrined in your tenancy agreement create transparency for both parties.

Understanding the legal implications of any existing clauses requires the experience and foresight that only a qualified professional can give you. Making adjustments where necessary is a process of negotiation, refinement and adherence to legal guidelines. Done well, this can provide you with a watertight case in the event of lease termination.

Identifying A Breach

Some tenancy agreement breaches are straightforward such as defamation of property or non-payment of rent. Others may require a more thorough search of the terms of your agreement, particularly if the breach is in dispute.

Legal work is largely composed of interpreting the bare bones of a law and understanding precedents of its application so that there is clarity around the way it is applied in your case. You want that interpretation to find in your favour and your legal team are tasked with making this happen. We will check through your tenancy agreement to identify anything that can help.

What you can do?

In any lease termination case, it is best to stick to the facts and allow the law to bring the case to its resolution. Any emotional or confrontational encounters or correspondence has the potential to create difficulties for your case at a later date. Allow professionals to act on your behalf. Ensure that they understand your wishes and trust that they will keep you well-informed and work towards the results that you want.

Inspiring Stories of Skiing Aficionados

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Skiing with the familyWhen you shop around ski rentals in Vail such as American Ski Exchange, you might be thinking about the fun that skiing will bring. Appreciating the winter sport that way is great. However, you may value it more by reading the following moving stories of skiing enthusiasts.

Being a Skiing Hero until the End

People who live by and for skiing should know Doug Coombs. Coombs revolutionized how big-mountain skiing was done. He introduced safer methods to skiing in long and steep slopes. He also had a title for achieving over 300 first descents under his name.

He was indeed a legend in the skiing world. Sadly, he passed away in 2006. He did not die in vain though. He was actually trying to assist one of his companions on a skiing trip in France.

Making Someone Happy and Hopeful

No one is too big or too small to help someone. The Boy Scout troop that went with Frank Carpino on a skiing trip is a testament to that. Carpino belongs to the troop, but he was not able to join the skiing trip due to his sickness.

Being the Boy Scout that he is, troop leader Ron Beaulieu planned to help their member who missed the skiing trip. Carpino got a ski specially designed for him, and he went on to ski with his fellows. The boy felt happy as he slid down the snowy slopes of a hill.

Saving Mother Nature

Even if you are someone who visits ski rentals in Vail and skis occasionally, you must have that sense that the snowy slopes are not as good as before. It has a lot to do with climate change. As the planet warms up, the snow on the slopes tends to melt a little bit faster than before.

Jeremy Jones, a professional snowboarder, knows such scenario too well. He founded Protect Our Winters to do his part in saving Mother Nature. The group includes snowboarders and skiers who are as passionate as the founder when it comes to winter sports.

Skiing can be more than just a sport or pastime. It can motivate people to dare. It can make someone smiles despite sickness. It can also inspire you to save Mother Nature along with your fellow winter sports enthusiasts.