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Survive the Holidays even with an Eating Disorder

Woman with eating disorderEating disorders and holidays mix terribly. Survivors of eating disorders then experience great difficulty, even suffering, whenever the holidays come. In fact, the holidays, and the food and eating that come along with them can spur the disorders on with their wanton destruction of people’s bodies.

Undergo Treatment First

In the coming holidays, however, things can be different for all of you who have eating disorders. First of all, of course, you can ask for professional help. You can undergo anorexia nervosa treatments, binge eating disorder treatments, and bulimia treatments, which can help you recover from whatever eating disorder you have.

Set Up a Support System

When it comes to coping with the holiday eating, you can do several things to make the time more enjoyable. You can ensure that you have a support system behind you. A therapist, dietitian, or someone from your treatment can act as your support system.

Stay Away from Bad Conversations

Next, throughout the holidays, you can steer clear of talks on diets, New Year’s resolutions, and negative body images. These discussions can only stir up your disorder, even if the talk is not about you. When you do encounter them, you can redirect the conversation or say outright that you wish to talk about something else. You can also go to another room or leave entirely.

Stay for the Good Discussions

When conversations do veer away from food, diets, and body images, you can focus on whatever is being discussed. Focusing on conversations can keep your mind off the food. Alternately, you can think about discussions you like to have with family or dinner guests.

Follow a Meal Plan

With all the food prepared on the table, you can easily feel overwhelmed. Relax, and you can follow your meal plan without skipping any of the food. Eat consciously as well by placing your utensils down after each bite. You will enjoy your food more this way.

With the advice above, and others you can learn online or through treatment, you can survive the holidays in the same way that you survived your eating disorder.