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Travel Tips: Ways to Enjoy a Side Trip in Auckland

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Tourists Taking a PhotoAre you about to go on a business trip to Auckland? If you are, do try to extend your trip. You wouldn’t want to miss what the largest city in New Zealand has to offer. So go pack some comfortable clothes, hire a weekend car rental in Auckland, and prepare to experience this great city.

City Thrills

While you can always go to art and history museums and see famous landmarks the first time you visit Auckland, why not do something more thrilling? If you’re up for some high-altitude fun, go to the Sky Tower or the Auckland Harbour Bridge. At the Sky Tower, try base-jumping by wire (SkyJump) and walking on a narrow ledge that’s 192 metres above the ground (SkyWalk). For bridge climbing and bungee jumping, the Auckland Harbour Bridge has you covered.

Nature Trips

From beaches and volcanoes to wildlife sanctuaries, there’s no shortage of scenic natural features in Auckland. For one, you can spend some time surfing or basking in the sun at the black-sand Piha Beach. There are also the dormant volcanoes Mount Eden and Rangitoto Island, which you can climb to get breath-taking views of the surrounding areas. And for a chance to see threatened and endangered animals, explore the Tiritiri Matangi Island.

Winery Tours

With world-class wines like cabernet sauvignon, merlot, and pinot gris being produced in Auckland, don’t miss the chance to visit the numerous vineyards and wineries here. In most of these wineries, you can go on guided tours or explore on your own by foot or bike, and then get to talk to the winemakers while sampling their creations. The Waiheke Island—also known as the Island of Wine—Matakana, and Kumeu are the three wine regions in Auckland.

So don’t just work when you get to visit Auckland. Find the time to experience the city and enjoy its diverse, fantastic offerings.

All the Reasons You Should Take Up ATV Off-Road Riding Now

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ATV Rider in the actionIn today’s time and age, a lot of people live extremely hectic lifestyles that they no longer have the time to enjoy the outdoors. With so much on their plates, from household chores and responsibilities to work, many of them turn to the Internet and technology for amusement and entertainment.

This has then resulted in people spending about 90% of their time cooped up indoors. Stepping outside and unplugging yourself from technology can greatly benefit you, especially when you do something as fun as off-road driving and riding with an ATV.

Driving an ATV can already bring your stress levels down

Just a quick, leisurely walk outside can already help you feel relaxed, so imagine what driving with a high-performance off-road vehicle can do for you.

With an open-air vehicle designed to tackle dirt roads as you pass by stretches of majestic views and sceneries, you can expect to feel your stress levels go down every minute. Plus, overcoming obstacles on trails can even help make you a better city or highway driver.

Add nature to the mix, and you will feel even better

It can be quite boring and tiresome when your everyday views are limited to buildings and vehicles. And with the rising concerns in air pollution, it is highly likely you drive with your car windows open.

So why not add nature and fresh breeze into the mix?

When you take up ATV driving, you can surround yourself with Salt Lake City’s amazing beautiful outdoors and natural wonders. This, plus exposing yourself to the clean, fresh air will make you feel even better.

You can enjoy all these with company

Traditionally, ATVs only accommodated a single driver. Nowadays though, you will find side-by-side ATVs here in Salt Lake City that let you experience all the benefits above with a fellow off-road enthusiast.

Always remember that while it is necessary to spend time indoors, you should understand the importance of outdoor time too.