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Medical Solutions for Deep Vein Thrombosis

Lower limb vascular examinationHaving deep vein thrombosis (DVT) can have lasting consequences even after the initial emergency has been dealt with. Post-thrombotic Syndrome — persistent calf pain and swelling — can occur after a DVT. Fortunately, though, medical help is available.

DVT can occur in people who are not very mobile as well as those with circulatory or blood disorders. There’s also a higher chance of having one after childbirth, but they can strike anyone, young or old in any state of health. Some people develop DVT after a long haul flight when the long hours sitting in one position contribute to blood clotting.

DVT can be dangerous because if a piece of the blood clot breaks it can travel to the lungs and cause difficulty in breathing, or in severe cases, it can block the blood flow to the heart and cause a cardiac arrest.

After a DVT

After a DVT, up to 40% of patients will develop a condition called post-thrombotic syndrome. This happens when the affected the clot damages the vein. As a result, other veins take over its job, putting extra strain on them. This results in pain in the calf, swelling, and a dark coloration to the skin and some cases, ulcers that are slow to heal and reoccur.

There are lifestyle changes such as elevation of the affected limb, getting regular exercise and wearing compression stockings. Doctors can give blood-thinning medication too. Veniti notes that if compression stockings for DVT treatment and other measures don’t bring the desired relief from symptoms, there are surgical options.

Venous Stents

A surgeon can place a tiny balloon into the damaged vein via a catheter. It inflates it, and a stent placed there will hold the vein open and restore normal blood flow. This can prevent the development of blood clots and relieve the distressing symptoms associated with DVT.

For more information on vascular surgery and how it could help, contact the clinic with the latest innovative technologies to treat venous disease.