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Common Dental Problems to Watch Out for in Kids

Baby biting on teetherAs young children grow, several oral problems may occur. Some of them are a result of poor feeding habits, development habits, or disease. Here are some common pediatric oral health problems.

Baby bottle teeth decay

Babies get caries when their milk teeth come into regular contact with sugary foods including milk lactose and sugar water. The bacteria in the child’s mouth breaks down the sugar in the drinks producing an acid by-product. The acid attacks the enamel and causes cavities. A kids’ dentist from Salt Lake Pediatric Dentist in Murray says alternating juices with fresh water and maintaining good oral hygiene can help stop the problem.

Sucking the thumb

Every child sucks something at the early age, whether a pacifier or his or her finger. However, this habit should stop before the permanent teeth set in. If your kid continues to suck the thumb after this time, it pushes the teeth out of alignment. This may cause speech and biting problems.

Tooth loss at an early age

A child may lose his or her teeth due to tooth decay, injury to the tooth or overcrowding. Good oral care can help prevent early loss of teeth. Your dentist may insert a space maintainer to keep the space open until the permanent teeth erupt.

Tongue thrusting

Teeth thrusting involves sealing the mouth by thrusting the tip of the tongue against the upper jaw and lips. The pressure on the front teeth pushes them out of alignment. This problem requires the help of a speech pathologist for correction of speech, and a dentist to help realign the teeth and strengthen the chewing muscles.

Make regular visits to the dentist for your kid’s oral inspection. Moreover, maintain good oral hygiene for your child. Seek the assistance of a medical practitioner if you notice any of the above oral habits.