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How to Make the Most of Product Returns

Bottled products being placed into a boxAfter successfully selling your product to a customer, the last thing you would want is to have them return it. But, even if that happens, it’s your job to satisfy your customers.

Unfortunately, returns are a natural part of retail. And as ReverseLogix and other experts noted, you’ll need an effective RMA management to go with it. The good thing is you could turn inconvenient returns into sales by following these practical customer service tips.

Really Listen to Your Customer

When you genuinely listen to your customer, you could better understand what exactly do they need. When the customer is speaking, don’t interrupt. Nod occasionally and only speak when the customer asks a question. When your customer is done speaking, you could then offer viable solutions to the issues presented.

Genuinely Empathize with Your Customer

Keep in mind that the issue is not the customer returning the product, but why is the customer returning it. Showing empathy for your customer would communicate that you empathize for them, that they have to go through the returns process just to fix the issue. Instead of simply apologizing, make sure to tell your customer why you’re apologizing.

Propose Practical Suggestions

For example, maybe your customer would like a different size, color, or style? Or perhaps you could offer a product that’s better than the product being returned. When offering suggestions, make sure to inform your customer of the benefits. Remember, a return is a viable opportunity for a sale.

Consider Upselling or Cross-Selling

Don’t just give up if your customer doesn’t like any of your suggestions. You could offer gift cards, in-store credit, or even a cash refund. If your customer agrees to any of these, offer accessories or other items relevant to them. Avoid sounding pushy and casually mention your best sellers and current specials or promos that might appeal to your customer.

Of course, you can’t win them all. Some customers might just want to get their money back and that’s perfectly fine. Just refund their money and thank your customer for their time. Keep in mind that an exchange or refund is still better than no sale. However, remember that a satisfied customer would be better. Encourage your employees to offer every customer the best experience in your shop, and yes, even if they’re just returning a product.