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Charged $20 To Breathe: Venezuela Implements ‘Breathing’ Tax

Venezuela’s largest airport said it’s now charging passengers $20 to breathe clean air, to cover the cost of a newly-installed system to purify air conditioning system.

Paying for the air you breathe  

mumbai-airportPassengers are already used to endless range of taxes and surcharges when traveling. However, many were shocked when Maiquetia International Airport in Caracas announced it will charge passengers worth $20 for the air they breathe.

The Ministry of Water and Air Transport has released a statement, saying it’s the first airport in South American and the Caribbean to use a technology that eliminates bacterial growth to “protect the health of travelers.”

The system also deodorizes and sanitizes Maiquetia International Airport.

‘Ozone thing’

Meanwhile, many people on social media have responded to the tax with both outrage and humor.

According to radio presenter Daniel Martínez, “Could you explain to me the ozone thing in Maiquetia? The toilets don’t have water, the air-con is broken, there are stray dogs inside the airport, but there’s ozone?”

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