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Invisible braces in Harley Street: a comprehensive guide

Closeup shot of a woman attaching her invisible bracesNowadays, there are so many options available to people who want to get their teeth straightened discreetly. However, treatment with removable aligners may not be ideal for everyone. In that case, the alternative is hidden braces on the back of the teeth. Lingual braces are totally invisible and can treat the same teeth straightening problems as metal braces – except faster.

In Harley Street, invisible braces are preferred by patients who wish to straighten their teeth without compromising their lifestyle. They are available in many dental practices, such as Harley Street Dental Clinic. Lingual braces are an important option for patients whose teeth cannot be straightened with other cosmetic appliances.

What are lingual braces?

Lingual braces are placed behind the teeth, by the tongue and palate because of this they are totally invisible. Lingual braces are entirely custom-made to fit each individual tooth. This ensures precision and faster treatment times.

The process for creating the lingual braces involves taking an impression of the teeth, which is then sent to a dental laboratory and used to create the customised brackets. This can take up to six weeks and, once complete, allows the dentist to fix the nickel-titanium brackets and wires behind the teeth.

Like metal braces, lingual invisible braces in Harley Street work by applying gentle yet constant pressure on the teeth to help them move into their right position. The treatment can take from a few months to a couple of years and this depends on the severity of each individual case. Generally, lingual braces work a bit faster than traditional braces.

Lingual braces come with many benefits but also have certain requirements. Because they are placed behind the teeth, patients may find brushing and flossing difficult at first, however, it is something they get used to easily. Furthermore, the location of the braces in the mouth may cause temporary speech issues. However, these problems are totally treatable and many patients’ find that having a beautiful smile is worth the temporary inconvenience.

Finally, lingual invisible braces are not readily available in the market because they require specialised training and technical expertise. Only certified dentists can provide them. Ask your dentist about their lingual braces certification.