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Teak Grades Used in Boat Decking

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a covered boatTeak trim and decking have been the gold standard for the boating sector for ages, and they still are. Renowned for its ability to hold out to harsh sea conditions, teak has a deep color and gorgeous grain, which makes it remarkably attractive.

It is also non-skid even when wet, hence boosting your safety onboard. Picking the teak for your boat decks in Rockport is not easy. Many unscrupulous deck builders will fleece you with synthetic teak and other products which closely resemble teak. Here are the three grades of authentic boat decking teak.

Grade A

This is the highest teak quality and comes from the heartwood found at the very center of the tree. Grade A teak has a uniform color. It is also oily to touch, weather-resistant and durable. Though costly, this is the best option you have for your boat’s deck.

Grade B

Harvested from the teak tree’s outer heartwood, this grade is not as high in natural oils as grade A teak and has a more uneven grain and lighter color.

Grade B teak is treatable using oils, and then sealed to enhance its efficiency for boat decks. Although not as durable as grade A teak, it makes an inexpensive option for boat decks.

Grade C

Harvested from the teak’s outer sections and young trees, grade C teak is less dense and softer compared with grades A and B. It is prone to damage from harsh elements. Although you can treat it to enhance its qualities, it is not routinely used for boat decks since the treatments needed are costly.

These grades of teak are the most expensive hardwoods you will get for your boat. With the right teak choice and when properly maintained, however, your boat’s deck will last for at least twenty years. It is hence essential to ensure the teak your builder uses is worth its cost.