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Teak Grades Used in Boat Decking

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a covered boatTeak trim and decking have been the gold standard for the boating sector for ages, and they still are. Renowned for its ability to hold out to harsh sea conditions, teak has a deep color and gorgeous grain, which makes it remarkably attractive.

It is also non-skid even when wet, hence boosting your safety onboard. Picking the teak for your boat decks in Rockport is not easy. Many unscrupulous deck builders will fleece you with synthetic teak and other products which closely resemble teak. Here are the three grades of authentic boat decking teak.

Grade A

This is the highest teak quality and comes from the heartwood found at the very center of the tree. Grade A teak has a uniform color. It is also oily to touch, weather-resistant and durable. Though costly, this is the best option you have for your boat’s deck.

Grade B

Harvested from the teak tree’s outer heartwood, this grade is not as high in natural oils as grade A teak and has a more uneven grain and lighter color.

Grade B teak is treatable using oils, and then sealed to enhance its efficiency for boat decks. Although not as durable as grade A teak, it makes an inexpensive option for boat decks.

Grade C

Harvested from the teak’s outer sections and young trees, grade C teak is less dense and softer compared with grades A and B. It is prone to damage from harsh elements. Although you can treat it to enhance its qualities, it is not routinely used for boat decks since the treatments needed are costly.

These grades of teak are the most expensive hardwoods you will get for your boat. With the right teak choice and when properly maintained, however, your boat’s deck will last for at least twenty years. It is hence essential to ensure the teak your builder uses is worth its cost.

The Role of a Criminal Defense Attorney in Drug Case Acquittal

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illegal drugs and alcoholDrug-related cases have been increasing steadily in the United States during the past ten years. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, approximately 20% of prisoners have been accused of crimes related to drug possession, abuse, and distribution.

Due to the rising prevalence of drug-related cases, individuals must be informed of their rights to avoid detainment and arrest. If you find yourself being accused of drug-related crimes, it is crucial to find a drug attorney San Diego like defendsd.com right away.

Driving Under the Influence of Drugs (DUID)

Driving under the influence is a felony characterized by operating a motor vehicle while impaired by recreational drugs, including prescription medications. According to the laws of the state of California, there is zero tolerance for driving even with traces of drugs in your system.

Therefore, it is crucial to consult a drug attorney who can specify your rights to avoid prosecution. Your lawyer can advise you to resist tests that are forcibly ordered by the police to incriminate you. During your trial for a civil case, your attorney will work on preventing license revocation and reducing your loss of privileges. During criminal cases, a plea will be requested to ensure a minimum fine for misdemeanor and prevention of any form of imprisonment.

Suspicion of Drug Possession

Suspicion of drug possession and administration might be based on hearsay, crime leads, and documentary evidence. If the police bring you to the precinct for questioning, it is crucial to have a criminal defense lawyer before disclosing any detail. Your attorney will devise a strategy on how to handle the case to avoid illegal arrest. Since guilt beyond reasonable doubt is necessary for conviction, a drug attorney must be present during the interrogation to avoid a charge.

The Bottom Line

The punishment for drug-related crimes ranges from fines to life imprisonment. Therefore, it is essential to consult an experienced drug lawyer to avoid civil and criminal prosecution.

Finding the Right Orthodontist: What You Should Consider

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crooked teethContrary to what most people believe, having crooked teeth or a misaligned bite is not just a cosmetic problem. So it is important to enlist the help of a dentist who can not only provide you the right kind of treatment but also give you advice on how to maintain your dental health.

Below are a few things you need to consider when choosing an orthodontist in your area.

Review Their Qualifications

Orthodontists in West Jordan like Redwood Orthodontics vary in their field of expertise so look for one that specializes with your specific requirements. Read about your options and study their primary and secondary services. Most importantly, check the certifications and qualifications of your prospective doctors.

Check Their Facilities

Recent studies found that dental clinics with clean and advanced facilities help patients recover faster and make them feel relaxed and comfortable. Pay your prospective clinics a visit to check their amenities. You can also observe how the staff attends to patients waiting for their turn.

Read Testimonials and Feedback

Another important thing to note when choosing an orthodontist is to read about the experience of the clients of your prospective clinic. You can check their social media pages and read comments and reviews about the clinic’s services. In this way, you get an idea of how the staff and the dentists deal with their patients.

Take Note of Their Behavior

Whether your dental problem requires one or multiple visits, you need to look for a clinic that you will regularly visit for your checkups and succeeding appointments. For this reason, you need to find someone you can easily talk to and discuss your concerns.

Regardless of the nature of your dental requirements, choosing the right dentist will be a big help to your dental health. Consider the recommendations above in finding a competent and capable professional.

How to Get Your Patient to Say Yes to Orthodontic Treatment

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Dentist checking patient's teethEvery patient is different. With this in mind, you might probably encounter patients who are terrified of getting orthodontic treatment. Some orthodontists don’t have difficulty engaging their patients and getting them to comply, while others might find it very hard to convince their patients. If you’re one of the latter, the key is how you propose the treatment. Here’s a better way to do it.

Make sure that the conversation is a comfortable, two-way street.

You’re probably used to getting right to the point when speaking to patients. After all, that’s what most health professionals were trained to do. However, to make a patient comply, it’s crucial that you’re patient is well-informed and involved. For example, ask your patient if he or she is familiar with orthodontic treatments or if he or she knows why an orthodontic treatment is required.

Getting a conversation rolling tells you if your patient is interested in health or cosmetic benefits. That way, you can easily personalize your responses. Make your patients feel comfortable at least. Experts at Orthodenco Orthodontic Lab suggests that you show them around your orthodontics laboratory and give them options whenever possible so that they won’t think you’re preaching.

Emphasize the benefits of investing time and money in orthodontics.

You can tell your patient that a year or three of orthodontic treatment can significantly help prevent an entire lifetime of feeling self-conscious for having a crooked smile. In addition, investing in orthodontic treatment today can also help in avoiding more serious dental issues. They might be more costly, time-consuming, and painful if they do not start treatment at the earliest recommended time.

Don’t highlight the negatives.

If a patient has misaligned teeth but healthy gums, tell him or her how proud you are of his or her dental habits. After that, you can then discuss options for fixing his or her crooked smile. This can help build confidence in your patient and make the goal and entire process of orthodontic treatment manageable.

With the many kinds of orthodontic treatments available today, patients won’t really have to look very far to get the treatment needed. That is if they’re really willing to undergo orthodontic treatment. Keeping these tips in mind when consulting with patients can help build their confidence and trust in you. As a result, you encourage them to get the treatment that they need.

Properties Prone to Water Damage

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a hurricane storm just passed by this houseAccording to CNN, several hurricanes are expected to hit countries around the world, such as the U.S. and the Philippines. This will once again require residents to secure their homes, vehicles, or establishments against rainfall and wind. Here’s an in-depth look at things that need protection from such elements:


In New Zealand, manufacturers such as Isuzu Utes NZ explain that accessories like canopies protect a car from heat or precipitation. They can repel water from exposed parts of a vehicle. Your car can last for a long time if corrosion does not damage its parts.


Water damage is a problem that affects homeowners in flood-prone communities. This compels residents to invest in improvements to the household, such as roof sealants or barriers to stop floodwater or rainfall from seeping in.


These places also need protection from rain or floods. After all, these are where workers store essential documents, which can be destroyed by water. Official papers, computers and other company equipment should be protected to prevent any loss.


Warehouses that store goods should be protected from the elements. If these valuables are damaged or spoiled by water or dirt, businesses can experience a significant loss of profit.


Lastly, institutions such as museums, libraries, or churches would be crippled if they were hit by storms. The strong wind could tear apart the roofs, while the floodwater could ruin the artefacts, books and other precious belongings.

Ultimately, it’s necessary for property owners to protect their stores, cars, or homes from storms. Severe weather can cause much damage. Protective equipment, like canopies, flood barriers and leak sealants should help fix these problems.

Top Reasons for Hiring a Concrete Contractor

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a concrete contractorDo-it-yourself projects are undoubtedly a lot cheaper than hiring professionals to complete the job for you. Plus, you get to make your weekend productive and rewarding. However, there are times when projects should be left to the expert hands of professionals.

Here in Kansas City, relying on experts to complete jobs such as concrete repair and replacement rather than doing the task by yourself helps you avoid further troubles that may arise in the future. Here are the top reasons why you should consider hiring an expert assistance:

Knowing the Cause of Damage

Damage to concrete structures without any human intervention means only one thing: there is a problem with the foundation. Covering it won’t resolve the problem. It could be as simple as putting additional rebars or as big as strengthening the entire foundation. With years of experience and expertise, experts can easily solve your worries.

Building Process Know-How’s

Especially on bigger projects like redoing the entire foundation or having additional structure, hiring the assistance of concrete professionals is definitely a better choice. A usual concrete project starts with laying out the reinforcement steel bars, calculating the concrete mix and drying time, and ends with the finishing touches such as engraving, polishing, or staining. The project also includes assessment of the project requirements and application of concrete work permits.

Technical Concrete Work Aspects

Like any projects, there are plans and aspects you should follow to ensure the quality of your work. Unless you have experience as a concrete contractor or with other civil engineering works, you may not be aware that you should form the skeletal structure and the maximum dimensions per formation, which are very crucial in preventing slumps, cracks, and deformation. All of these should be done and inspected thoroughly before pouring the concrete mix.

Attempts to save money usually turn sour if you don’t have the right knowledge to complete the tasks. Moreover, you surely don’t have the right materials to get the job done, so you could end up buying equipment for one-time use. Like any expert builders, concrete contractors are equipped with the right equipment and tons of expertise and experience to complete you concrete works perfectly.

How Much Does Car Insurance Cost in 2018?

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Car Insurance Costs

Car Insurance CostsA study showed that the average cost of car insurance in the U.S. for 2018 amounts to $941.65 per year, although the price might be higher or lower in some states.

If you live in Illinois, the cost might include SR22 auto insurance from Oxford Auto Insurance. Insurers usually send this to your state of residence as proof of your compliance with auto insurance requirements.

Insurance Rates

North Dakota has the lowest insurance rate per month at $36, while the annual rate costs $428. In Louisiana, car owners pay the highest monthly and yearly rates at $152 and $1,824 respectively. Illinois ranked on the low-end scale with a monthly rate of $78 and an annual rate of $936.

When calculating an insurance quote, your location only serves as part of the actual figure. For instance, your age will be a primary factor, and rates become cheaper as you age. Insurance companies charge a higher price for younger applicants due to their higher probability of being reckless. Some states are also known to be the safest for drivers. This can influence the market rate for insurance.

Safety Record

In Illinois, the state ranked as the 40th worst state in terms of having bad drivers in 2018, according to a study. It rated each state based on the percentage of insured drivers, DUI cases per capita, fatalities per 100 million miles driven, and Google search terms for traffic or speeding tickets.

The study named Mississippi as the worst state based on these four factors. Tennessee ranked behind, while California and Missouri tied at third. If you’re planning to buy insurance in these states, you should expect higher insurance rates.

A comprehensive insurance policy includes proof that your plan meets state regulations. In some cases, evidence of being insured becomes necessary if you have a negative driving record.

These are the Worst Food and Drinks for Your Teeth

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Model tooth showing interior and decayBesides brushing and flossing your teeth regularly, and frequently visiting a dentist in Richland, WA, avoiding certain foods can help prevent oral health problems. Knowing what particular food and drinks to avoid can save you from the pains of tooth decay.


When you chew bread, the saliva in your mouth breaks down the starches into sugar. This can cause the bacteria in your mouth to release acids that attack the enamel of your teeth. If you are craving for some carbs, go for less-refined varieties such as bread that is made of whole wheat as it likely contains sugar that is not easily broken down.

Sour Candies

Candies have long been known to be bad for people’s dental health, but sour candies — not just the traditional sweet candies — are also bad for your teeth. They contain more and different kinds of acid that tend to be tougher on your teeth. Since sour candies are usually chewy, they can also stick to your teeth longer and likely cause decay.

Coffee and Tea

Coffee and tea can dry out your mouth, which can cause you to have less saliva. Saliva helps keep your teeth healthy by preventing food from sticking to your teeth. It also helps wash away particles of food. In addition, drinking coffee and tea frequently can stain your teeth.

Citric Fruits

Frequent exposure to acidic food can damage the enamel and make the teeth more vulnerable to decay. If you eat citric fruits such as lemon and lime, make sure you brush your teeth after to wash away the acid from your mouth.

Carbonated Sodas

Carbonated sodas cause plaque, which does serious damage to the enamel of your teeth. You essentially coat your teeth with acid if you drink soda instead of water all throughout the day.

You can help prevent tooth decay if you avoid food and drinks that can damage your teeth. Remember, bread, sour candies, citrus, caffeinated drinks, and carbonated sodas can make your teeth more vulnerable to cavities.

Understanding the Role and Types of SMEs

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man and woman looking at laptop, behind counter at bakeryExperts say that SMEs or small and mid-size enterprises as businesses or individuals that manage their revenues, assets, or employees under a certain threshold. That means they earn less and have fewer workers than big corporations.

An SME corporation in Malaysia explains that SMEs might be small, but they usually come up with brilliant products or services. Read on to find out more about these types of businesses and how they affect the global economy.

Role in the Community

According to Microsoft Emerging Markets chairman Orlando Ayala, small and medium-sized enterprises or SMEs play an important role in the health of local economies in different parts of the world. This makes sense since these businesses or individuals help maintain livelihoods in a small community. For example, SMEs such as small law firms could employ local paralegal assistants.

Technical Knowledge

A technical SME can refer to those who contribute technical knowledge; they often work in groups. Examples include scientists, engineers, lawyers, medical professionals or skilled trade workers. They usually have documentation that proves their proficiency in their field, like degrees or certificates.

Training and Instruction

An instructional SME refers to those who possess a degree of subject matter expertise and are often called upon for their input. Examples of instructional SMEs would include teachers, coaches, mentors, or facilitators. These professionals are adept at training other individuals to hone a certain skill, be it physical or cognitive.

In summary, small and mid-size enterprises operate on a smaller scale than large companies. These earning professionals may provide technical knowledge, such as engineers or provide instructions, such as coaches. With the help of SMEs, people can get professional help at home or in public places.

How 1031 Exchange Helps Property Investors

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hand on top of small houseWhile many people dream of making it big in the real estate sector, they fail to take advantage of every available advantage. A 1031 property exchange allows a taxpayer to exchange a property investment for another one without paying taxes or pay a limited amount for the exchange. Many investors choose a 1031 exchange because it gives them the advantage of deferring tax payments.

Many of the world’s wealthiest people have real estate investments using a 1031 exchange. In most cases, they use it as a commercial investment and lease it out to tenants. In Utah, there are properties for sale that you can buy using the 1031 exchange tax code..

The Limitations of 1031

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) explains that 1031 has limitations on property investors. Investors cannot exchange properties held for resale, stocks, bonds, partnership stocks, or certificates of trust.

Partner with the Government

If your property qualifies for like-kind exchange and you meet the requirements, you can ask the government for some money to grow your investments. When the value increases, you can trade up for rental income or increased value as you defer capital gains taxes. The money for your capital gains tax is put into the next property exchange. In this case, the government helps you build your portfolio.

Diversify your property holdings

A section 1031 property exchange, increases your seed money for the next property by up to 40 percent. It means that you can get a bigger property than you would if you paid the taxes on the sale. Better yet, the exchange gives you free rein on the kind of commercial property to purchase. You can go after an apartment block, office complex, or even agricultural land.

With so many options open, you only need to pick one that gives you the best return on investment. By trading up, you will have a more valuable property with a higher rental income, which means that you get to improve your cash flow. A higher income means that you have greater access to credit and can finance your next buy easily.

You need to be smart in your real estate investment plans if you are to register great success in the sector. By seizing every available advantage, you can be well in your way to making great progress.