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What to Consider When Expanding a Restaurant

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Chef holding a dishSetting up a successful restaurant business is a great achievement, but once your little restaurant is a success, the question of expansion arises. Expanding your restaurant business can take different forms: service extension, additional menu dishes, or another location. But you should consider these five factors when expanding and growing your restaurant business.

1. Funding

An additional restaurant is expensive, so the primary hurdle is always money. If your first restaurant is doing well, banks and lending companies would be a bit more receptive. You can partner with an investor see a lending company to fund your restaurant expansion.

2. A Proper Business Plan

Expansions require a solid business plan. It should include a solid concept for your restaurant and a target market, the menu and pricing, details regarding human resources and equipment, as well as advertising and marketing. It should be tailored to your new location and suit the target market.

3. Location

A second location presents multiple problems. It should be near your locality so customers would still recognize your brand, but it should be far enough to cover a different target market. You should also study the different zoning regulations, additional permits you may need for that location, as well as the lease and renovation costs.

4. Staffing

A restaurant needs a qualified staff both inside and outside the kitchen. You can promote staff from your first restaurant to the other as long as they are capable — but you need to be sure that the standards of both restaurants can be maintained. You can train staff in your primary restaurant before they continue in your secondary one, or have some of your original staff serve in your new location.

5. Equipment and Food Inventory

Make an inventory of all the new equipment you will need, both in and out of the kitchen. You should inform your suppliers to ensure that everything in the menu stays available.
Expanding a restaurant business can be a daunting task, but transforming your business into a lasting brand is an achievement.

SEO: Putting Companies at the Top

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Man writing in a notebook

Man writing in a notebookThese days, all companies that want to stay competitive need a digital presence. Although the SEO industry has been around for quite a while, some entrepreneurs or companies remain unfamiliar with the term and benefits.

It means increasing a company’s online search ranking by increasing its searchability or visibility online. Search engine optimization (SEO) agencies in Virginia or other parts of the USA can play an important part of any digital marketing campaign. This is done by increasing keywords online that link back searches to the company’s website.  Although this may sound straightforward, an efficient SEO agency must have a clear understanding of Search Engine Management, Google AdWords, Pay Per Click, and WordPress.

What can SEO agencies do for companies?

1. Search Engine Visibility

An SEO agency helps you get the top spot in search engines by improving the content of your website. Creating good, searchable content increase visits to your website or page. This, in turn, leads to better sales opportunities.

2. Right Target Audience

Aside from increasing website traffic, a good SEO company lets you focus on the target audience for your company. Keywords and phrases that are correctly aligned to your business will increase chances of conversion.

3. Measurable Results

A good SEO Agency is able to give a complete and detailed report on your spending. They can effectively measure results through analytical reports. They are able to report website or social media traffic and volume.

4. Recommendations

A good SEO agency is able to give proper feedback and recommendations based on the results of their report. They can give an honest assessment of what are your needs, based on the analytics.

5. Product Knowledge

A great SEO agency gets to know your brand like its own. They are able to combine creativity and dependability. Searchable content involves choosing the right buzzwords to increase visibility.

An SEO company will help you keep up with your competition. A great one will put you ahead.

Why Canadian Retailers Should Focus More on Digital Marketing

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A Businessman Studying A Digital Marketing MapRetail companies in Canada may not find this year to be a favourable time, amid store closures of some major brands and the rising popularity of e-commerce. Experts attribute this gloomy business environment to most businesses’ failure to recognize changing consumer preferences.

If your business is in Ottawa, social media marketing and mobile campaigns can be some of the solutions for this.

Understanding Trends

Toys ‘R’ Us Canada and Sears Canada’s business shutdown illustrated the impact of shifting consumer trends. Willy Kruh, KPMG global chair for consumer and retail, said that launching marketing campaigns tailor-made for millennials could be a solution.

At least four out of 10 young people still live with their parents. Since most millennials prefer online shopping, this habit becomes noticeable to their parents who in turn adopt the practice. By targeting millennials, there is a possibility of connecting with an older demographic at the same time, according to Kruh.

Retailers can achieve this by using some of the digital marketing trends that will be dominant in 2018.

Online Initiatives

Marketing campaigns for social media should be your priority when targeting millennial customers. For instance, Facebook and YouTube are the two most popular websites between July and September 2016 with almost 1.8 billion users and 1.3 billion users, respectively.

This presents a goldmine for possible leads and sales conversions. You can complement your social media strategy with a mobile campaign since most young people now own a smartphone. However, be sure to optimize your website for mobile phones.

A survey showed that almost 60% of users would recommend a business based on the efficiency of their mobile website.


Despite a rocky environment for retailers, Canadian businesses can still endure a tough year ahead by being familiar with consumers’ new shopping habits. This would be possible with the help of a digital marketing service provider.

The Personality of Your Business: The Facets of Branding

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marketing branding design concept

marketing branding design conceptWhen it comes to marketing and advertising, customer relatability is among the most important things to keep in mind. Many brands are quite obsessed with it without knowing that such factor only happens if they invest in another core aspect of marketing: branding.

Branding is your identity; it’s what gives your business a personality and its tangibility. When things about your enterprise are concretized, consumers will find it easy to trust your brand and look at your business with faith.

There are many reasons big corporations, such as Pepsi and McDonald’s, are invested in branding. And you should, too. Here are some things to keep in mind to get started:

The Visual Identity

The visual identity or the logo of your business is the representation of your offerings, mission, and vision. Normally, it should state the offerings and name of your business. That’s how straightforward it should be.

Decide whether the identity will be a logotype or a logomark. Incorporate the typeface of your choice and the elements that will represent your products and its people. Colors for web design and graphic design are also important. You may seek to work with a reliable provider of web design in Utah for this project.

The Voice

You surely want your brand to be relatable yet authoritative. You may also want to be friendly, but still reliable. This is where the importance of brand voice will come in. The voice of your brand is basically the way you use language. If you’re running a business-to-business enterprise, an industry-specific set of jargons will do just fine. If you’re running a food business, on the other hand, you may want your brand to sound warm and friendly.

The Tagline

The tagline of the business is the soul of your commitment and mission. Therefore, it has to be simple and easy to understand. One good example of an effective tagline is Nike’s Just do it!

These are just some of the things to keep in mind when creating your brand. It can be summed up in three words: “Make it memorable.”

Give Your Business an Edge in the Market with Two Moves

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Female entrepreneur working on businessMany business owners struggle to give their firms a competitive edge on the market, and it leaves them at a disadvantage. Fortunately, giving your business an edge doesn’t have to be a difficult undertaking.

The key to getting ahead in a tough market is making your brand and business stand out. As such, you need to get people to notice your products in addition to giving them a reason to choose your products over the competition.

After all, advertising is all about persuading customers that you are the best option on the market. With the help of a creative advertising agency, you can gain a considerable edge over the competition with great ease.

1. Tell a compelling brand story.

Many companies flounder in the dark when trying to differentiate their service in a tough market. The situation tends to compound when selling two identical goods or services. For instance, differentiating your pizza shop, for example, from the one down the road might seem like a Herculean task.

After all, you both sell delicious pizzas. That’s where brand stories come into play and give you an edge. You might have the same finished products, but your preparation process might be worlds apart. Creative advertising makes use of these idiosyncrasies to craft a compelling brand story.

2. Create an image and live up to it.

Successful brands cultivate an image that sears into the brains of the consumers. That’s the reason you reach for a Kleenex instead of tissue after a spill. You too can borrow a leaf from these market leaders.

For instance, instead of being the flower shop with great flowers, rebrand into one with extremely helpful staff and great variations. All it would take is a little training for your staff, and you have your edge. You would need to identify one aspect that people like about your business and then amplify it.

In fact, you can make these qualities part of your mission statement. You only need to live up to your promise to differentiate your business.

The secret to achieving success when operating in a tough market is to give your business an edge. In most cases, it only entails taking a closer look at your business and creating a compelling brand story.

From ‘Meh’ to ‘Wow’: Improving Your Website’s User Experience in 10 Ways

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Web analytics on laptopWhen was the last time you checked how your website looks? If you don’t remember, it’s probably time to consider a makeover. With changing technology and dwindling attention spans, your website may be looking pretty outdated and uninteresting by now.

Statistic Brain Research Institute data shows that in 2000, the attention span of humans averaged to 12 seconds. About 15 years later, it’s only at 8.25 seconds.

This means that your website only has eight seconds to make visitors understand what you’re saying and convince them to stay, so better look at your website design. In Utah, for instance, SEO Werkz noted that there are digital marketing agencies that can assess your site’s user experience and determine what needs improvement.

Improving User Experience on Your Website

  1. Optimize your site for mobile and make it responsive. Doing so will make sure that users can access and navigate your site no matter what device they’re using and no matter the screen size they’re browsing your website on.
  2. Make 404s worthwhile. Running into 404s is annoying for users, so check your site for any. You can also make any existing 404s worth the while by providing users with options to find what they’re looking for.
  3. Make your design consistent. Consistency in design will make for a good user experience. Different layouts, colors, fonts, and other design elements on different pages can make users feel confused and lost.
  4. Really think about your headings. Include your target keywords in your headings and make sure your titles are written in a way that they can guide visitors through your site and help them easily find the content they are looking for.
  5. Use images wisely. The images you use on your website should be relevant and able to establish a connection between your users and your brand. Use your own actual images as much as possible and position them strategically so they support your content and provide users with breaks from blocks of text.
  6. Bullet it up. Short attention spans call for bullets to highlight key points in your content. Using bullets allows readers to get all the information they are looking for in a short amount of time.
  7. Make links identifiable. Hyperlink length and differentiation are appreciated by users because they would know these are links and can be clicked for further information.
  8. Make Calls to Action attractive. The operative word here is action, so mark your CTAs with a clearly marked action word that will compel visitors to do something: “Sign Up Now” or “Get Started Today” are a couple of good examples.
  9. Increase page speed. Users do not like being made to wait to get what they want. A site or page that loads slowly is more likely to be abandoned, so make sure your site pages load quickly. Aim for a load speed of at least less than two seconds.
  10. Utilize white space effectively. White, empty space is good because it makes your website look modern, fresh, and open. Too much white space may take up valuable space for content, however, so find a good balance.

What do users expect from a website? It should be easy to navigate, informative, enjoyable to browse through, and aesthetically pleasing. You should aim to design your website in such a way that it meets these criteria and maximizes user experience.

Top 4 Trends in Property and Casualty Marketing

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people using marketing strategiesChange is not just a phase in life; it is an everyday thing that makes life worth living. Changes in marketing trends in the insurance industry have come and gone, but it seems like some are here to stay.

Here are some property and casualty marketing trends that are influencing consumers are the following:

Content is on top of the list

Advertising costs are going up by the day, and you will only get returns from that if your content is relevant. Businesses that offer custom content display a willingness to build relationships with their customers; it goes beyond selling a product or service to consumers.

More videos

In this digital age, you cannot afford to ignore the use of videos to convey your message to your customers. Videos make up for about 70 % of Internet traffic. They are more engaging than written content and allow you to say much in less time. More videos mean high traffic to your website, which will turn constant viewers into customers.

Your website is the mirror of your business

You cannot risk having a website with information that is out-of-date. Chances are before anyone comes to seek your insurance services, they will check out your site to see what you have been offering. Update all the information to avoid losing any customer.

Increased demand for mobile optimization

Most of the Internet usage is on mobile phones, and that number is growing year by year. Millennials, who are the majority of mobile Internet users, will soon be buying a home or a car and will need insurance services. Optimizing your digital presence for mobile viewing makes it easy for these millennials to access your website and learn about your services.

While many people tend to oppose change, the above aspects of it are worth considering. Technology is here to stay, and, if anything, it will only get better. Embracing technological changes in marketing will boost your business and keep you on the front line.

Hit the Ground Running: Building an Online Presence for Your Business

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Person working on laptopA good marketing strategy is the heart of any successful business. You need to reach and create a connection with your current and prospective customers to see your operations running continuously.

In the past, successful advertising and marketing campaigns needed a considerable budget. Luckily, that’s not the case now thanks to online marketing. With a little bit of effort and help from the right people, you can grow your business quickly and efficiently.

Create value that will make your market hooked

You stand a better chance of increasing your sales if you engage more in solving problems than pushing your products to the public. That doesn’t mean you’re disregarding your sales efforts, though. Rather, it means you’re approaching it from a different perspective.

Instead of highlighting the features of your products and services, educate your market on how these could help improve their lives. In most cases, people buy something to solve a pressing problem. You stand a better chance of increasing your sales if you make this connection for them.

If you’re unsure how to approach this, you can hire the services of a credible web design company in Jupiter, Florida to help you design an informative and professional-looking website. You can set a product page with a big space on the side for product details, for instance.

Define your target market

The key to a successful business is the ability to create a meaningful connection with your target audience. Identify your niche market from the get-go, as doing so lets you build a strategy that resonates with your customers.

Knowing your target market enables you to build a website that appeals to the people you’re reaching out. If you’re targeting young professionals, for instance, optimizing your website for mobile could increase your traffic. This allows more people to access your site and stay there to buy something.

If you’re looking for an efficient way to grow your business, you can never go wrong with going online. You only need to be sure that you do it right from the get-go.

Marketing Strategies for B2B Companies

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Computer showing B2B Marketing on office desk

Computer showing B2B Marketing on office deskB2B marketing continues to evolve. One of the ways it has advanced is the specialization that B2B companies have developed.

Many marketing agencies have started specializing in one industry or field. One example is leanoilfield.com, which thrives in the oil, gas and energy sector. Specialization allows companies like them to focus on their niche market where they have the expertise. The clients of such businesses also get to be treated to industry-specific strategies and content.

In a competitive market, many companies require digital marketing strategies to highlight their specific skills and advantages, and a marketing agency that focuses in their field is a boon to such a company.  These agencies use the following marketing strategies.

Diverse Content Marketing

A continuing trend in digital marketing is content marketing. This strategy enables the company to create the image they intend to have. They can highlight their expertise to a specific niche market through a post, blog, or message. They can send pertinent information to potential clients easily.

Showing off expertise and knowledge creates a trust between the potential client and the marketer. The free nature of content marketing allows easy access to information which can be used immediately by the potential customer.

Visual Content Marketing

Using visual materials is one of the most effective tools. Using infographics and videos allows more views from industry members. These are often more eye-catching, easy to understand, and can be digested in a short time. Videos and infographics present content using images and symbols that audiences could quickly understand.

For many companies that have used their specialization to create a mark in their industry, the flexibility of content marketing has improved their reach. It can be free, can establish authority, and provide information. Using visual content also allows businesses to take in a lot of information with a quick overview.

Changing Your Car Wrap: When to Do It

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A car wrap being put on a carCar wraps for trucks, vans, trailers, or buses have taken the advertising industry to another level. One great thing about the car wraps in Fort Worth, Texas, is the ease of changing them when the contract ends or when you want a little change. It is easy to be confused about the right time to change them.

To Highlight Changed Situations

Imagine you have the car wrap already on your vehicle and then your business gets a prestigious award. Awards increase the value of your business and are likely to grant you more clients.

In such a scenario, it makes sense to get another car wrap that includes this major accomplishment to get more clients and indicate consistency on your end.

Amend or Complete Overhaul?

Admit it — there will come a time you’ll need to change your car wrap. When this time comes, it is important to remember consistency in your design elements. Do not alter the key elements of your original car wrap design.

The public should see a different message, but the design should be consistent with the previous car wrap. You could display a different message, but the car wrap color and layout offer consistency to your message.

Seeing your car wrap daily can make it look boring, but think about it. How many people see your car wraps in Fort Worth, Texas for the first time in a day? Quite a number, right? It is for this reason you installed the wrap in the first place.

Even the customers who have seen your car wrap need to see it over and again so the message sticks, and you will be the first person they contact when they need your services.