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The Various Types of Internet Connections

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Internet modem and ethernet cordFamily members use Internet connections to connect with each other, access emails, and surf the web. Students use the Internet to access websites to register for courses and do research for class projects. Workers in companies also use the Internet to keep in touch with clients. For these reasons, Internet service providers have increasingly invested in the broadband Internet to connect devices via one platform. Below are the various types of broadband Internet connections available today:

Digital Subscriber Line (DSL)

DSL transmission is a technology that uses a wire-line to transfer data through copper telephone lines. This technology is used in both homes and business. Digital Transmission Line is mostly available in places served by telephone companies. It may not be available in more developed areas, which means that local businesses have to look for other means to access the Internet.

Cable Modems

Cable modems allow service providers to deliver Internet services through the same platforms employed by televisions. One side of a cable is attached to the modem while the other side connects to the computer. The cable modem has almost the same speed as the DSL and allows the user to access cable TV.

Fibre Optic

Fibre helps in converting electrical data signals to light. It then transmits them through tiny transparent glass fibres. This technology provides high-speed Internet and VoIP as well as simultaneous video services. Fibre optic technology is relatively new and allows companies to provide bundle services to their customers.

Fixed Wireless Internet

Fixed wireless broadband is a high-speed Internet that uses radio signals. It can also be delivered to rural areas through satellite signals that are connected through broadband global area network terminals. The service can be fixed to a particular location and used to connect laptops and cell phones. This type of Internet delivery is available for both commercial and residential use.

The rapidly growing demand for Internet connectivity has compelled service providers to go beyond the conventional cable connection to provide wireless Internet access. For this reason, variable Internet connection trends have emerged. These developments essentially allow people to access the Internet from any location.