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Which Type of SBA Loan is Right for You?

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Business loan being selected on a virtual optionSBA loans are issued to help small businesses get off the ground, expand or stay afloat. Guaranteed by the government, these loans offer debtors low-interest rates and flexible loan terms.

Many financial service providers in Ogden like the Wasatch Peaks Credit Union offer different types of SBA loans for your business needs. The three primary SBA loan categories are the 7a, 504 and microloans. These loans differ in terms and conditions, and finding the best type for you is paramount to the success of your business. That said, below are some factors that will influence your loan choice:

Your credit score

As a small business proprietor or someone looking to start or expand a business, you should aim for a high personal credit score. Lenders take into account the credit score of anyone with at least 20% interest in any business before giving an SBA loan. The 7a and 504 loan programs require borrowers to have a minimum credit score of 700. You may get microloans with lower credit scores, but they might attract higher interest rates.

What you intend to use the loan for

If you are looking for a loan to pay for your workers’ salaries, buy equipment and property, the 7a loan is the ideal option. For long-term needs like land and buildings, and business expansion projects, the 504 loan will work for you. You can use microloans for various business purposes but not for property purchase.

Your lending institution

Both the 7a and 504 SBA loans are processed through credit unions, banks and specialized lenders. You can borrow up to $5 million under these programs. The microloans are managed by community-based non-profit organizations. You can borrow up to $50,000.

The application process for SBA loans is quite thorough. You should pay close attention to your application details and ensure you have all the necessary documents. Your business plan also determines the success of your application. Ensure your plan is solid and well researched.

Five Tasks You Can Outsource to Grow Your Business

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OutsourcingDue to the rise of technology and competition, businesses find themselves faced with multiple tasks and goals. Entrepreneurs resort to hiring more employees, each with different expertise and skills. Expanding may be good, but it can cost your company. Save up and accomplish goals faster by outsourcing the following tasks.


Research can take up a lot of time and energy. Whether you are planning to create a database or perform an in-depth market research for business, it’s better to hire a virtual assistant who can do the task quickly and accurately. Other than getting the job faster, this can save you money as well.

Financial Consultation

Businesses big and small rely on financial advisors for investment, insurance, and tax planning advice. The need for their services, however, is mostly on occasion. Because of this, it is ideal to work with an independent financial consultant from firms like Shoreline Financial Advisors. Hire one with experience and certification.

Content Writing

Businesses who cannot afford full-time writers should consider content writing services. This goes especially for companies with a strict content calendar and regularly submits guest articles. Team up with a good selection of virtual writers with experience in blog writing, SEO writing, and copywriting.

Presentation Design

The first thing investors notice during a presentation is slide design. Nail your business pitch by working with a presentation designer who can add life to your PowerPoint or Prezi file. Apart from having a professional slideshow, you also have more time to focus and rehearse on your presentation.

Social Media Marketing

Social media managers are now essential to business. Having too much of them, however, will significantly cost your company. Outsource a social media marketer if your business only focuses on two to three online platforms. Getting an experienced marketer who can attend to your pages every day will save you money and office resources.

Designate tasks efficiently by getting the right people for the right job. Consider outsourcing and accomplish more goals for your company.

Understanding the Digital Technology Used When Printing on Vinyl

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Vinyl printingWhen looking for a company to do a boat or vehicle wrap for you, it pays to have a little understanding of what to expect. This will help you settle for a shop that will provide quality service and results.

There are two types of wraps or covers: pre-cured and digitally printed. Pre-cured wraps come in various textured films and solid colors. The digitally printed wraps are designed on a computer before being printed using wide format printers. Rockwallsignsandwraps.com shares some information about the technology used in today’s vinyl printing industry.

Solvent and Eco-Solvent Printers

These printers use extremely sticky solvents or eco-solvent inks. They saturate vinyl with a substantial amount of ink that needs time to dry. Without the right amount of time to dry, wraps printed using these printers are highly prone to failure. Lamination of prints without adequate time to dry makes them appear bubbly and hazy. A minimum of 2 days is necessary for the print to dry off before lamination for a good wrap.

Latex Printers

Latex is the latest technology in the world of vehicle wrapping. Latex printers use inks that are less abrasive than solvent and eco-solvent ones. They have multiple fans and high-powered heaters that allow for a completely dry wrap. Because the composition of latex ink is naturally flexible, it is the best option for vinyl that needs to stretch and conform.

Ultra Violet Printers

UV printers are ideal for window graphics and signage. They are not used for vehicle wraps as the ink becomes brittle when it dries after undergoing curing under UV light. Stretching vinyl that is printed using these printers increases the risk of ink cracking beneath the laminate.

Vinyl printing is indeed a remarkable technology that benefits the world. Look for a shop that offers quality printing and vehicle wrap services in your location. Choose one that uses genuine inks to ensure the quality and longevity of the print.

More than Snips and Cuts: The Secrets to Beauty Salon Success

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A Beauty SalonIt is never too late to begin considering operation problems that will affect and contribute to your business’ success. To start, when it comes to beauty salons, PJS Beauty Salon Equipment suggests that you choose quality furniture and equipment to serve your clients. You must also carefully think about your operating hours to accommodate the maximum number of clients during business hours.

Moreover, you would have to include proper pricing of your services in your development plan. If you set high rates, you will restrict the number of clients who can afford them. On the other hand, setting very low prices will restrict the potential of your income and possibly endanger your business.

Deciding on the rates require more than just visiting your competitors, accumulating service menus and setting competitive prices. Instead, you must think of the aspects that will affect your prices: profit, overhead and labour costs.

1.    Labour costs for spas, such as benefits and salary for stylists and administrative staff. Do not forget to include your salary. This cost is conveyed as the rate per hour and can differ depending on the length of time it takes your staff to perform services.

2.    Overhead costs, including all expenses needed to operate the salon besides labour. This consists of your utilities, lease and mortgage payments, and so on. It would be practical for you to estimate that your expenses will take around 40 to 50 per cent of your material and labour costs.

3.    When it comes to profit, salon owners can expect to get a profit of around 11 to 15 per cent. You have the choice to make the profit figure lower or higher. To get the net profit that you desire, increase the percentage factor. This way, you will get the estimated gross amount that you will earn.

Never cease trying to find a way to enhance the quality of services, along with the prices of your services. Your clients will look forward to their next appointment knowing that they can afford and trust you.

Effects of Water Pollution and and How to Deal With Them

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Workers setting up equipment for oil spill clean up at a beachWater covers over 70% of the earth’s surface. It supports marine life and humanity in general. Most industrial processes depend on water as a solvent and a coolant. Living without this commodity is impossible.

Unfortunately, water is under threat from large consumption and pollution. Home and industrial refuse has affected the quality of water in many ways. Read on to learn about the problem and how to deal with it.

Engine lubricants and oils

These substances are harmful when they contaminate the water. They float on water, depriving the sea creatures of oxygen. In addition, they have toxic effects when swallowed. Large oil spills can affect the economies of nations. People who depend on seafood for meals and trade are deprived of their livelihood. This is where oil spill absorbent products come in handy.

Cleaning detergents

The cleaning agents that we use at home or in the office have a negative impact on water. A collection of these elements from many homes results in surface water pollution. People should use the sewerage to dispose of such dirty water. The relevant authorities will deal with it to make it safe for rivers or ocean disposal.

Pool Chemicals and Hard Wastes

Chlorine is commonly used in pools to raise the basic levels. Releasing pool water with high chlorine levels can kill the living organisms in rivers and oceans. Besides, solid wastes like dead animals, food scrap and rubbish have adverse effects on water safety. Check the concentration of chlorine in pool water before releasing it to river stream and keep solid waste in bins for proper disposal.

Agricultural products

Fertilisers and pesticides form the bulk of chemicals in farming practices. Releasing these products to streams and rivers affects the water quality. Proper management and practical application of these products protect water resources from pollution.

Preventing water pollution is a good way to preserve humanity. We need to do our part in protecting the environment for the next generations.

Commonly Neglected Areas of Business that Need Attention

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Business Managers Checking DataOperating your own business is not the same as planning it. In the early stages of planning, everything seems enough to accomplish, especially if you are the type who sticks to a solid and detailed plan. When you are right in the middle of the actual implementation, however, things may look and feel different.

When you are that busy, you tend to neglect or forget some of the things that are no less important. And such neglect may already be affecting your business without your knowledge. Here are some of those aspects of a business that need closer attention.

Performing and nonperforming employees

The danger is that you may not reward or even show any appreciation for specific employees who are the backbone of your operations, and you fail to see how the non-performing employees are weighing the entire company down.

It is time to pay closer attention to the people who work for you. Spend more time evaluating their performance and talking to your managers, supervisors, or team leaders.

Lighting and signage

When was the last time you looked at the signage right above your door? It may already be faded or yellow with age. Some of the lights may not be working. Not only does this make your business look bad, but it also compromises safety.

Get in touch with a professional offering commercial lighting to Florida businesses, such as AMPRO, and see how you can transform your place of business to take care of your image.

Online activity

Building a website and paying for SEO is not enough. You have to be an active member of social media. You have to know what listings are best for local markets. In short, you have to be digitally perceptive and know what is going on with social media at any point in time.

People could be having a field day bashing your product, and you do not even know about it. Or someone could be asking a question about your services through Twitter, and there is nobody there to answer them.

As an entrepreneur, you know you are not one to micromanage. At least you have to know what is going on around your business.

How Do You Improve Your Online Value Proposition?

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Businessmen looking to a laptop screen discussing strategy

The value proposition is just a handful of sentences, but these can make or break your company. It differentiates your brand from the competition and provides potential customers with an idea of what you do, who you are and if they can benefit from choosing you.

A digital marketing agency in NYC Coforge Marketing can help you with this in your business. Here are some strategies that can contribute to improving this aspect of your business.

Know and Show Your Value

Some companies do not know who they are and take a general approach to creating and implementing their value proposition. This strategy may get you somewhere, but you may hit a stagnant point where you are in the middle, not bad, but not great.

Take a top-down approach to analyzing your brand; identify your strengths and weaknesses. With this knowledge, determine which products or services suit your company and your target audience.

Understand the perceived value of customers about your business; once you do, you have a competitive advantage and can build a loyal following.

It Helps to Quantify

If your company sold 5,000 pairs of shoes in a month or helped 1,000 clients reach the top of a search results page, say it. People want to see numbers; words can only get you far enough, but once your audience sees substantiated proof of your value, they are likely to believe it. 

Data plays a big role in determining your value proposition, and what you can do for customers. Monitor certain metrics that are relevant to your niche and use these to convince your market to choose you and stay loyal.

Clarify Your Value in the Copy

Whenever a potential customer visits your website or social accounts, they must know what your specialization is. This is when the copy must deliver; it must contain the keywords and your main selling point.

These tactics enable you to create and implement a strong value proposition. The latter allows you to build a more powerful brand that people can relate to and rely on.

The Cloud: How this Century’s Data Collector Enhances Your Business

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Cloud Storage SymbolCompanies of all sizes value the flexibility and adaptability of the Cloud. According to a recent survey by 451 Research, around 60% of major enterprise workloads will run in the Cloud by halfway through 2018. When enterprise resource planning (ERP) processes are made easier through technology, a business is likely to flourish.

Minimising Human Error

ERP is like the central nervous system of every company. It stores information and makes this data available to those who need it. Cloud-based ERP systems take tasks that are both time-consuming and expensive to manage and provide you with tools to allow you to better meet the needs of your clients.

Appointment scheduling, customer relationship management (CRM), sales, recruitment and accounting are a few business areas that are highly dependent on bookkeeping and data storage. With the Cloud, there is no more need for employees to go back and forth from each office to retrieve documents. Just one click on the Cloud will direct any important information from the system to the employee.

Security is Fashionable

Many Cloud systems are communal, which gives the impression that your data in that virtual sphere is insecure. Data, however, is even less secure when dealt with physically. All offices and workstations are vulnerable to theft — storing data on technological platforms lessens the risk file breaches.

Since data centres are not foolproof, it is important to employ an IT professional who is knowledgeable in dealing with Clouds. Although it might make some business owners dubious, entrusting your Cloud to an outsourced provider will give you more accurate and efficient system processes. Cloud professionals know that data should be protected by hack-resistant software and require authorised access to increase security and lessen the risk of intrusion. Security is what you need for your company, and Cloud professionals will provide you with just that.

The Cloud has revolutionised the way businesses get work done, making it the de facto IT infrastructure. The more a company strives to lessen the risk of information breaches, the more trustworthy it will be as a business.

Give your Small Manufacturing Firm that Much-Needed Edge

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Plasma Cutting MachineSmall-scale manufacturers often face difficulties trying to get a leg-up on the market, especially when they are up against big businesses. While such a situation may seem unfavourable, it should not put a damper on your efforts.

Teething problems are common to all business sectors. Rather than take on the large competitors, you should find creative ways to draw clients to your brand.

Get the right tools

In the manufacturing sector, you are only as good as the tools you operate. You should make sure to equip your shop with the best variety. Innovative technology such as CNC plasma cutting table tool increases precision and accuracy.

As such, you get to improve the turnaround time, make the work easier and boast an impressive range of products. Similarly, you need a skilled workforce to handle the superior technology and ensure a flawless production process.

Study the market and identify the gaps

Large manufacturers tend to favour customers with large volume orders and often tend to neglect the smaller clients; there lies and opportunity that you can use to grow your brand name and sales. By filling small orders and having impressive turnaround times, you can build your client base.

Therefore, you need to study the market to understand the gaps that exist. From there you set about providing an exceptional solution to the clients.

Have an area of specialisation

Proper market research can help you to unearth the undeserved areas, and you can swoop in to save the day. Just be sure to quantify the demand for that particular range of products. Similarly, you should ensure that you have necessary skills and expertise to meet the specific need.

While it might seem restrictive, specialising helps you to provide quality solutions, helping you to stand out in a crowded market.

Small-scale manufacturers often face stiff competition from the larger well-established firms. These pointers can help you gain a leg-up in such a market and grow your business.

LTL Shipping and Its Advantages

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Refrigerated LTL Trucking

Refrigerated LTL TruckingLess than truckload or LTL is a popular and economical shipping method. This is a popular option among most businesses over full truckload shipping or FTL. Here are the benefits of less than truckload shipping.

#1: LTL is cost effective.

Compared to full truckload shipping, you will not need to fill an entire truckload with your shipment and only pay for the space that your shipment takes on the truck. If your shipment only takes a quarter of the truckload, you will only need to pay for a quarter of the shipping cost.

#2: LTL is generally a quicker shipping method than FTL.

One of the biggest reasons that companies use LTL shipping is because this often has a quicker delivery time than full truckload shipments. This is because there are fewer logistics to deal with. With an LTL shipment, there are fewer stops, and weigh-ins are quicker along the way.

#3: LTL offers the ability to ship small shipments.

While courier companies are available for small or light shipments, they also have a weight limit which is usually 100 pounds. Less than truckload shipping doesn’t need to completely fill an entire truck. An LTL shipment is usually preferred for shipments that range from 150 to 10,000 pounds. FTL or full truckload shipping is generally used for shipments over 10,000 pounds.

#4: LTL offers better flexibility and consistency in delivery time.

LTL shipments going to similar places will allow your company to drive the cost down by consolidating multiple shipments from different customers to create a load. Most LTL companies also offer refrigerated LTL shipping for goods that need a controlled temperature. They also provide consistent transit times because they run the same routes and know exactly how long it will take to reach each terminal.

Less than truckload shipping is an ideal way for developing companies to benefit through cost, speed, and flexibility. It allows organizations to move smaller quantities of materials at lower prices, while helping to increase a truck’s capacity and efficiency for everyone involved.