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Three Bike Upgrades That Are Worth Your Buck

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Woman holding a mountain bikeThey say the best mountain bike in the world is the bike you own.

This statement holds true because regardless of how different people want the latest carbon bikes on the planet, it’s the bike you can use and ride whenever and wherever you want that suits you. Still, that is not going to stop you wondering how you can improve your ride and improve your riding enjoyment.

Even if you cannot afford to shell out a grand on the latest drivetrains or wheelsets, that does not mean there are no reasonably priced upgrades available. One of the most basic ways you can enhance your ride is to install a bicycle Bluetooth speaker. You can enjoy the latest music while riding your bicycle. But there are other ways you could enhance your bike without spending too much.

New Tires

Riders often take tires for granted. New tires can make a huge difference in the way you handle your bike. Different tires will offer diverse levels of flat and puncture protection, so be sure to know your riding capacities before buying a new tire. You should also choose tires that are suitable for your activities.

The Cockpit

You will ride faster when you hardly notice the bike below you. To get that, you need a bike that fit your height and weight. The best way is through making some changes in the dimensions of your cockpit. Wider handlebars provide greater control while different stem dimensions help reduce the pressure on your hands. Trying different kinds of specifications affects handling and comfort.

New Set of Handlebar Grips

Grips are also one of the most important parts of your bike. It affects the overall handling of your bike. Combined with the cockpit, they improve your bike’s control panel. You also use them to overcome those off-camber corners or steep descents.

Not all upgrades are equal. Some upgrades will give you a huge benefit for a little investment, while some expensive purchases will have results that are not so noticeable. Choose upgrades that will give you the most value for your money. Sometimes, it’s those little things can turn your bike into the ideal ride that will last for years.

Follow These Tips for a Safe and Fun Amusement Park Experience

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Kids having fun at an amusement parkVisiting family amusement parks in New Jersey is a great way to spend a day bonding with your children. With giant slides and numerous activities to explore, you’re guaranteed hours of fun and excitement. But sometimes, unforeseen incidents can pop up, like a tummy ache after a too-hard splash down the water slide. So if you want to ensure a day without worries at the amusement park, take note of these tips from Casino Pier & Breakwater Beach:

Stay with your child

It’s always best to accompany your child on any type of ride or activity to ensure that all rules are being followed. In water parks, for instance, lifeguards are always on duty, but this doesn’t mean that you can leave your child to swim alone. Always keep an eye on your kids to ensure they’re following the rules, which will keep them and their peers safe. And as much as possible, allow your children to wear life vests added protection.
Understand motion  sickness

Anyone can suffer from motion sickness, especially if you’re under 50 years of age. If you can’t avoid that water coaster ride, eat lightly – but don’t skip meals – to help avoid nausea. If you start feeling queasy, keep your head steady and close your eyes.

Arrange a meeting place

Arrange a central meeting place beforehand to prepare for the unlikely event that a family member gets separated from the group. It’s also a good idea to take a digital picture of your kids before entering the park so you can show it to authorities in case they get separated from you.

Don’t overdo it

The number of rides and attractions in an amusement park can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t mean that you must ignore your body’s signs. Take a rest if you start feeling tired. Get out of the sun, but don’t expose yourself to the cold either. Also, keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water and avoiding caffeinated drinks.

4 Fun Activities Your Family Will Love

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Family on a Nature WalkIf you’ve been looking for ways to enjoy more fun moments with your family and strengthen your relationships, here are a few creative ideas you may want to try out.

Plan activities together

As much as possible, include everyone in the planning for your next family activities. For instance, let your kids have a say in the choice of your next holiday destination. Allowing all family members participate in planning helps everyone enjoy the activities. Riding on pontoon boats is a fun family activity you may want to include in your plans. Dandrboats.com recommends checking out companies in your area that offer quality ones you can use in this activity.

Go for a nature walk as a family

Taking a stroll down a shoreline or in a park gives you a golden opportunity to have fun, talk, and enjoy each other’s company. Moreover, you need not spend money on such activities. Pack a few snacks, grab a few soft drinks and head down a nature trail as a family. Spend time enjoying the fresh air and the serenity surrounding you.

Volunteer as a family

Volunteering is a fantastic opportunity to spend time with your family in a productive way. People that love to volunteer tend to be happier and more satisfied compared to those that don’t. Sign up for volunteering activities regularly and increase the opportunities for family bonding.

Start a family business together

Come up with simple family business ideas and get everyone to take part. For instance, you can decide to set up a fruit stand or conduct a garage sale. These activities are not only a lot of fun, but they also provide the perfect opportunity for your kids to learn crucial entrepreneurial skills such as planning, goal setting, and pricing.

There is a host of fun activities that you can take part in as a family. Once you involve everyone in deciding what to do as a family, even seemingly simple activities can turn out to be enjoyable for everyone.