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3 Vital To-Do’s on the Actual Day of Your Certification Exam

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students taking their examPreparing for a certification exam is a must if you want to pass with flying colors. With this in mind, it’s also vital that on the very day of your exam, you have your own set of preparations. Here are a few points to remember:

Light Review

A quick recap of what you’ve learned is a good way to prepare, so you can be sure that you’ve understood the lessons you researched and reviewed. A quick read will suffice since you just need to refresh your mind. Reviewing your Security+ practice tests or any other similar practice exam you took also helps, especially the mistakes you did.

Eat Your Breakfast

For something this important, you cannot skimp on anything that can give you every bit of advantage. As eating breakfast ensures that you’re energized, take the time to finish it at a leisurely pace. Choose food that boosts mental alertness and energy like eggs, bread, and meat. Don’t settle for junk food, as they cannot provide you with the necessary vitamins and energy you need.

Keep Cool

Getting yourself worked up on the day of your exams will not lead to desirable results. Settle down and relax to calm your nerves so you can focus. Call friends for short encouraging messages if you have to. Take the time to enjoy the sunshine, to smile, and to greet fellow examiners. Come in early enough to settle down in your exam venue without rushing yourself. Remember that being ready means being calm enough to maximize the preparations you did.

Knowing what to expect while keeping calm will always make a difference in completing any major task. Any effort you put towards passing your certification can increase your chances of success, which will mean another step towards furthering your career. On the day itself, just aim for the best, fill your mind and body with good stuff, and stay focused to finally get that accreditation you’ve wanted for so long.

Are You a Piano Novice? Get to Know the Best Piano for You

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playing pianoVenturing into music is the best option for a healthy hobby in today’s world. The mental and physical benefits of music have been unparalleled for ages. The best musical instrument you can learn to play is the piano.

Playing the piano has been proven to foster your eye-hand coordination and enhance your aural awareness which is good for your brain and ears. When taking piano lessons in Lehi, having your instrument is beneficial for extra practice.

Here are some types of piano that will be perfect for a beginner.


These are lighter and smaller compared to other pianos. The keys on a keyboard are also easy to press down since, unlike other piano types, they are not weighted.

These qualities make a keyboard ideal for beginners starting their relationship with music and help them to learn the different notes easily. For small kids, keyboards with approximately twelve notes in one octave are ideal.

Digital Pianos

This piano is relatively portable and is very similar to the acoustic piano used for beginner exams. It has weighted keys, and it allows you to adjust the music’s volume and use your headphones for a silent practice session.

Digital pianos with cabinet-style consoles for installation are less expensive and smaller compared to upright ones.

Acoustic Pianos

These have a rich tone hard to replicate on a digital piano. They are also not very loud; hence you can be sure the neighbors will not complain. Though more expensive compared to other beginner options, an acoustic piano is the best for honing your piano playing skills.

Knowledge of the piano goes beyond playing it as a healthy hobby. You can earn money from playing the piano in various functions on a full or part-time basis. The money you spend on your lessons, therefore, is one of the investments you will make towards a lifetime skill that will change your life.

3 Ways to Make Studying Much More Fun

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Young woman studying

Young woman studyingStudying, truth be told, can be challenging. There will always be deadlines, and you will need to put up with the demands of your teacher. In the end, you will question yourself whether the purpose of studying is truly about learning or just about grades.

If you are being disheartened by such facts, it may be time to change your mindset. Studying can be fun if you just know the right way to do it. Whether you are reviewing for an upcoming essay test or planning to ace your ACT test prep classes in Florida, there are many ways you can make learning much more fun. Here are some of them:

Turn it into a game

Gamifying your studies can be a fun way to make retention much more effective. This is because you are not compelled to keep specific knowledge in mind. Instead, it gets naturally stored and remembered because of the fun the game brings. You can turn studying into a quiz bee or a truth or dare challenge.

Make it interactive

Gone are the days when you have to face your book all day. Today, there are many external resources you can go to if you want to expand your knowledge. Interactive learning becomes much more common, especially now different platforms are available. You can visit quiz sites and repositories of tutorials and videos which you can watch as much as you want.

Actually learn it

If you are studying science, it pays that you use your school lab and test some things out. Experimentation lets you find the answer and appreciate it by showing the phenomenon unfold before your eyes. And this makes learning much more immersive.

These are just some of the things to keep in mind if you want to make studying much more fun. Tag a friend along and have fun learning!

Preparing for the CompTIA A+ Certification Test

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Woman reviewing for certification examTo succeed in the field of technology, passing numerous certifications is a must. One of the most important — not only for professionals, but for students and educators as well — is CompTIA A+. Launched in 2015, CompTIA A+ covers nine IT skills that will help you get ahead of your career.

Nail the exam by being prepared. Here are some tips:

Take a practice test

Try a CompTIA A+ certification practice test to prepare you. Many websites and review centers offer this, so go for the one with a good reputation and client base. Taking a practice test will show how test questions are structured and how long each chapter is. It will also help gauge your knowledge, allowing you to identify your strong and weak points.

Study the objectives

Know what to study for the exam by downloading the CompTIA A+ 220-901 and 220-902 blueprints on their website. The two objective documents give an overview of the test by breaking down their contents in nine chapters. It also shows the percentage of each chapter in the examination. Build your reviewer around these to familiarize yourself with the test.

Get your hands dirty

They say that experience is the best teacher. As CompTIA A+ is a performance-based exam, it’s only logical to know — or even perfect — the processes involved in handling and managing a computer device. Apply your knowledge to a real computer to know how its system truly works. Deconstruct, rebuild, and study it as a whole so you can answer even the most technical questions. Perfecting this will surely land you an A+.

Certifications are important in the IT industry. Nail the CompTIA A+ test so you have a good foundation in your career. Read and apply your learning to know how it really works. It also helps if you get a mentor who can guide you throughout. Good luck!

How Teachers and Parents Give Children the Winning Edge

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Smiling students in computer class

Smiling students in computer classParents want the best for their children, whether it comes to food, health, or education. Giving children the proper start can help prepare them for the kind of future you want them to have. If you want to help a child develop a winning edge, how can you do this when there are just a lot of things to consider for both parents and teacher?

Education plays a huge part in knowing the right way to handle a child’s development. It is important to consider a child’s personality and passion, but it is only through a proper early childhood education course in Singapore that a teacher would know how to help children develop their talents, character, and the winning edge they need.

Early Childhood Education

Younger children are more open to learning new things and can easily “absorb” them. But there is more to Singapore early childhood education than academics. These courses help educators understand how to encourage children to socialise and make new friends. They learn a holistic approach to teach children about the world around them and how they could communicate effectively


Books, stories, and movies can take children to another world and dimension, but as the saying goes, “experience is the best teacher.” Travelling to new places and learning about different cultures allow them to appreciate the world around them and experience new things. Educators let them touch, feel, and see the world through their eyes. 


One of the most important things children can learn in early childhood education is responsibility. Educators need to know how to make children aware that they are a part of a family and society. Chores, for instance, make them realise that they are part of a household and their help is of huge importance. Giving children responsibilities promote discipline and accountability—something that will help get them further in life

Educating a child is not an easy task. While there are a lot of things parents and educators can do to give children a winning edge, they must keep in mind that they are still children and fun is an integral part to make learning a happy and positive experience.

Learning Early: Values to Teach Preschoolers

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Kids in preschoolPreschool education in Salt Lake City is very crucial and important. This is not only because of academic knowledge we gain but also because this is the period they develop values. This is because this would be the first time that a child would meet different kinds of people.

They would have to interact with other students, teachers, and adults. Learning at a very young age is essential for they start to build character during this stage in their lives.


This would be the period wherein kids would learn how to lie. With this, it essential that parents and the teachers teach the preschoolers the value of honesty and why it is essential. One way of doing so is by being honest yourself.


This is the point wherein kids would have arguments and would tell the adult for support. This is like the adult is the judge in a court case. With this, teaching them how to be objective and be able to let things go is essential in this period. Learning when to know when to let a child go is essential.


At this age, children tend to be selfish and prioritize themselves. This would be the perfect opportunity for them to learn to consider others. By doing so, they also learn about responsibility.


This is the period wherein teaching the preschoolers how to love one another, despite race, religion, culture, sex, and the like is essential. This would also coincide with the respect they show and give others. This would determine how they would treat others in the future.

Academic knowledge is definitely essential to the growth of a preschooler. However, parents should also remember that this is also the crucial point of building the values and character of a person.

A Fire-Safe Home: What You Need to Do

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Man Putting Out a FireNothing is more important than the safety of your family. One way to ensure your family members remain secure at all times is by keeping your home fire-safe.

Here are four smart things you can do today to protect your family from a fire breakout.

Install a fire security alarm

Most deaths caused by fire occur in homes without smoke detectors and security alarms. Install an efficient smoke detection system in your home and look for a reliable company providing security alarms in Tauranga.

Leading security alarms provider Zanden Mount Lock & Key Service recommends buying high-quality security products and not risk your homes on cheap ones. Ensure you place detectors and alarms in every room in your house, especially the bedrooms.

Train your family members on fire safety

Your children need to be prepared beforehand on how to prevent a fire from starting in your house. Adequately inform them on how to respond if there is a fire in your home. Take time to discuss and practice fire safety measures. Come up with a family escape plan. Let all family members know how to recognize a fire alarm and how to react promptly.

Get fire extinguishers

While a fire extinguisher cannot substitute for the fire department, it can significantly assist in stopping a small fire from spreading. Purchase one and keep it in a suitable location. Learn how to use it early in advance.

Practice safety in the kitchen

Many fires start in the kitchen. Talk with your family members about the importance of safe cooking methods. More importantly, supervise your young ones when they are cooking. Keep oil away from the oven, too.

Keeping your home fire-safe should be a day-to-day activity. Even if you have installed a fire detection system, you should inspect it on a regular basis to ensure it is functioning properly. Prepare your family sufficiently to prevent fires effectively.

European and American Ski Gear Trends: What’s the Difference?

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Skiing EquipmentAmerica and Europe are like siblings, but vastly dissimilar siblings. Americans do things one way, and Europeans do it in another. The same applies in skiing and snowboarding. Europe has starkly different trends than what America has.

The next time you visit ski shops in Vail, or any other ski resort, you may find evidence of the different trends popular among Americans and Europeans. Here are some of the major differences as observed during the recent ISPO in Munich.

Airbag Requirement

In Europe, airbags have become required safety gear given that the slopes of the Alps are rougher. The terrain in the Alpines is also mostly above tree line, making the snow more prone to slides. Although many American skiers use airbags, they bring them not because of a back country gear requirement like a beacon.

Ski Edges

Slopes in the U.S. have more powder than European slopes that allow you to enjoy wide skis without edges. In Germany and Austria, however, Alpine resort skiing necessitates razor-sharp edges. People also popularly use performance skis; when they check ski gear, they flip the skis upside down to inspect the base and edges. In America, skiers usually look at the flex and shape.

Fashion Forward

When you go skiing, much of the expert advice given on ski clothing tells you to ditch fashion and go for functionality. In Europe, skiers are more fashion forward. One reporter found many ski clothing displayed during the recent ISPO in Munich that seemed to have come out of a fashion runway.

Multipurpose Ski Outerwear

It may be amusing to know what kinds of trends are popular to European skiers. In contrast, American outerwear manufacturers have pivoted towards more multipurpose jackets, rucksacks, and trousers. They found that ski clothes you can use for other winter sports and activities have great value.

Gear Comfort and Lightness

When it comes to equipment, manufacturers have focused on more comfortable and lightweight gear, especially ski boots with such qualities. Manufacturers learned to make better ski boots from the example of snowboard boots. They used variable thickness shells that decreased weight and gave more flex.

These are just some of the major differences between American and European skiers when it comes to gear trends, as spotted during the most recent ISPO. Be sure to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each.

How Secure is Your Temporary Security Fence?

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Temporary FenceYou need a secure temporary fence, whether you’re planning to enclose a small construction site or a concert venue, or anything else that needs fencing in. Whilst there are many companies that provide short-term fence hire, it won’t hurt to look for the one that can supply you with the most secure fences.

Here are the questions you should ask before hiring a temporary security fence:

  1. How high is the fence?

The higher the fence is the harder for intruders to climb. Though it seems common sense, many people don’t bother to get the higher fences. Typically, fencing comes in six and eight-foot heights. It is a smarter move to hire the 8-foot fences, and because of their height, they also serve as a psychological deterrent.

  1. How small is the mesh?

With a smaller mesh on the fence, trespassers will have a hard time cutting it or climbing on it. Usually, fences have a 2-inch mesh but you’d be better off with those that have a 1-inch or less mesh, according to Superfence and other temporary fence hire companies in Auckland.

  1. How is the fencing secured to the ground?

Ideally, the temporary fence should be set securely in a concrete footing. But if the company provides other secure methods such as placing support poles into the ground, using anchored base plates, or setting precast concrete blocks, you can expect a well-secured fence.

  1. How high is the fence above grade?

It is essential that the bottom of the fence touches the ground so no one can crawl beneath it. But if this is not possible, you can go for a fence with less than two inches above grade.

Once a provider answers all these questions positively, it means you found the most secured temporary fence. Just remember to monitor the fence during the rental period, so you’ll maintain the security needed in your site. 

24-Hour Restaurant: Running a Cafe by Day and a Bar by Night

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24-Hour RestaurantRemember those cartoons where bars suddenly convert to cafes because a police officer is nearby? You’d be surprised how easy it can be to turn a cafe into a nightclub with these hacks. Consider these options when your cafe is in the planning stages.

Repurposed Furniture – Find tables, seats, cutlery, and displays that both shifts can use. Choose durable and stylish furniture that's easy to clean, move around, and be used either by a cafe customer or a party animal. Stainless steel is one of the ideal options for furnishings and is an ideal material for accents and ornamentation. If you're going to follow this advice, make sure to contact a reliable steel supplier for design ideas and bulk purchases.

Lights – Invest in dimmer and multi-functional lights to accommodate both establishments' operational and technical needs. For dimmers, buy LED lights with a light yellow or orange tint to simulate sunlight at your cafe.  For the bar, install strobes, spotlights and other multi-functional light fixtures for the dance floor, stage and performance areas. The type of bar you're planning to setup can help you decide.

Sounds and Music – A good way of establishing mood is through music, so choose your music for both the cafe and bar. Trance, dance, and DJ mixes are typically common for a standard bar while instrumentals, Jazz tunes, and even the basic elevator music would fit your cafe. Install top-quality sound systems that can enhance the visual aesthetic of both your cafe and bar.

Staffing – As you are offering two service establishment and styles, your staff should also be adaptive and open to the changes in the character of your business and customers. Choose experienced staff that are friendly, personable, and can work the night shift or are amenable to shift changes in a pinch. Make sure you also hire extra security staff for the bar.

A 24/7 restaurant offers you the chance to maximize earning reputation and more revenue. This kind of business is feasible. The only tricky part is designing your establishment. Rule of thumb: A cafe is relaxing, while a bar is energizing.