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How to Help Your Senior Parent Adjust to an In-Home Caregiver

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Caregiver for the ElderlyWhen an elderly loved one is having difficulty adjusting to an in-home caregiver, the root of their issue is usually the thought of losing independence. It is this fear that many family caregivers or adult children find it difficult to get their elderly parent to agree to be cared for by an outsider.

If you find yourself having issues with getting your loved one to receive in-home senior care, look to these tips to help him or her adjust to in-home care.

Be Honest and Transparent

If your parent is against the idea about in-home care, it’s reasonably fair and crucial that you understand your parent’s reason for resisting. Knowing the exact reasons your parent is opposed to home care before initiating the arrangement could help you manage your parent’s fears and worries.

For example, if your loved one is resistant due to some misconceptions about home care, you need to take the time to educate your parent about the specific services that would be provided to him or her, suggests an experienced in-home senior care provider in Big Lake.

Begin with Part-Time Home Care

Most seniors find it tough to adjust to in-home care when it’s a 24/7, day-in-day-out arrangement. In most instances, it’s better you offer part-time home care first to see how your loved one would respond to it. A part-time arrangement would still give your loved one some independence and allow the imminent transition to round-the-clock care easier when the time comes.

For example, you could begin with several hours a day, three days of the week and then move on from there, once you honestly feel that your loved one is adjusting well to the setup.

Always Keep in Touch

Most seniors also feel conflicted about home care and other long-term care arrangements due to fear of abandonment. They might think that their family would stop visiting them since they have someone else to tend to their needs.

With this in mind, you need to reassure your loved one that you would still be a major part of his or her life. Tell your loved one that you could now spend more quality time with him or her now that his or her immediate would be taken care of by the caregiver.

Choosing the perfect in-home caregiver would enable your elderly parent to receive the care they need and remain in their home. By taking into account the comfort and preferences of your loved one and following the tips above, you could help increase your loved one’s quality of life by providing the right in-home caregiver that could provide the right level of medical assistance, support, and companionship.