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How to Save on Last-Minute Travel Bookings

silhouette of family and airplaneWhen you need to travel for leisure or business from here in South Bend, you will usually plan for it in advance. Sometimes, however, situations come up suddenly, and you have to jump on a plane at the last minute.

You may grimace at the expensive airfare and the high fees, but with a few tricks, you can save and get on cheap or inexpensive flights from South Bend.

Use Reward Points or a Less Expensive Airport

When you are an elite traveler, you can skimp on the booking fees and fly for free using reward points. Less frequent travelers will be better off paying cash, however, since reward point redemption can sometimes come with a booking fee.

Alternately, you can pay for a seat on a flight to a less expensive airport, and from there, you can drive to your destination.

Time Your Booking Right

The timing of your last-minute booking will also matter in saving money. Choose flights anytime in the morning to avoid delays and cancellations. Worst case scenario and you miss your trip; you can hop on the next flight out of South Bend.

Be Flexible with your Schedule

In connection with the trick above, you can look to red-eye flights early in the morning to save money. Airlines usually discount on these flights because people usually don’t want to travel early in the day.

When you are quite flexible with your schedule, you can fly early in the morning, although consider your layover time if you have a connecting flight.

Last-Minute Travel Tricks

Other tricks to travel cheap at the last-minute include booking a mid-week flight or searching for last-minute airline specials. You can also save when booking last-minute off-peak season.

When you simply want to satisfy your wanderlust, you can even travel without a specific destination; you can simply book a flight to someplace and explore!

With the tricks above, you can easily save yourself from the expensive airfare and fees that come from last-minute bookings. Booking in advance, however, remains the best way to travel.