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Why Do You Have Translucent Teeth?

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Woman at a dental clinic

Woman at a dental clinicIf you keep up with good oral hygiene, it’s likely for your teeth to stay on the whiter side. The sad part is, even if you brush and floss regularly, there are still instances where some parts of your teeth look translucent. It could be due to a number of factors, but noticing translucency indicates that your tooth enamel is eroding.

Highland Park family dentistry centers share why some of your teeth have a translucent appearance:

You have plaque buildup or cavities

When you let plaque accumulate on your teeth, you also allow the bacteria and acid to thrive. This can dissolve the mineral of your tooth, which may cause your pearly whites to appear cloudy or translucent.

You love sour or acidic foods and beverages

Consuming such food can erode or wear your enamel over time. The acids present in soda, citrus foods, coffee, alcohol, and tomato-based products can weaken your enamel, causing it to lose some of its minerals and lead to translucency.

You have celiac disease

Apart from gastrointestinal issues, this condition can cause poor enamel development and result in translucent teeth. If you suffer from celiac disease, you may also have recurring canker sores and dry mouth.

You grind or clench your teeth

Doing so at night or at a time when you’re stressed puts you at risk of grinding your enamel. The thing is this usually happens during your sleep, so you may not be aware that you’re grinding your teeth.

You have acid reflux

During an acid reflux attack, the acid in your stomach can come back up and affect your teeth. This can cause enamel erosion, which will then affect the appearance of your teeth.

You have hypoplasia

This causes your tooth enamel to become thin, chalky, or weak. In some cases, the enamel may not form at all. Hypoplasia can affect both baby and permanent teeth.

An eroded enamel cannot grow back, but there treatments that can restore your teeth. Porcelain veneers can alter the appearance of your teeth, while dental crowns can help the tooth regain its structure and strength. Visit your dentist to know your options in fixing translucent teeth, as well as enamel protection tips.

4 Ways to Stop Cavities from Happening

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Woman brushing her teethThe teeth have a crucial role in making sure that the food that you will be eating undergoes digestion properly. One of the factors that can prevent the teeth from doing its optimal performance is when there are tooth decay and cavities.

Fortunately for people, cavities can be prevented. You just really have to make adjustments to your lifestyle. The following are tips that you can follow to make sure that you will not be getting cavities anytime soon.

Have dental implants

If you just had a tooth pulled from your mouth, there will be a big gap in the teeth. This can have devastating consequences as it can lead to the surrounding teeth getting cavities.

As a way to prevent these cavities from happening in the first place, it is advisable to have dental implants installed in your mouth. This is so that the teeth surrounding the gap will not tilt towards the space.

A dentist that has experience in dental implant in South Bend can tell you more about this.

Regular brushing

If you want to prevent cavities, make sure to brush your teeth at least twice a day. This will take out most of the germs in your mouth. Make sure to use that has a considerable amount of fluoride when it was made.

Use supplemental fluoride

Fluoride strengthens the teeth so you may want to use supplemental items for that. Make sure to check with your dentist before doing this.

Limit eating sugar-rich food

Sweet and starchy food has the most impact on teeth. Limit eating them as much as possible to minimize risks of cavities.

The prevention of cavities is indeed possible. Sometimes, it is a matter of perspective and doing changes to how you live your life so that these health issues will be stopped even before they happen.

How to Burn Fat Effectively to Lose Weight

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Woman measuring waist lineLosing weight can seem like a painful journey that will require you to squeeze in workouts daily and avoid high-calorie food. The key to weight loss is to make small and specific goals to serve as your motivation for getting rid of excess fat.

Once you achieve your ideal weight, you have the option to undergo body contouring in cosmetic surgery clinics like Clarity Skin to correct the excess skin in several areas of your body. The procedure is done on patients who have lost significant weight and want to get rid of several inches of excess skin.

Whether you are planning to lose weight for health reasons or aesthetic concerns, these tips will help you get back into your skinny jeans in no time.

Go walking

In addition to a healthy diet, walking can help you control your weight. It is one of those physical activities that people are not afraid of doing because it is relatively easier compared with other types of exercise. Walking is perfect for people who have never had an exercise routine before, and are just starting on their journey to weight loss.

To avoid feeling overwhelmed with intense workout routines, start small by walking around the block or climbing the stairs. Through regular walking, you will not only be able to control your weight but also improve your mood, as research shows that walking 30 minutes a day can effectively decrease anger and hostility.

Avoid sugary drinks

There is a reason nutritionists always advise against drinking soda, sweetened coffee, and alcoholic beverages: their sugar content is extremely high, and they can wreak havoc all over your body. A single can of soda, for example, contains more than 10 grams of sugar, which is enough to provide about 150 calories. If you were to drink sweetened soft drinks every day, you would likely gain up to 5 pounds within a year.

While you may think that fruit juices are a healthier alternative to sodas, the fact is that they contain as much sugar as soda. Therefore, to get the most nutrients, try eating fruit in its natural form.

Get enough sleep

The longer you are awake, the more susceptible you are to give in to late-night food cravings, which can lead to weight gain in the end. Several studies have shown that sleep deprivation can make you gain weight as it slows down your metabolism. A Swedish study has also found that sleep-deprived people add 35 calories to their ideal portion size compared to individuals who are well rested. So make sure to build better bedtime habits to help you sleep better and shed pounds effectively.

The Benefits of Being a Skincare Specialist

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Female skin care specialistAre you knowledgeable of skincare, treatments, or just anything related to the skin? Then you may want to consider taking that as an opportunity to start a new career. But first, take a training course in a professional skincare specialist school such as Skin Science Institute.

If you’re curious about what benefits come with working as a skincare specialist, here are some of them:

Job offers everywhere

One of the best things about being a skincare specialist is that there are tons of places where you can work. You can work in a salon or spa to do some beauty treatments, or in a clinic for more serious cases. This flexibility allows you to choose a place where you feel more comfortable, which gives people a higher rate of job satisfaction.

Diverse clientele

Being a skincare specialist means that you would be dealing with a lot of people with different personalities every day. This means that it is a great job for any outgoing person who enjoys talking to people and finding out about their day. It’s also a great chance to learn about new things while also improving your social skills and customer service. More importantly, getting close to your clients can easily become networking for you, as they will usually tell their friends about your skincare treatments.

An exciting career

The world of skincare can be a very interesting place to get into. As a skincare specialist, you will be facing different clients, which means you will have to understand their skin type and whatever issues they may have. You will also have to assess what kind of products and treatments they would need. This gives you the chance to really upgrade your skill level, giving you all the experience and knowledge you need to be on top of your game.

Being a skincare specialist can open a lot of doors for you, especially when it comes to jobs and clients. You get to have a great job, meet all kinds of people, and become better at what you do.

Bring Back Your Youthful Look With Botox

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Woman getting botox injection

Woman getting botox injectionMany women wish to bring back their youth. The battle against the clock is hard to beat. It can bring wrinkles and fine lines to your face without proper care. Therefore, many women opt to get Botox. However, Botox can do more for you than just making you look naturally young again. More and more people use Botox in Salt Lake City as an ample solution to their cosmetic issues. Here are a few reasons why Botox can be beneficial for you.

Pain Reliever

It may surprise some, but Botox can provide relief from migraines. Since it relaxes the muscles, it means that it can block the sensory nerves from sending messages of pain to your brain. Studies have shown that people who have gotten Botox have decreased their pain by half.

Lessen Lines

There is no doubt that the most popular reason to get Botox is to remove lines on your face. Things such as crow’s feet and laugh lines can slowly invade your face as time passes, along with wrinkles. Thankfully, Botox can be the solution you need. Once the muscles on your face have weakened, after a weeks’ time you will notice a significant change in your appearance.


There is a medical condition called hyperhidrosis. A person who has this condition experiences excessive and unpredictable sweating no matter what the temperature is. One can only imagine how uncomfortable this must feel. Thankfully, Botox can alleviate this condition. As we know, Botox can relax the muscles in the face and delays sensory nerves from sending messages to the brain. In a similar sense, it can act as a blanket over the sweat glands and greatly decrease the sweating in the area.

Botox is greatly beneficial for those who are seeking to look young again. Aside from this, it can also serve as a cure for several conditions. It is less invasive compared to other cosmetic procedures while still producing the same results.

Common Dental Problems of School-Age Kids

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Children with healthy teethChildren need to be brought to the dentist as early as the age of three when their set of bites starts to come up. This way, parents can keep a close watch on the common teeth problems their kids might face, and learn how to avoid or deal with them altogether.

Kids can have dental problems even at an early age, especially if you are not upright in teaching them about oral hygiene. The most common troubles you might want to keep an eye on include the following:


Cavities are common at whatever age. If you don’t brush and floss properly, cavities could creep into the in-betweens of your teeth and eat up your healthy smile. This one is a serious problem, as it could cause even bigger troubles in the future. But cavities are preventable. Regular visits to dental care experts like scottwgrantdmd.com are your first line of defense. Doing it at least every six months is ideal.


Since kids are normally very active, they are likely to experience bumps that could cause trauma or even a chip on their teeth. If this happens with your child’s baby teeth, there is not much to worry. But if the lost tooth is a permanent one, the teeth must be put in place back to the socket, and then an emergency appointment must be called.

Gum disease

As tartar and plaque build up, the gums become unhealthy, causing tooth loss and serious damage. To prevent this, professional cleaning, which is often performed with every dental visit, is a must.

Baby teeth need a lot of babying too if you want to make them grow healthy and super pearly white. Make sure that you make it your duty as a parent to look after your children’s oral hygiene, teaching them to brush well and often, as needed.

Should You Bother Replacing Missing Teeth?

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Dental patient getting treatmentLosing a tooth is a big concern, but some people fail to realize this. This is especially true if they can still chew and speak with their remaining teeth. If you have lost a tooth and chose to do nothing about it, you are likely to experience problems later on.

Implant dentists in Northbrook, IL, glenlakedentalcare.com share what you can expect with missing teeth:

– You lose about 10% of your chewing ability (which can result in digestive difficulties)

– The remaining teeth will shift to the space created by the lost tooth (this can make you prone to decay and gum disease).

– It can make you look older (this is due to collapsed bite and a shorter distance from the chin to the tip of the nose).

– You become self-conscious about your smile, negatively affecting your self-confidence.

The longer you wait after a tooth is lost, the harder and costlier it will be to make the replacement. This is why it is always better to replace missing teeth as soon as possible. There are some options for restoring your smile.

Options for Replacement

Removable and fixed replacement options are available to fill in the spaces. A removable partial denture is a common choice, as this is inexpensive. The only problem is, it only fixes the aesthetic problem and do nothing about bone loss. You may also have to avoid certain foods, and experiences fit issues in the future.

A fixed replacement like a dental implant or dental implant overdenture is an excellent option if you have lost a tooth or multiple teeth. These options are fixed in your mouth, so you won’t have to remove them when cleaning or sleeping. They also look and function like your natural teeth. Dental implants cost more than dentures, but they are more cost-effective in the long run.

Your teeth and jawbone need interaction. This makes it essential to replace your lost teeth with the best option. Dental implants have artificial tooth root that integrates with your jawbone, preventing bone loss and preserving bone health.

Discreet Teeth Straightening with Incognito in Weybridge

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Incognito bracesAdults with crooked, gapped or misaligned teeth often reject teeth straightening treatment because they are under the false impression that traditional metal braces are the only option. Fortunately, and still unbeknownst to most people, there are plenty of discreet teeth straightening treatments available, and nothing can quite compare with Incognito.

Incognito is a brand of lingual braces that can achieve teeth straightening in the most discreet way possible. Unlike regular braces, lingual braces are cemented to the back of the teeth, behind the tongue, where they are completely out of sight. Incognito in Weybridge is suitable for children, teenagers and adults and can be found at specialised dental practices, such as Weybridge Orthodontics.

How does it work?

Lingual braces involve a much more technically complicated procedure than traditional braces. Because of this, there’s a slightly longer waiting time between the start of the treatment planning and the braces are actually being fitted behind the patient’s teeth. Incognito treatment is also a bit more expensive than regular braces, reflecting the bespoke nature of the treatment.

After the fitting though, the braces work just like regular braces. Like any teeth straightening treatment, there is some initial discomfort as the mouth gets used to the brackets. However, this adjustment period is not very long and patients tend to get used to the braces fairly quickly. In the first couple of days, patients may experience a certain amount of lisping, but this will ago away as the tongue adjusts.

After the initial placement, patients are expected to visit the dentist for adjustments and maintenance; however, these visits do not need to be very frequent.

Caring for lingual braces

Just like regular braces, Incognito in Weybridge requires a certain degree of special care, especially immediately after the placement of the braces. Patients are advised to eat soft foods during the beginning of the treatment and should brush their teeth regularly, ensuring that food remains are not trapped behind the braces. This can be quite tricky, but a dentist and dental hygienist will provide the patients with plenty of care instructions at the start of the treatment. Moreover, the dental staff will always be available to offer extra information and a check-up if needed.

The Real Deal About Botox and Men

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A woman getting a botox injection

A woman getting a botox injectionUtah Dermatologic & Medical Procedures Clinic, a Botox expert in Salt Lake City, will be the first to tell you that men, just like women, need to feel good about themselves as well. They also need the capability of anti-aging solutions to boost their self-esteem and improve their self-image.

This has become clearer in recent years. The number of men obtaining Botox injections — one of the more formidable cosmetic procedures — surging a jump of more than 200% between 2000 and 2013.

Why Botox?

Botox is a less invasive cosmetic procedure wherein the neurotoxin botulinum toxin is injected into an area that needs a lift. This neurotoxin treats muscular conditions, but it is more popular in the business of beauty as an anti-aging, anti-wrinkle solution.

Botox can erase fine lines, laugh lines, and for eye bags among others. It is a wonderful solution to give the face a significant lift that will give it a nice, youthful glow no matter what age you are in.

With the impressive results rate of Botox, it is no longer surprising that men start to become interested and actually tried the magic of this cosmetic discovery. It has become mainstream and very much accessible, giving men the opportunity to look good and in the process feel good about themselves, too.

How to Do Botox Right

With such a procedure, the main concern is always safety and effectiveness. Men have found both of these possible since turning to Botox. That explains the surge in numbers. Plus, there’s the fact that men no longer feel uncomfortable about openly showing their vanity.

With that, there is no reason for the rest to stop themselves from enjoying the benefits of Botox. Just make sure you are turning to the right experts who will be able to provide the best results. A specialist will assess the problem areas with you and discuss what you can do to eliminate them. They will also help you decide by discussing the pros and cons, the expenses involved, and other aspects that might affect or influence the outcome.

Health Plan 101: Choosing the Right Health Plan

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Person filling up a health plan

Person filling up a health planHealth insurance already has its importance etched into the word ‘insurance’. Health insurance plans exist to make sure you’re all set for life. The difference here is the choice you make. How sure are you that the plan you get is the right one for you?

You wouldn’t want your family worrying about your health all the time. Here’s what you should look for in a health insurance plan to make sure you’re getting the best deal:

Insure your health if someone relies on you

If you’re the breadwinner in your family, then taking the time to get a health insurance plan is a choice on their behalf. You can make it better by consulting a doctor before you make a decision.

Insurance gives you peace of mind

Having an insurance plan doesn’t automatically give you value. Instead, it ensures that the people you leave behind are covered financially in case something happens to you.

Health insurance should be easy

You should be able to choose a plan based on how easy it fits in financially. If it costs too much to sustain, that’s not a wise choice.

It’s an ongoing contract

Health plans are an ongoing contract between you and the company. You and the other policyholders are covered as long as the company maintains a steady profit from your plans, so pay your dues on time.

It’s not an investment

If you think you’re investing smart financially by having a health plan, chances are you’ve been misled. Health plans shouldn’t be considered as such; rather, it creates a buffer against risks that could lead to serious consequences.

When you think about it, health insurance plans aren’t solely just for you. If you look more closely, it’s like you’re insuring your family’s future more than you do yourself. Then again, isn’t that what plans are supposed to be about – for the future?