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3 Places You Should Visit on You Next Jordan Tour

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City of PetraDespite Jordan being surrounded by unimaginable unrest and chaos, it has managed to remain on the neutral ground and a peaceful place that is worth visiting. It is still the ultimate jewel and pride of the Middle East.

Jordan is an offbeat destination bordering Israel to the west and Iraq and Saudi Arabia to the East. It is popular among tourists, especially religious people from across the globe. Those who go for LDS trips to Jordan once can’t get enough.

Here are some of the locations that make people come back to explore this beautiful kingdom.

1. Petra

This ranks among the ancient and greatest cities in the world. Its momentous buildings that have been set up on high cliffs make Petra live up to the hype. The two-kilometer walk through the narrow and deep gorge in Siq will intrigue your instincts before landing you in the breathtaking Treasury Square. This legendary setting has been the venue for some Hollywood films.

2. Jerash

You haven’t been to Jordan if you haven’t visited a Roman Ruin. Jerash presents the highest preserved ancient Roman city that is not in Italy. This building is as old as 6500 years, and the dry Jordan climate has played a huge role in keeping the ruins in good condition. Inside the building, you can explore the North theater of Jerash, the temple of the Artemis, and the Forum.

3. Dead Sea

The Dead Sea has plenty of salt such that you can float on the water until your heart gets enough of it. The waters are also known to have healing effects and people who come here to seek this benefit can get accommodation near the sea for an early morning dip. You can also get a mud rub after which your skin will be as soft as a baby’s bum.

There are many other places to visit in Jordan besides Amman. With its rich history, excellent eco-adventures and the incredible landscapes and climbs, the country is a wonderful vacation destination in the Middle East.

Houston Boat Industry Expects Rebound in Sales for 2018

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boats dockedThe recent growth in the economy and stabilizing oil prices have led boat dealers in Houston to expect a rebound in sales in 2018, following the impact of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

Several dealers exhibited more than 1,000 boats during the 63rd Annual Houston Boat Show. Much of the anticipated increase in sales will stem from owners who want to replace their damaged boats.

Harvey’s Damage

The Boat Owners Association of The United States’ initial estimates showed that last year’s hurricanes damaged or destroyed more than 63,000 recreational boats. The damages reflected around $655 million in property losses. By the start of 2018, many dealers from the Houston trade show handled inquiries from those who already received their insurance money.

These inquiries may likely add to the number of boats sold during the show. Other than dealers and manufacturers will benefit from the increasing demand for accessories and ancillary products, including a boat cover or a boathouse from Rockport and other coastal cities.

Gradual Recovery

The boat industry’s sales activity road to recovery has taken a slow pace, unlike those in the automobile sector. This gradual rebound occurred since most people had to prioritize the replacement of flood-damaged cars and home repairs.

Now that they have the time and money, boat owners have sought to buy new vessels. For instance, dealers have sold more pontoon boats not just because of the hurricanes, but also due to the launch of better models. Sales in this segment increased more than any other type of vessel in 2017, according to the National Marine Manufacturers Association.

The worst is likely over from the aftermath of the recent hurricanes. Despite the significant amount of boat damages and losses, the silver lining for the industry involves a pickup in demand for the replacement of vessels in the future.

Franchising Energy Management for SMBs? 3 Ways to Win Over Competition

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Electricity transmission cablesIn the energy management industry, a large pool of enterprises is vying for the attention of homeowners, while many other companies target large industrial and commercial energy customers.

This leaves the small and medium business (SMB) market forgotten, despite it being a potentially substantial market. While energy management providers expressed a desire to address SMBs, the market’s fragmented nature makes it difficult for interested players to determine a viable starting point.

A Promising Market

For first-time entrepreneurs looking to dive into the green energy industry, an energy management franchise is a good way to start.

Research commissioned by Accenture’s Retail and Business Services for Utilities found that stakeholders in the SMB market are much more likely to switch and are becoming more organized than ever. The report, published in the New Energy Consumer Handbook, moreover revealed that churn rate is high with about 35% of respondents claiming they would consider switching energy providers. The potential of the energy management industry for small businesses will boom in years, and the expansion will not be limited to utilities.

Cut through the Clutter

As experts predict that energy management for SMBs will be big in the years to come, it pays to establish a foothold for your business. Here are five ways you can help your energy management franchise win:

  1. Provide solid support.

The Accenture survey revealed that 87% of SMBs sought targeted solutions for their business concerns. Nearly half of the respondents said it doesn’t matter if these solutions are specific to their industry – what’s important is that they are designed especially for SMBs. Strengthening your customer support services and tailoring those services to the needs of your clients will help you gain the favor of your prospects.

  1. Offer incentives.

According to the survey participants, they seek the same things residential customers want such as plans and bill alerts that help them avoid unpleasant surprises during billing cycles. More than half of business owners said they are willing to pay more if it means getting tailored services.

  1. Know your Competition.

Many small enterprises took a blow from the recession and had a hard time getting back on their feet. It caused them to be extra careful about where the money goes as well as finding ways to save. The study shows that while SMBs trust their utility, they do not have qualms about taking energy management services from other providers including energy brokers and retailers, among others if it means saving money. By knowing your competition, it’s easier to form a strategy that will let you stay ahead of the curb.

Partnering with a franchisor that provides substantial support for new franchisees, as well as relevant information about the business is essential. It also pays to do research, so you know whether your franchisor of choice provides services that can match those offered by your competitors.

As early as now, more than half of the business owners reported having energy audits while some 41% are looking into investing in devices that will help them manage their energy consumption. These numbers show that energy management targeting services SMBs is a robust opportunity, and it pays to harness the potential early on.

Effects of Water Pollution and and How to Deal With Them

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Workers setting up equipment for oil spill clean up at a beachWater covers over 70% of the earth’s surface. It supports marine life and humanity in general. Most industrial processes depend on water as a solvent and a coolant. Living without this commodity is impossible.

Unfortunately, water is under threat from large consumption and pollution. Home and industrial refuse has affected the quality of water in many ways. Read on to learn about the problem and how to deal with it.

Engine lubricants and oils

These substances are harmful when they contaminate the water. They float on water, depriving the sea creatures of oxygen. In addition, they have toxic effects when swallowed. Large oil spills can affect the economies of nations. People who depend on seafood for meals and trade are deprived of their livelihood. This is where oil spill absorbent products come in handy.

Cleaning detergents

The cleaning agents that we use at home or in the office have a negative impact on water. A collection of these elements from many homes results in surface water pollution. People should use the sewerage to dispose of such dirty water. The relevant authorities will deal with it to make it safe for rivers or ocean disposal.

Pool Chemicals and Hard Wastes

Chlorine is commonly used in pools to raise the basic levels. Releasing pool water with high chlorine levels can kill the living organisms in rivers and oceans. Besides, solid wastes like dead animals, food scrap and rubbish have adverse effects on water safety. Check the concentration of chlorine in pool water before releasing it to river stream and keep solid waste in bins for proper disposal.

Agricultural products

Fertilisers and pesticides form the bulk of chemicals in farming practices. Releasing these products to streams and rivers affects the water quality. Proper management and practical application of these products protect water resources from pollution.

Preventing water pollution is a good way to preserve humanity. We need to do our part in protecting the environment for the next generations.

EEOICPA Part E: Everything You Need to Know

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Radioactive wasteThe Part E of the EEOICPA establishes compensation for workers of the Department of Energy (DOE) contractors and subcontractors who may have contracted illnesses caused by exposure to toxic substances.

Here’s more information about the EEOICPA Part E that you should know:

Requirements for Part E Eligibility

To be eligible for compensation under Part E, the patient must be diagnosed to have an illness caused or aggravated by exposure to harmful chemicals. The Department of Labor (DOL) must determine that the hazardous exposure is more likely a major causing, aggravating, or contributing factor to the worker’s illness.

Part E versus Part B

Part B is simpler than Part E. The former provides compensation for living workers. In Part E, there's no lump sum compensation for living workers. Instead, they are entitled to impairment and wage loss.

Part E Coverage

EEOICPA Part E is applicable for workers with an illness included in the provided list. The covered worker must have worked for a DOE contractor or subcontractor. Uranium miners covered by the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act (RECA) Section V can also file a claim under Part E. Unfortunately, DOE employees are not covered.


Once Part E claim is approved, the living worker will receive as much as $250,000 representing payment for impairment and lost wages. They're also entitled to medical care. Survivors of deceased patients will get anywhere from $125,000 to $175,000 as compensation.

Additional compensation of $25,000 is given for every 10 years of work that the worker lost before their retirement age. The maximum amount is set at $50,000. To illustrate, if a worker dies at age 45, they would have lost 20 years’ worth of wages. Their family would be entitled to an additional compensation amounting to $50,000.

If the employee’s death happens after they filed a claim, their family may receive the reimbursement for medical expenses. The DOL requires specific documentation, however, before releasing the medical reimbursements.

Understanding how Part E works can help you file the proper claim. This way, you will have better chances of getting approved.

Getting Rid Of Gaps

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Smiling woman showing upper front row teeth with center gapMissing teeth can affect day-to-day life in a variety of ways. A person’s appearance, their oral hygiene, and even the way they speak can be changed if one or more teeth have been lost. Dentures bring many benefits that can alleviate these problems. For dentists like Sheen Dental Implants in Richmond, dentures are a simple solution that improves their patients’ quality of life, without the potential hassle of a major procedure.

What’s The Process?

Initially, the dentist takes an impression of the patient’s teeth. This impression is then sent to a dental laboratory, where a denture is designed from a hard-wearing, tooth-like material. The denture is customised to provide a natural look and feel for the patient who’ll be wearing it.

At first, the new denture will take some getting used to, especially while eating and speaking. But over time, it will become a familiar part of life, a small change that makes a big difference.

Taking Care Of Dentures In Richmond

Dentures can be removed when they need to be cleaned or changed. The dentist can provide detailed information for the patient, to ensure that their cleaning routine encourages good oral hygiene. Bad breath, tooth decay, and gum disease are all risks associated with missing teeth, and specialised brushes and fluids can be used to give the patient the necessary care.

What If It’s More Than A Gap?

A set of dentures can be used to replace a whole row of teeth. More common in older patients, this procedure can vastly improve a person’s appearance, and give them a confidence boost if they had become embarrassed by how their mouth looks.

Unlike dental implants, this procedure is relatively quick and comfortable, although the dentures may need adjusting after several months, as the position of the underlying gum and bone alters in shape.

Smiles And Health

For many people in Richmond, dentures restore stability and functionality after tooth loss. The possibility of harmful developments like gum disease is reduced, while the appearance of the smile is greatly enhanced. These improvements can be enjoyed after just a few visits to the dentist.

Considering Tooth Veneers? Here’s What You Should Expect

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Woman with Dental Veneers

Woman with Dental VeneersDental veneers are personalised shells made of composite resin or porcelain. These fit perfectly over your teeth to enhance their appearance. Veneers are ideal for enhancing your smile if you have misshapen, stained or chipped teeth. Their function is mainly cosmetic, but you can choose to have this treatment as a part of your total dental care plan.

Porcelain veneers are more resistant to stain and they look more natural compared to composite veneers. Meanwhile, composite veneers are thinner, which means your dentist will need to remove less tooth surface before applying them. The treatment can be done in one appointment. Your dentist can help you choose what is best for you.

Here is what you should expect if you consider getting porcelain or ceramic veneers in Birmingham:

Preliminary: Before the placement of your veneers, you need to have a preliminary consultation. Your dentist will take x-rays of your teeth.

Preparation: Your dentist will trim off around half a millimetre of your tooth enamel to get it ready for the veneers. He or she will then get a mould or impression of your teeth and forward it to a dental lab. It will take around one to two weeks to get the veneers.

Placement: By this time, your dentist will check if the veneers fit your tooth or teeth perfectly. The process involves roughening the surface of the tooth to enhance the veneer’s adhesion. Your dentist will then place the veneers using a special cement and ultraviolet light.

Preservation: After the procedure, your dentist will book a follow-up appointment to ensure that the veneers are properly placed.

All you have to do thereafter is follow your regular dental hygiene routine of brushing and flossing twice a day. As long as you take care of your veneers properly, they can last for five to ten years.


Need a Lift? How Vertical Transportation Consultants Can Help You

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Vertical transportation is necessary for tall buildings and is a requirement for an efficient and seamless crowd flow. What you may not know is you can make your investment even more worth it by hiring vertical transportation consultants.

Here are the benefits they can do for you and your structure:

Helps You Install the Right Kind of Transportation

Not every lift or escalator is right for the building you have or even for your structural and business requirement. Each type of lift has their advantages and disadvantages, which you need to consider before installation. A good vertical transportation consultant can help you narrow down these choices for easier decision-making.

Helps You Hire the Right People for the Job

Like how there are many kinds of lifts and escalators, there are also many possible contractors to install or repair them for you. Unfortunately, some may not be qualified for the equipment that you have or even be overpriced. A trusted vertical transportation consultant can choose a qualified and professional contractor that suits your needs.

Helps Keep Your Transportation Safe for Use

Vertrans Lift Surveys & Certification Ltd explains that vertical transportation consultants can offer inspection services for your present lifts. Minor problems can become safety hazards if not identified early and dealt with immediately. Consultants can help you find these issues and take the necessary actions for repairs.

Helps You Save Money and Trouble

Having an expert to choose lets you spend less on future repairs. It also reduces the number of maintenance issues and accidents that can occur during operations. This minimises the chance of releasing even larger amounts of money to fix such emergency.

Remember that safety is a priceless commodity. When installing a new lift or escalator, modernising the ones that you already have, or when you need to make sure that your current vertical transportation is safe, then hiring a vertical transportation consultant is a wise decision.

Choosing Eco-Friendly Commercial Cleaning Services

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Well-Equipped Cleaner

Well-Equipped CleanerGreen cleaning practices seem to be the ideal these days. The use of cleaning chemicals and solutions that have a negative environmental impact is becoming quite unpopular these days. Commercial cleaners in Auckland, New Zealand take pride in offering eco-friendly practices because they are helping Nature heal itself. AA Cleaning Ltd says that many studies show that environmentally friendly cleaning procedures and solutions have health benefits as well.

What Does Green Cleaning Involve?

Services and products, which have reduced effects on the environment and a positive effect on human health, can be considered “green” or environmentally friendly. Many mainstream cleaning services still do not adopt the use of cleaning solutions and equipment that do not contain hazardous chemicals, but many are seeing the benefits of making the transition.

Choosing a Cleaning Company

The use of eco-friendly products is not the only defining quality of a cleaning service that offers green practices. Green cleaning involves a deep commitment to low-impact practices that involve resource conservation and smart energy consumption.

Cleaning professionals must truly practice specific standards that adhere to universally acceptable eco-friendly practices. They could start by safeguarding the quality of indoor air. Doing this for a start protects the health and well-being of building residents and workers alike.

Beware of Greenwashing

Whitewashing and greenwashing are terms with similar meanings. Greenwashing is defined as covering up certain aspects of a company’s standard operating procedures and methods. When a company suggests through extensive and often expensive marketing efforts that they are more “green” than they are, then they are glossing things over.

Greenwashing also includes misleading consumers by covering up unfriendly and unethical policies, which may do more harm than good to the environment. You should take care not to fall for misleading claims from such dubious commercial cleaners.

Adopting environmentally friendly ways is also fostering good health and well-being. Perhaps this is the best time to shift to a truly green cleaning company.

Your Bicycles Are Safe and Secure All the Time with This Mechanism

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A bicycle shelter Riding a bicycle to work or school can give you lots of health benefits, and at the same time, you are helping in the global effort to reduce carbon emissions by not using your car.

Bicycles are a convenient means of transportation that has been used by many since the early 19th century. Since then, it went through a lot of changes and modifications to become the modern bicycle of today. A lot of people still use the bicycle as alternative means of transportation primarily because of its ability to pass through almost anywhere.

It is, however, for this same reason that bicycles are often the target of thieves and similar dangerous elements of society. Because of this, cycle shelters have been set up in various areas to keep the bicycles safe and secure.

Why the need for shelters?

In the past, people would just prop up their bicycles almost anywhere, resulting in dozens of them getting stolen. Aside from this, the harsh weather elements outdoors could take a toll on exposed bicycles.

Furthermore, the haphazard manner in which these bicycles were propped up also made for a hideous sight that rendered the entire surrounding ugly. On top of all these, having shelters would encourage people to use bicycles more often in going to work or school.

How does a shelter help?

The modern shelter for bicycles changed all these by providing a place where you can safely chain your bike while you go someplace. It also provided bike owners with the means to park their human-powered vehicles in an organised manner.

Because shelters are designed to complement the beauty of its surroundings, it means parking your bike there will not diminish the loveliness of the backdrop. The presence of shelters also encourages people to ride their bicycles to work or school. Cambridge Cycling Campaign has repeatedly appealed to people to break their dependence on cars and embrace bicycles as alternative modes of transport.

What are shelters made of?

Most shelters for bicycles are made of a combination of galvanised or powder-coated steel and polyethylene terephthalate panels. According to British Plastics Federation, polyethylene terephthalate or PET is a translucent and lightweight plastic material often used for beverage containers.

They can also be used for food packaging and in the case of bike shelters, to cover one side of the structure. One of the distinct qualities of PET panels used in bike shelters is they have a thickness of about 3 millimetres to 5 millimetres. The framework is made either of two-inch steel square bars or pipes bolted and are firmly fixed to the ground.

For businesses and institutions like schools, shelters provide personnel and students with a convenient area where they could safely park their bicycles. Even residential apartment complexes can greatly benefit if they have shelters for the bicycles of the tenants. Depending on the size of the shelter, it can accommodate anywhere from 4 to 50 bikes simultaneously.

Aside from discouraging would-be thieves from taking away a bicycle, shelters also provide protection against harsh weather elements. With these shelters, more people would be encouraged to use bicycles as alternative modes of transportation, thereby contributing to the betterment of the environment.