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How Innovative is Your Storage System?

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Boxes in the shelves of the warehouseYour business is growing so fast that your current premises are seemingly turning smaller with time, especially because you need a safe and adequate space to keep additional stock and paperwork. And you are now planning to relocate to a larger office, workshop or warehouse.

But have you stopped and considered that using innovative storage and material handling solutions could save you the hustle and unnecessary cost of moving to a new premise?

If you have a knack of storing files and stacking stock to keep them safe and easily accessible, what you need is to find an efficient self-storage system, such as longspan racking or shelving, like those provided by Containit Solutions.

But it is not enough to have a good storage system. How well you maximise your business’ self-storage unit is key to optimising your storage space.

What is the distance between the storage units?

Using racking systems is a good way to organise things in your warehouse, workshop or office. But you should leave adequate space between parallel racking units to access your stored items easily while following regulations for workplace health and safety.

It is important that you also put the items you often use at the front to avoid disarranging your storage unit, and to minimise the time you take accessing your stored items.

How organised are your storage units?

Using storage boxes is a good idea to keep your storage units well organised and free from unnecessary clutter, but you should ensure you use sturdy boxes, as they are more durable, and can endure constant movement with minimal wear and tear.

If the boxes are of uniform size, you will find it easy to stack them and optimise every level of your racking system. Use labelled hanging files in place of storage boxes to store paperwork for easy accessibility. It is also important you keep an inventory of all your stored items.

Contact a trusted and experienced provider of longspan shelving products and other quality, innovative solutions for storage and materials handling in offices, warehouses and workshops to explore options for maximising the capabilities of your self-storage unit.

How Do You Improve Your Online Value Proposition?

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Businessmen looking to a laptop screen discussing strategy

The value proposition is just a handful of sentences, but these can make or break your company. It differentiates your brand from the competition and provides potential customers with an idea of what you do, who you are and if they can benefit from choosing you.

A digital marketing agency in NYC Coforge Marketing can help you with this in your business. Here are some strategies that can contribute to improving this aspect of your business.

Know and Show Your Value

Some companies do not know who they are and take a general approach to creating and implementing their value proposition. This strategy may get you somewhere, but you may hit a stagnant point where you are in the middle, not bad, but not great.

Take a top-down approach to analyzing your brand; identify your strengths and weaknesses. With this knowledge, determine which products or services suit your company and your target audience.

Understand the perceived value of customers about your business; once you do, you have a competitive advantage and can build a loyal following.

It Helps to Quantify

If your company sold 5,000 pairs of shoes in a month or helped 1,000 clients reach the top of a search results page, say it. People want to see numbers; words can only get you far enough, but once your audience sees substantiated proof of your value, they are likely to believe it. 

Data plays a big role in determining your value proposition, and what you can do for customers. Monitor certain metrics that are relevant to your niche and use these to convince your market to choose you and stay loyal.

Clarify Your Value in the Copy

Whenever a potential customer visits your website or social accounts, they must know what your specialization is. This is when the copy must deliver; it must contain the keywords and your main selling point.

These tactics enable you to create and implement a strong value proposition. The latter allows you to build a more powerful brand that people can relate to and rely on.

The Cloud: How this Century’s Data Collector Enhances Your Business

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Cloud Storage SymbolCompanies of all sizes value the flexibility and adaptability of the Cloud. According to a recent survey by 451 Research, around 60% of major enterprise workloads will run in the Cloud by halfway through 2018. When enterprise resource planning (ERP) processes are made easier through technology, a business is likely to flourish.

Minimising Human Error

ERP is like the central nervous system of every company. It stores information and makes this data available to those who need it. Cloud-based ERP systems take tasks that are both time-consuming and expensive to manage and provide you with tools to allow you to better meet the needs of your clients.

Appointment scheduling, customer relationship management (CRM), sales, recruitment and accounting are a few business areas that are highly dependent on bookkeeping and data storage. With the Cloud, there is no more need for employees to go back and forth from each office to retrieve documents. Just one click on the Cloud will direct any important information from the system to the employee.

Security is Fashionable

Many Cloud systems are communal, which gives the impression that your data in that virtual sphere is insecure. Data, however, is even less secure when dealt with physically. All offices and workstations are vulnerable to theft — storing data on technological platforms lessens the risk file breaches.

Since data centres are not foolproof, it is important to employ an IT professional who is knowledgeable in dealing with Clouds. Although it might make some business owners dubious, entrusting your Cloud to an outsourced provider will give you more accurate and efficient system processes. Cloud professionals know that data should be protected by hack-resistant software and require authorised access to increase security and lessen the risk of intrusion. Security is what you need for your company, and Cloud professionals will provide you with just that.

The Cloud has revolutionised the way businesses get work done, making it the de facto IT infrastructure. The more a company strives to lessen the risk of information breaches, the more trustworthy it will be as a business.

Trends in Visual Content Marketing for 2017

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Youtube On A Laptop

When you implement visual content properly, your brand can be immensely popular. Content, such as videos and infographics, can engage and attract audiences to your website. A survey states that from 2015 to 2016, the use of visual content increased by a whopping 130%.

Visual content is a powerful tool in marketing because digital agencies, including SWELL, agree that it tells stories about your brand more effectively than text. If you want your target audience to remember you, not only do your materials have to be colorful and pretty, but they also have to represent your brand well.

Here is a list of this year’s trends in visual content that are sure to attract and resonate with your audiences.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

The use of VR now transcends gaming, as there has been an influx of its use in videos recently. The technology engages audiences and immerses them within the brand’s story, giving consumers a taste of what’s to come.

Another popular choice would be 360-degree tours of facilities, which can offer a unique experience for audiences.

Both are big investments in terms of cost, but these also offer consumers a new way to see and interact with your brand.

Color Surge

If you’re thinking of adding a pop of color into your visuals, why not use movies as your guide? Think “The Grand Budapest Hotel,” ”La La Land,” or “Moonlight.” Thanks to cinema, color in branding is becoming a trend. Push the boundaries of your color palette and let these tell your brand’s story.


Show real people in your content. Whether you’re looking through stock images or a selection of your own, find something that is true to your core values, mission, and vision.

New Naivety

Forget polished curated images. Instead, go with raw, real images. This trend is all about embracing candid visuals: spontaneous, playful, and uncomfortable.

Your brand has a story to tell. Deliver it in a way that’s not only engaging, but also genuine. And look to trends that best “speak” to your audience.

4 Smart Ways to Improve Traffic to Your Business Website

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Web Traffic ChartWith the proliferation of websites on the Internet, the competition for traffic has never been higher. Here’s how to make yours stand out.

Post Great Content

The content you post defines your site and visitors want to see something fresh, relevant, and interesting. So, spare time to examine the posts that your website currently has and take down all the stale and outdated ones. Work with a London SEO company like Improve My Search Ranking.com to develop content that ranks highly on search engines to boost traffic flow.

Improve the Speed of Your Website

A slow site is an instant turn off to visitors. As such, the faster your site is, the higher it will rank on search engines. If yours takes more than five seconds to load, it is time to do something about the speed. De-clutter your site to lighten it up. Avoid posting too large files, pictures, and videos as well.

Keep Your Site Simple and Attractive

Consult a professional web developer to design a site that is interesting to look at; keep it simple for smooth user navigation. Organize the written content neatly into titles, subtitles, and paragraphs to make it easy for visitors to read it. In addition, the pages should have consistent graphics and pleasantly blended colours.

Write Guest Posts

When you create your website, you may find that you have only a small number of visitors initially. An effective way to quickly increase traffic is by guest posting on a website that has more visitors than yours. Once visitors to that site read your work, they may click over to your site and give you a whole host of followers.

The explosion of websites on the Internet might make it hard to attract and retain traffic on your website. Take extra measures to ensure that your site is highly attractive to users.

With some ingenuity and hard work, you can have more people visiting your site in no time.

Three Common Problems Homebuyers Face when Purchasing Real Estate

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Title insurance paper work from an expert with his penPurchasing real estate is not just a big financial decision — it can also be physically and emotionally taxing. Moreover, moving to a new house can be grueling. The process could take days or weeks to finish.
But the move is a concern for the future. There are, in fact, several issues that a homeowner could encounter and deal with right from the moment of purchase. Here are common pitfalls that homebuyers experience when buying real estate.

Title Problems

When buying a new home, it’s not enough that you check the property alone. You also need to examine the real estate/land titles. Working with a title insurance company in New Jersey will help you determine if the seller is truly the owner of the house.

Examining property paperwork ensures that the title is clean and that the property is free of any undisclosed heirs. Additionally, acquiring title insurance will also help you deal with legal problems in case someone challenges the purchase.

Problems with an Old Home’s Structure

While old properties may appeal to buyers because of their value as period architecture, prospective buyers should be careful in case the house they plan to buy has existing structural issues. When buying older properties, it is advisable to work with homebuilding professionals who can spot problems. This way, costly repairs in the future can be avoided.

Insufficient Inspection

A home inspection should not be limited solely to the property. You also need to explore the community to find out if it is a place you can imagine settling down in. Getting to know the locals and the community vibe will help you decide if the community is right for you.

When looking for your new home, don’t rush things. Take your time and talk to as many experts as you can before deciding to move for good. It is, after all, better to spend time searching for the right home than rushing through the process of buying one and regretting the decision a few years down the road.

Secrets to Choosing the Right Digital Agency That Suits Your Graphic Design Needs

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A Team of Digital Marketing Specialists

A Team of Digital Marketing SpecialistsChoosing a digital agency that offers graphic design services is not easy. You have to spend a lot of time looking for various options and browsing through portfolios and websites. While some are within Australia and others are overseas, they all promise to provide the best services for your company.

Choosing a digital agency like Voodoo Creative that offers graphic design services in Melbourne could be your best bet. However, what other qualities should you look for when choosing the right one? Here are some factors that can help you decide.


You’ll know that an agency is highly creative not by the number of projects that it handled in the past, but by the variety of its completed projects. A digital agency is creative if it has successfully handled small to large campaigns, companies, and projects before.

Another indication of creativity is the availability of dedicated graphic designers that a digital agency has. It should at least have separate designers for print materials and website graphics.


Of course, there’s the matter of budget. Right from the start, a good digital agency should give you a quote that includes all your requirements, without hidden charges and fees. Alternatively, if you’re not sure which services you need, your chosen agency should provide you with a list of what it can do for you with the corresponding costs.


Working on a project requires constant communication between business owners and designers. Hiring a digital agency that offers graphic design services in Melbourne enables you to reach them almost instantly, especially when something important comes up. You can also quickly check on them if they’re just within the area or region.

A local digital agency can provide the same expertise in the same way large, foreign companies do. You don’t have to go far to hire a good one. They’re just right here. Trusting local designers is the best way to ensure the success of your digital campaigns.

4 Important Tips When Buying a New Home

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A couple who are house buyingIn the market for a new house? It’s an exciting time that also comes with its set of challenges. Before deciding to buy a house, there are many non-optional steps you have to take to ensure that you don’t get headaches later on.

This article discusses five important tips that you should consider when buying a new home.

Carefully study how much money you can spend

Finances are one of the biggest factors to consider before taking the leap into homeownership. Ideally, you’ll have a sizeable down payment in cash that you can put down without hurting your current finances. It could be tempting to go for a low down payment home loan, but that often comes with monstrous interest rates that could hurt you in the long run.

Talk to professionals

Buying a home is a serious matter that requires the help and assistance of professionals. Real estate firms like First National Real Estate Mills & Gibbon have the expertise to guide you through the process of purchasing a house. From evaluating your financing options to house hunting up until you close on a house, they can help.

Research the location

You might know the size and design of the home you like but one of the most important things to consider when house hunting is the location. If you have kids, the quality of schools in the area should be a top concern. Just the same, security and safety should be considered as well.

Think about the future

Before deciding on a home, think of the future first. Do you see yourself and your family staying in that home for the next few decades? What is your strategy in case you decide to move out? Is it an area that seems to be appraising in value?

There are many things to consider when buying a new home. Never rush into it and make sure you get the help of experts in real estate.

See the Beauty of Growing Old with Assisted Living

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Assisted LivingYou wake up one day and realize you are no longer able to do the things you used to. You are no longer as strong as you were in your 20s. You can no longer run as fast as you could when you played as a little kid. Indeed, time passes right before your eyes.

This doesn’t mean that your life should decrease in significance and quality. It simply implies that you need more help from other people for you to get by. Ideally, this help would come from your loved ones. However, they may usually be busy with work or studies. In this situation, seeking assisted living in Utah would be an ideal way for you to tread.

It’s Barely the End of the Line

One thing you need to know is the difference between assisted living and a nursing home. The latter pertains to full dependence on a health care staff to let you go about your day. This would involve the most basic of tasks such as toileting and taking a bath. On the other hand, the former is more of a temporary guard to keep you safe in the case of injury, like a fall. This would give you the assurance that you have someone to look over you in should there be moments that assistance is crucial.

An important aspect you should put into perspective is that you should be more accepting and understanding of your current state.

Get Busy with Activities

Although you would be moving out of your home, you might be surprised at how you are likely to feel more situated with assisted living. Of course, it would still depend on whether you picked one with good facilities. This is because there are institutions, which provide enjoyable activities that are safe and ideal for the elderly. Unlike the isolation you would feel at home, there’s plenty of room for interaction as you meet other people in your age group.

With the ambience and events you are to experience, there will continuously be a positive environment around you. You would soon come to realize that growing old is not so bad after all.

How High LTV Can Keep You From Refinancing Your Mortgage

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Mortgage Refinance in Utah

Mortgage Refinance in UtahAs interest rates in Utah are at record lows, many homeowners are keen to refinance their mortgage as soon as possible. This is generally a sound move, particularly if you have no plans to sell your house and change residences in the near future. With a much lower rate, you could save thousands of dollars over the lifetime of your new, refinanced loan.

But just because you want, you can get. A refinance is technically a new mortgage, which you must apply for first. Even if you have qualified for a home loan in the past, it doesn’t necessarily you can qualify this time around.

In many cases, mortgage refinance applicants are denied for different reasons. Of all culprits, a high loan-to-value ratio, or LTV, is the most notorious.

You are a Big Risk

If your LTV is well above what lenders consider acceptable, expect a lot of doors to close. This is because a high LTV means you lack enough equity on your property. The smaller ownership you have on your home, the lesser inclined you are to keep paying — at least in the eyes of lenders.

More often than not, having a high LTV (or worse, negative equity) could single-handedly lead to denial.

You Have to No Option but a High Interest Rate

If you’re lucky, some lenders would still agree to let you refinance your mortgage in Utah — for a steep price. Because you have less equity at stake in the deal, industry expert City Creek Mortgage explains that you’re subject to a higher rate.

This might defeat the purpose of your refinancing in the first place. Instead of saving you money down the road, the new mortgage might do little to lower your expenses, and only reset the clock with a fresh term.

You Might Have to Keep Your Current Loan

The magic number is 80%, so if the appraisal shows that you are yet to own 20% of your property, you might have to count more months of repayment to bank enough “ownership”. Until then, refinancing your mortgage would remain a dream beyond realizing.

Fortunately, there are financial products that allow you to refinance despite your equity problems. The key is to speak with an experienced broker to discover and access these mortgages.