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The Current Context of Precision Engineering

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ToolsPrecision engineering is a fundamental supporting driver behind most fields of science, ranging from healthcare to nanoscience and astrophysics or astronomy. Most of the time, maybe justifiably, the accomplishments in engineering are concealed behind headline scientific techniques and discoveries. These engineering attainments are widely relevant, particularly since they paved the way for modern devices.

Such devices include electro-mechanical assemblies, medical devices, more efficient engines, artificial human implants, renewable energy systems, mobile phones, satellite systems, cameras, television, computers and integrated circuits. Nevertheless, the progressively reliant general public is still unaware of the primary role of precision engineering.  

Way Back When

Step-alterations in precision engineering usually bring about advances in economic trade, scientific research and better products. In the 18th century, for instance, the Harrison chronometer H4 generated a reawakening in terrestrial geography. By the 20th century, both global positioning satellite system and modern telecommunications incorporate the marvelous preciseness of the atomic clock.

Come Modern Times

Precision engineering is centered deeply on the growing application of metrology to precision engineering. This multi-disciplinary scientific field of engineering is continuously searching for the ‘next decimal place.’

A Scientific study into this field consists of precision metrology, optical design and an array of inputs from nanotechnology, as well as, several modern measurement tactics. It also tackles error compensation and control engineering and fundamental philosophies, along with precision machine design techniques and principles.  

The advancements of precision technologies allow commercial manipulation where suitable and the critical examination of new scientific theories. The examples of today and tomorrow comprise of surfaces for groundbreaking hard-on-hard human joint-implants and precise interferometry for gravity waves exposure.

It even consists of high-power laser fusion systems for improving and researching sustainable energy generation. Besides, they also use exceptionally massive telescopes to detect of Earth-like planets and search for signatures of extra-terrestrial life. Suffice to say; precision engineering produces a noteworthy effect on the next cohort of engineering markets.

Take Advantage of Utah’s Booming Tech Industry

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IT SpecialistsFor IT professionals, Utah is the place to be. If you’re following the money, you will look for work opportunities in Salt Lake City, where Amazon has just announced a new fulfillment center. This will reportedly open 1500 full-time jobs, all of which are available for the locals.

But in a competitive city like Salt Lake City, how do you stand out?

Be Certified

You may think a diploma from the University of Utah is enough to land you a job. Sure, you could be right. But if you want a job that pays well, you need to be certified. Ace that A+ certification practice test to prepare for the real thing. Being a certified IT professional tells potential employers that you are not just knowledgeable; you are one of the best in the IT industry.

Know Your Platform

Information technology has several branches. Utah is reportedly doubling down on digital assistants, and tech savvy individuals are improving their skill sets to catch up. Take additional classes if you must, or go to seminars to learn more. Those certificates you get for participating in a seminar can also be handy in padding up your resume.

Should you focus on one area, then? It’s preferable to be versatile because job roles in the IT industry often require you to be, but having a specialization is an advantage if you target job opportunities looking for a particular set of skills.

Be Where the Tech Giants Are

There has been a 5.7% increase in the median salary in Utah, all thanks to the job opportunities available from IT companies. This does not mean you can get a job from just sitting at home, however. You need to go out there, find opportunities, and make a good impression. Nail your interview. Build a name for yourself through online means. Be loud. Be noticeable.

Utah has a booming IT industry, and you can take advantage of it. By following these tips, you can land a job that pays well.

Surface Preparation and Finishing of 3D Printed Metal Parts

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3D Printer in Action3D printing technology brought many new possibilities and opportunities to different fields and industries. In the world of metal fabrication, you can now actually 3D print metal parts. 3D printing allows you to produce parts that have more complex shapes or geometries.

You can produce parts with fewer components as well limited assemblies. Just like any other metal part, the 3D-printed parts you made still need surface preparation if you plan to paint it or at least some surface finishing work.

Prepare 3D printed metal part surfaces

You can perform surface preparation on your 3D-printed metal parts. The preparation can ensure that the protective coatings applied to the parts will bond well with the metal. You can use abrasive blasting cabinets for your surface preparation. Abrasive blasting is an effective method to clean metal parts.

At the same time, blasting cabinets can help you contain the blasting process as well as recycle the abrasive media used in the process.

Finish part surfaces: match techniques

When it comes to the surface finishing of 3D-printed parts, you can remember that different kinds of finishing applications work best for different metal parts. You can use one or more finishing techniques based on your metal part’s material grain size, printing technique, and geometry.

Simplify design

3D printing allows you to produce usually multiple part builds in one build or one build into several part builds. To allow for easier finishing, you can simplify the design of your build as much as possible. In this way, the finishing techniques you will use can handle the dimensional requirements of the printed parts.


Ultimately, to know which finishing techniques work best with certain printed parts, you can conduct tests and experiments. You can print metal parts for such experiments and use the finishing techniques you usually use on them. You can analyse the results, limitations, and strengths of each finishing method then.

The finishing of 3D printed metal parts can prove difficult for fabricators, but you can learn how to do it well with enough research and hands-on learning yourself.

How Viruses can be Deadly for Your Business

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SecurityIn today’s fast-paced world, almost every business relies on computers to complete their tasks. What used to take hours to finish, now employees can do within a few minutes. Regardless of how advanced this technology is, however, it isn’t invincible to threats like viruses.

Computer Forensics NZ Ltd and other online security experts share what viruses can do to businesses and what to do if ever an infection takes place:

The Consequences to Your Business
  1. Lost Data – A single virus can infect an entire network of data, causing your system to shut down and deleting or leaking everything in your hard drive. What’s worse is that it can spread to the network of your business partners and clients, as well.
  2. Lost Business – A virus can force your network to shut down. When it does so, your clients won’t have any access to you or your site. The same goes for your employees. Everybody has to wait for the system to work again before going back to business.
  3. Lost Time – Instead of working on important tasks, you put effort and money on removing the virus. Even if there are experts who can remove them within a few hours or days, it’s still a loss for your business. Your employees could’ve done something more productive.
If Your Business is Infected

Unplug the computer immediately — you don’t need to use its shutdown feature — to stop its system from running. The longer it runs, the more damage it could do to your data. Don’t attempt to restore lost files using free software, as you don’t know what the virus is and what parts of network it has infected. Let professionals handle the removal of the virus and the collection of your lost data.

Don’t let your business data become corrupted or deleted permanently. Know ways how to handle viruses before, during and after an attack.

Simple is Successful: Enhancing Your Web Design for the Best

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web design

web designSimplicity makes a website look stylish and neat; over-the-top designs will only confuse your visitors. To make sure that visitors keep coming back to your site, you need to do some upgrades. As industry authorities put it, changes can make a big difference on visitor retention.

Web design experts give some simple steps on developing your site and making visitors stay longer:

Design a logo that your visitors will remember

A logo is important for a website, as it serves as your brand’s identity. You must create and design a logo that is suitable to your niche. It does not necessarily have to be complicated; a simple and attractive design will do. As the website design experts of Perth say, what matters is that visitors will remember your logo.

Don’t go overboard with the layout

A complex layout might only confuse your visitors and prompt them to leave your site. Instead of using non-related links and pages, set main pages on top of your website and the not-so important information at the bottom.

Clean up the mess

Many websites contain extravagant graphics, to the extent that these overwhelm visitors and make the site less appealing. Clean up the unnecessary graphics that only distract the visitors from the most important parts of the website. Reduce the number of links and options to eliminate the clutter. Keep your paragraph short and simple; a single paragraph should never exceed to more than six lines.

Every little detail you put on your website matters – from the navigation buttons to the content arrangement. A professional web designer knows what the visitors are looking for and what your website should look like based on your niche. With a pleasant and neat website, you will have higher chances of getting more traffic into your site.

The Need for Precision: Top 3 Reasons the Swiss-Type Machines are Different

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swiss type machine

swiss type machineMore and more companies have realized the importance of Swiss-type machines, as it can help them increase sales and keep up with the competition. This technology is gaining popularity beyond just industrial, telecommunication, and aerospace applications. Items like CNC automatic lathes are useful when it comes to creating small complex parts for industries, such as medical, defense, and arms making.

For instance, Swiss machining can manufacture medical components for orthopedic, neurological, spinal fixation, maxillofacial and surgical instrument applications. Those long, huge, slender parts needed for medical tools are just some of the things that CNC lathes can do.

Better and Faster

A growing number of businesses use Swiss machines, as it offers speed, safety, reliability, and productivity for high-intensity work. The equipment has drilling, turning, and milling operations, which makes it possible to build intricate parts at once instead of creating workpieces using multiple machines. Swiss machining has approximately nine live tools, allowing users to conduct several operations simultaneously. In addition, it has more options and sophisticated controls available to help streamline the process.

Accurate Cuts

Unlike other equipment, Swiss machines have a precise order of cuts. Each cutting tool has different width ranges for cutoff, threading, turning, grooving and more. To make the most accurate, smooth cuts, Swiss machining provides a new generation of turning inserts with sharp edges. It reduces the likelihood of repeatability when creating difficult components.

Strict Rules for Guide Bushings

Another notable feature of Swiss technology is the sliding headstock and guide bushing. The two are the most critical parts of the equipment, as they function to get the right size. A company knowledgeable in precision machining explains that the sliding headstock contains a collet that holds and feeds bar stock through a guide bushing. Users are advised to use bushing made of material that’s suitable to the workpiece.

With improvements in technology, Swiss-type machining will revolutionize the industrial, telecommunications, aerospace, and medical industry. The need for mathematically precise parts has prompted companies to start using the equipment.

Going Mobile: Does Your Website Need it?

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mobile website

mobile websiteIn the past, having a website was enough to reach your target market online. All you need is to make each product and service available anywhere to increase profit. Nowadays, this isn’t the case. Many mobile devices are showing up in the market with features allowing users to browse the web and connect their e-mails and social media accounts.

Whether it’s an individual mobile site, a responsive design, or a mobile application, digital agencies like alyka.com.au and SEO info sites, such as Search Engine Journal and Search Engine Land, lists why going mobile is beneficial:

User Experience is Important

“Why develop for mobile if the website is accessible on smartphones and tablets anyway?” If you’re on the same line of thinking, your business won’t go anywhere. Most users don’t prefer panning and zooming in when reading content, as they don’t have the attention span, patience and time. If they know that other sites can provide a better experience, then it’s likely that they’ll leave yours. Don’t waste the opportunity and turn your visitors to loyal customers.

Many cannot Live Without a Computer

As smartphones and tablets become more advanced, many are ditching or minimising their desktop and laptop usage. They can browse the Internet and do different tasks on the go, so why would they make an effort to bring heavy and bulky devices? By making your site readable on a small screen, it’s possible to reach a wider audience.

Better Search Engine Rankings

Search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing determine the relevance of websites through bounce rate. Many users tend to leave websites, which they’ve just visited, after finding out that it’s not modified for mobile. This can affect your ranking in search because search engines will conclude that users didn’t benefit from visiting your site. Prevent this from happening by changing your site to responsive design.

Keep up with the trends, so you won’t lose customers and continue to grab the attention of your target market. Go mobile and see for yourself how it can help your website.

Time and Attendance Continuum: Preventing Employee Absenteeism

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time management softwareThere are numerous challenges to running a retail business. From inventory management to store security, you have to know how to optimise all aspects of operation. Other than these hurdles, one other issue you need to address is that of constant absenteeism in the workplace.

Truancy and nonattendance can have a huge impact on your store’s operations. It can lower the quality of your service, and raise expenses in the long run. There are many reasons for an employee to miss work, but it should never be habitual. Fortunately, there are ways to encourage better attendance.

Here are some ways to help you improve employee attendance:

Update your Time and Attendance System

Your attendance and time management software system must be up-to-date so that you have a complete view of employee performance metrics. It can help you monitor how often an employee shows up for work and completes required working hours. With such data, you can pinpoint possible attendance problems and streamline your operations.

Set up a Notification System

There are cases when an employee might not come to work because of an emergency. In such cases, you can manage the possible operational disruption by requiring them to notify direct supervisors about their case. You can then find someone who can fill in the role temporarily.

Create an Incentive Platform

Another way to improve attendance is to recognise or reward those with stellar attendance records. Doing this will positively reinforce coming in on time and being present, and boosts the morale of your hard working employees at the same time.

Talk About the Problem

Lastly, if an employee is habitually late or absent, it is best to meet with him or her privately. Try to figure out the reasons behind their truancy and look for possible solutions together. Explain how missed work days can affect business, and discuss the types of leaves they may be entitled to.

If you are aiming to improve business, you should start with ensuring workforce productivity. You can prevent chronic absenteeism and its subsequent negative impact on business by addressing it from the start.

Capturing Light at Night: Night Photography in 3 Easy Steps

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night shoot camera lenYour adventures do not stop when the sun goes down. Your camera should not stop either.

The dull skyscrapers during the day light up like Christmas trees at night and the all-too-boring fountain becomes gorgeous-looking fireworks. Night photography, although difficult to pull off, can capture beautiful scenes with a “fairy tale feel” to them.

It is one of the most talked about subjects in Singapore photography forums because of the difficulty, but it all boils down to one thing: capturing light.
Here are some steps to effectively capture light at night and turn them into gorgeous photographs:

Step 1: Know Your Camera

Like in any kind of photography, it is important to understand what your camera can do. Whether you are using an SLR or a point-and-shoot, make sure to familiarise yourself with the camera. Do you have an on-board flash? If not, can your camera have an add-on flash? Does it allow you to control the speed of the shutter or at least have a night time preset? These are the things you need to be familiar with.

Step 2: Time the Scene

Night photography happens between dusk and dawn. Each passing minute or hour offers different colours for your photograph. When there is a little bit of light, your photograph can end up with a blue sky when it is really much darker if you take a long exposure. Time your scene according to the amount of light you want and according to the capability of your camera.

Step 3: Adjust the Settings When Necessary

If your camera has abilities other than a night time setting, use them. Use a slower film speed, so that the image will be less grainy. Take note of the film speed, aperture, shutter speed, as well as the flash if you have one.

Using flash can be tricky. A good tip is to only use it when you are trying to illuminate a person; you can use it to illuminate things like the base of lighted fountains, but set it to less power.

It is a hard skill to master; shots take longer to expose and you think a lot about your settings and your composition. Once you begin your love affair with the night, however, you will understand that the difficulty of pulling off a gorgeous night photograph is truly worth your while.

Taking Sharp Photos: 3 Surefire Ways to Get the Right Focus

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camera focusYou’re on a vacation and you’ve decided to take a photo. You point your camera at something stunning, and then you shoot. You checked the LCD, but shocked to see an unsightly, out of focus photo. Have no worry, as many people have been there.

Taking sharp images and getting the right focus are the most common problems of amateurs. Though you cannot always stop it from happening, you can avoid making the same mistake again. As focus on the subject is one of the first rules of photography, you need to know the right techniques and the best camera settings to use.

Understand Your Viewfinder

This is the first step you should take, especially if you want to take photos of landscapes, nature or the environment around you. There are two types of focus points: cross point and single plane. The focus points of single plane are rectangles; some are oriented horizontal, while others are vertical. Use viewfinder to your advantage, as it can make a difference to determine which area of the image has the sharpest focus.

Don’t Use the AFP Mode

Many professional photographers do not use the “All Focus Point” mode. Without this built-in feature, you are probably wondering how you can focus on a subject. What if your subject is in the middle of the crowd? You cannot just set your focus distance and shoot.

On most Panasonic DSLRs, there is an option of selecting what point it uses to focus. According to the go-to source for filmmaking and photography, Dslrpros.com, the Panasonic Lumix GH4 camera for sale allows you to adjust which target focus zone the camera uses to focus. This lets you choose the appropriate area for your subject or the right spot for the scene.

Set Your Shutter Speed

If your photos are in focus, the viewer’s eye is drawn to important elements. This includes large blocks of colors and rule of thirds intersection points. Set your shutter speed depending on the lens you will use to get rid of blur caused by camera shake. Look for a camera that offers exceptional shutter life and meets the demands of professional use.

Keep in mind that getting great, sharp images involve a combination of different techniques. When put them altogether, you have a high chance of producing amazing photos.