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American Diners in Singapore Bring it Up a Notch

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Sandwich in an american diner

Sandwich in an american dinerOne of the most iconic things in the United States is the diner. It is distinctly American and has been emulated in other countries for good reason.

The American diner menu has reached Singapore and it has been a huge success. There are several diners in this progressive city-state, and they bring authentic American flavours in Art Deco settings.

American Favourites

Singapore is famous for its Chili Crabs and it seems that they really know how to cook good crabs, as American-style crab cooking is also a hit in the city’s diners. Maryland crab cakes, as well as soft-shell crabs, retain their roots even as they are brought to the tropics.

One great thing about the diner experience in Singapore is that the range of menu offerings represent the 50 states. These are servings and flavours that are worth the visit to the Garden City.

A Singaporean Twist

The real secret to the Singapore diner success is the way American dishes are interpreted. These are the same hearty meals with large servings of burgers and fries. The food is served in large heaping plates with side dishes and dips. The difference is in the ingredients. This is Singapore, where Europe meets the Far East, and even American tastes are sublimated to this overall fusion.

You can have large servings of burgers made with Wagyu beef, truffle-infused mayonnaise, and three different kinds of cheese, among other ingredients. This goes perfectly with alcohol versions of milkshakes and slushies.

Singapore has elevated the diner fare and made it their own. The big robust flavours of Southeast Asian spices do not need to be ubiquitously represented in every dish. Diners just need to remember that there’s a difference between Singaporean and American flavours. The latter are bolder and more decadent.

This is not just about a hearty breakfast or lunch. This is about bringing more flavours with a wider range of ingredients than what is available for the original 1950s diners.