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Two Experts Weigh in on the Effectiveness of Coolsculpting

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Lady's waist length determined with a tape measure

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Coolsculpting as a Lady's waist length determined with a tape measuresafe and effective body-contouring procedure back in 2010. It recently made headlines again, however, after it turned into an alternative treatment option to liposuction by promising to eliminate love handles with the wave of a cooling paddle.

Cosmetic surgery clinics like Clarity Skin conduct the Coolsculpting procedure, appealing to a female and male clientele of all ages. While the procedure might sound too good to be true, Coolsculpting experts Jason Roostaeian and Jeannel Astarita weigh in on the benefits of the fat freezing.

Mild Body-Contouring Benefits

Unlike other major fat removal procedures like liposuction, Coolsculpting does not guarantee an extreme figure change or a rapid shift in weight loss. Astarita reminds patients that muscle still weighs more than fat, saying the patients with thick, firm tissue might not feel impressed by the results. Individuals aiming for mild fat reduction — that is, up to 25% fat reduction in a treatment area — will get optimum results from the procedure since it targets stubborn fat in problem areas.

A Procedure that Guarantees Mild Discomfort

Coolsculpting procedures involve using round paddles that suction skin and fat, the same way a vacuum would. Patients normally sit in a reclined chair for up to two hours, while cooling panels crystallize fat cells. Since the procedure is so relaxing, patients can work on their laptops and take a nap while the machine is at work.

Long-Term Benefits

For the best results, Roostaeian recommends getting an early start to Coolsculpting since the skin only starts to smoothen out and look its best after about eight weeks. While the treatment guarantees permanent fat reduction, customers can only get the most out of Coolsculpting if they manage their weight properly. Astarita recommends changing one’s lifestyle through healthy nutrition and regular exercise for better, long-term benefits.

Coolsculpting is becoming popular among appearance-conscious individuals because it has the power to fine-tune fat removal. The new procedure is, in fact, breaking barriers by proving that minimally invasive fat reduction technology can yield outstanding results. 

Interesting Mortgage Facts That You May not Be Aware of

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Man wearing a suit sitting in a table showing a mortgage loan contractMortgages make buying a home affordable to many consumers. And knowing these facts will give you a decided edge when on the market for a new home or if you are looking to refinance an existing loan.

Different Lenders Apply Different Fees

Lenders use their fee structure, and not all lenders charge the same mortgage costs. Thus, it is important to compare three or more lenders when thinking of taking out a loan.

Consider not only the interest rates but also the closing costs for a mortgage in Draper you can get from reputable institutions such as City Creek Mortgage.

Mortgage Rates Fluctuate

Similar to the stock market, your mortgage rate may rise and fall throughout the day. Thus, when searching for a mortgage, it is important to determine the current rates offered by the lender. If the rate is favorable based on your research, then request to have the rate locked in immediately.

Your Loan Can Be Sold to Another Bank

After obtaining a loan from a specific lender, do not be surprised to learn that another bank has bought your loan. Lenders sometimes need to do it to create some room to extend more loans.

While your mortgage is not affected in any way, it is important that you pay attention to your statements to make sure that you only make payments to the right bank.

Your Credit Score Bears Some Weight

When applying for a mortgage, your prospective lender will check your credit reports from Equifax, Transunion, and Experian to determine your creditworthiness. Your second to the highest score will be the basis to assess your loan application, although all scores will undergo review in the process of underwriting.

You Can Get Better Rates with Good Credit

A good credit score can fetch you a preferential rate, and this is true for most types of loans. The mortgage you qualify for depends in large part on your credit rating. Thus, it is crucial that you closely monitor your credit.

Keeping these tips in mind will give you a good advantage when searching for a mortgage loan.

Teeth To Fit Real Life People

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Porcelain teeth replacements samplersMost people who want to enhance their smile just want to look healthy and natural, rather than go for perfection. As fans of Johnny Depp as Willie Wonka know, perfect teeth are really rather creepy and can garner as many stares as unsightly imperfection. Most patients don’t want to be stared at, whatever the cause. A good cosmetic dentist will be able to create a new smile that looks perfectly natural for the person smiling it.

The cosmetic dentist in Barnsley, including the ones at PDC Dental, know that, while symmetry plays an important role in beauty, no one is perfect looking. Patients may long for perfection, but, in reality, what they want is a healthy, natural look. A good cosmetic dentist in Barnsley is often one half of a team. The other half is a skilled and experienced technician who crafts natural-looking teeth restorations out of porcelain.

Porcelain as a material for artificial crowns and veneers has been a game changer for cosmetic dentists. It is strong, versatile and durable and has the same quality of light reflection that natural teeth have. Its other great benefit is that it can be coloured and shaped. Porcelain veneers and crowns can be made in any size, shape or colour.

Porcelain is what has made veneers what they are today — incredibly popular, tiny sheaths that fit over the front of damaged or misaligned teeth to give them a whole new lease of life.

Porcelain veneers can hide a variety of imperfections, and yet look completely natural. What is a great veneer on a 20-year-old is not right in either size, shape or colour for someone in their 50s. This is because as we age, our teeth become more yellow. Decades of eating and drinking, along with brushing, thin the enamel, and the yellower dentine below starts to show through. Also, at this age, the gums tend to recede, hence the description of older people appearing ‘long in the tooth’. A good cosmetic dentist in Barnsley, working with their technician, can reproduce the colour and receding gums look of older teeth, along with the less rounded biting surfaces.

Types of Mortgages That Are Common Today

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Mortgage loan agreement applicationA mortgage doesn’t always involve a 20% down payment and paying a fixed amount for the entire 30-year term. There are various types of mortgage that you can choose from.

City Creek Mortgage shares the common mortgage types that will help you decide which one is right for you, and at the same time get the most preferential mortgage rate in Utah.

Fixed-Rate Mortgage

This is the most commonly used kind of home loan today, as well as the least difficult to understand. You will be required to pay the same amount monthly, although the ratio of the principal vs. the interest in your payments will change over time. The rate of interest is locked in upon loan closing, so you will not be affected by interest rate fluctuations. While you will not suffer from higher interest rates, you stand to lose in case the rates decline.

The required down payment is usually high. Most lenders ask for 20% to avoid paying for expensive mortgage insurance. A fixed-rate mortgage loan is typically offered for a term of 10, 15, or 30 years. The 30-year term is the most popular.

Adjustable-Rate Mortgage (ARM)

An ARM makes owning a home more accessible to more homebuyers. Lower down payments are usually required, as well as lower initial interest, and lower initial monthly payments. The low interest is fixed for a given period. In general, the shorter the period, the more preferential the rate. The rate then rises and falls from time to time, depending on the financial index.

The main disadvantage of this type of mortgage is when your loan starts to adjust just when the interest rates are on the rise. This can make the task of projecting your expenses a bit tricky, and it can be quite costly if you intend to refinance your existing loan with a fixed-rate mortgage.

While there are other types of mortgages available, these two are the most common. While each type has its own set of advantages, there are also downsides to consider.

Everything You Need to Know About Title Loans

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A lot of US DollarsA title loan (also known as a title pledge, a title pawn, or a pink slip loan) is a high-rate, short-term loan that uses a clear title as collateral — usually your car title. The loan has a term of 15 or 30 days and is offered for an amount that is 20% to 50% of the value of the collateral.

When considering taking out a title loan in Provo or anywhere in Utah, there are some things you must know:

Applying for a Title Loan

You can apply for a loan online or in the lender’s storefront. Either way, you will need to file a loan application. If you apply online, you’ll get a list of nearby title loan stores. You will then need to present a clear title to your car, proof of insurance, and an I.D. photo. Some lenders may also ask for duplicate car keys.

Important Things to Keep in Mind

  • Review the loan terms – Before signing up, make sure the terms are put in writing. The loan cost must be disclosed. This means the finance charge must be stated in a dollar amount, and the APR must likewise be there. Aside from finance charges, a car title loan may also come with document fees, processing fees, late payment fees, title charges, lien fees, and loan origination fees.
  • Watch out for “add-ons” – These costs may unnecessarily increase your loan cost, like buying a car roadside service plan.
  • Getting the loan proceeds – Upon approval of your loan, you will get the proceeds of your loan. The lender then keeps your car title. You will only get it back once you have paid off the loan completely and on time.

Payment Options

In general, three payment options are available: in person, through an automated repayment system, or through an online payment system. Under an automated repayment plan, you authorize the lender to receive payments directly from your debit card or bank account once the payment becomes due.

A title loan is a fast way to get cash for your emergency financial needs. However, you must make sure to make the required payments. Otherwise, you may lose your car to the lender.

Be a Master Chef at Home: White Sauce and its Uses

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Different saucesThere are many types of white sauces, which are complex to make, but many still prefer to make the basic white sauce at home. It is not so complicated compared to other sauces, but unless you are experienced, it is best to measure your ingredients precisely.

Making white sauce

Some egg-based white sauces can be complicated to make. This is why many prefer to buy Hollandaise sauce instead. Make this basic sauce of pouring consistency by taking 1 oz. flour and butter and mix it with half a pint of milk. For a thicker consistency, you will need to double the quantity of flour and butter with half the quantity of milk. Mix the flour with the melted butter and cook for some time before mixing the milk. Whisk constantly while you heat the mixture to get a delicious velvety sauce.

Uses of white sauce

This white sauce is used to make soufflé and other such dishes. The other dishes that use white sauce include cauliflower and macaroni cheese, moussaka, lasagna, and cannelloni. You can also make other interesting dishes with white sauce. Combine white sauce with onion and use it as an accompaniment to lamb roast, chopped hardboiled egg, or fish and mushroom. As mentioned, white sauce is the main ingredient of soufflé and is also delicious with beets. Pour white sauce over poached or boiled eggs, and then sprinkle some cheese over them before grilling.

Egg-based sauces

Making egg-based sauces and sophisticated custards is challenging. A double boiler is necessary and so is a good amount of patience and time. A bowl-shaped vessel is essential too, as this will ensure that your whisking takes in all the contents around. Continuous whisking is mandatory. Fold in the melted butter gently and finally a bit of lemon to taste will do the trick. You can also use salt, vinegar, peppercorn, or white wine vinegar instead of lemon juice.

While these sauces you can make at home, you can also buy get these authentic flavored sauces, gravies, and soups like you went out buy take away food.

Provide Your Pets with the Best Care

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Dog With Its OwnerPets are like humans. They feel hunger, thirst, tiredness, and even illness. Just like us, they have basic needs and need care. Here are some tips on how to take care of your pets.

1. Provide your pet with the proper diet.

Feed your pet with the right kind and amount of food to prevent obesity. Make sure to know which food can cause allergies. For proper nutrition, ask your vet about this concern.  If you’re looking for pet food, some pet shops in California sell high-quality food and other products.

2. Take your pet to a vet regularly.

Have a veterinarian check your pet at least once a year. Also, have it vaccinated since it can also get sick. Be sure to keep a record of all the necessary information about your pet’s overall health.

3. Give your pet a place of its own.

You may allow your pet dog to roam around the house but make sure to build a kennel of its own.  Train your dog to sleep inside or stay there when told to do so. It’s a matter of teaching your dog discipline. In due time, your pet will get used to it. Make sure to clean the kennel regularly.

4. Never allow your pet to stay unrestrained inside a vehicle.

Don’t let your dog stay untethered inside your car. It is best to keep it in a carrier or kennel with a seatbelt or harness.

5. Provide your pet with a healthy environment.

Take your pet on a walk in the morning or afternoon to breathe fresh air and meet other pets. Give it chew toys or rawhide. Allow it to run and interact with other pets. Such activities will strengthen your pet’s bones and muscles, stimulate its brain, and build a strong bond between the two of you.
Taking care of your pet is very rewarding.  It will give you unconditional love and protection. It’s no wonder many homeowners feel that way towards their pets.

A Brief Guide to Moving Offices

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Moving day in the officeMoving houses is one thing; moving offices present a different challenge altogether. When you move offices, you have to take relocation costs into account, as well as keep your contacts updated. A relocation can halt productivity in your workplace for as long as an entire day, after all. When you carefully plan your office move, however, the relocation itself can run smoothly and allow everyone to get back to work as soon as possible.

Plan the Floor

As said previously, you have to carefully plan your relocation. Think about the new floor plan, first of all, and distribute the space according to the needs of your company’s departments and teams. You also have to remember to delegate space for the printers, photocopiers, kitchen, and storage areas.

Label and Number

You can be even more thorough with your planning: consider numbering the desks and individual offices, for instance. You can then assign each number to the persons who will take up the desks or offices. Finally, right before the move, check that you have access to your office building and that the moving trucks from reliable moving companies like Little Green Truck will have a park space.

Choose What to Bring

Once you have the layout work done, take inventory next. Choose which equipment and furniture you will take and which you will dispose of. Of course, you also have to order their replacements ahead of time so that they will be at the new office when you move in!

Update Your Contacts

You can hire a delivery truck and schedule your move over the weekend so that you’ll be back in business by Monday. You can notify your clients beforehand of the move and how they can contact you in the meantime. You also have to notify your bank, insurance, suppliers, vendors, and other important business associates. Finally, update your business cards, website, contact info, etc.

Moving Day!

It’s time for the move! Pack up your boxes, office equipment and other packages. You can label each box with a colour, number, or name to distinguish them easily. Of course, have all your employees help out with the move.

You are all set once you have planned your move.

Many Brits Assume Wrong Prices for Dental Treatments

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Elderly man being assisted on a dental facilityA study showed that Brits assumed the cost of dental care under the National Health Service (NHS) to be more than their true value. For instance, Brits on average believe that they will need to spend five times more for NHS emergency treatment, which actually costs just £20.60. Patients also expected to pay twice the amount for dental fillings, root canal treatment and tooth extractions.

Clueless Patients

Other than not knowing the real prices for NHS treatments, many people are unaware that the government healthcare agency offers free dental care for children, according to the study. Their lack of information likely serves as a factor for the number of children being admitted to hospitals mainly due to tooth decay.

The Gill Clinic agrees that whether you plan to have tooth fillings in London or invisible braces in Richmond, it is always important to consult with the NHS to ensure that you are paying the right amount.

Similarly, 40 per cent of the respondents remain clueless that pregnant women and those who gave birth within the last 12 months can also get free dental treatments.

NHS Policy

Brits should likewise enjoy the current arrangement for free NHS treatment, as looming uncertainty arises regarding the government’s regulatory plan for the agency. Speculation emerged about private health insurance similar to those in the US.

If this pushes ahead, the NHS will cease to exist amidst a lack of government funding and medical resources. This takes place as private sector outsourcing has amounted to almost £9 billion, accounting for 8 per cent of the annual NHS budget. But the Centre for Health and the Public Interest said that the real value amounts to more than £20 billion.

Patients should not depend on guesswork to know the real prices of NHS dental services, as some of these services apparently will not require them to spend at all. Staying informed is key.

5 Things That Make Your Teeth Sensitive

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Girl checking her teeth with a mirrorDo you wince just from drinking something cold or eating ice cream? There could be times when something triggers your teeth’s sensitivity, and it’s never a pleasant experience. Toothaches may appear to come randomly, but there have been identified causes that can help you determine what’s making your teeth hurt.

Master Dental outlines the five factors that lead to teeth sensitivity.

Since an aching tooth is never welcome, it’s important to know which of these practices and habits are affecting your teeth’s strength:

1. Brushing with force

You might be guilty of applying too much force on your teeth or using a hard-bristled toothbrush. This practice might destroy the protective layers of your teeth, exposing microscopic tubes or canals that are connected to your dental nerves.

2. Eating acidic foods

If these tubes that lead to your nerves are exposed, then eating acidic food can inflict pain on your teeth.

3. Grinding your teeth

This destructive habit can wear down the enamel that’s coating your teeth. Once the enamel is gone, the dentin – or the middle layer of the tooth – can be exposed and affect your dental nerves.

4. Using ‘tooth-whitening’ toothpaste

These types of toothpaste promise to make teeth look good, but may actually be detrimental to your teeth’s strength. Some people can react sensitively to the chemicals found in tooth-whitening agents.

5. Gargling mouthwash excessively

A weakened set of teeth might be a trade-off to a fresh breath. Some over-the-counter rinses contain chemicals that actually contribute to your teeth’s increased sensitivity.

Temporary relief through homemade remedies and instant fixes can help, but you can’t always predict when something is going to cause a terrible toothache. It’s best to consult with a trusted dentist who can provide you with a long-lasting repair to your sensitive teeth and improve your oral health. If you haven’t had your teeth checked, perhaps it’s time to eliminate sensitivity by making an appointment.