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A Beginner’s Guide to Chemical Handling and Waste Clearance

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a dumpster near a construction siteOn January 23, 2018, a car crash that occurred at the intersection of Republic Drive in Dunedin and U.S. 19 in Florida resulted in a chemical spill. The spills came from a truck carrying pest control agents which were harmful to human beings. Wet and dry chemicals were scattered on the road, halting traffic for several hours. Fortunately, Tambay Bay city’s response team was able to isolate and manage the incident efficiently and without major glitches.

This scenario is a good talking point in sparking conversations about proper chemical handling and consequently, appropriate chemical waste disposal in Utah.

Chemical Handling Protocol

Handling of chemicals should follow a specific set of protocols. These include the following:

  • Clear identification of “hazardous” and “extremely hazardous” chemicals
  • Having a designated hazardous chemical storage unit
  • Selection of compatible containers
  • Having chemical waste containers properly tagged
  • Having chemical waste disposal Utah experts do excess clearance
  • Knowledge of liquid, solid, and dry chemical waste requirements
  • Knowledge of storage period and quantity limits

Failure to subscribe to these rules and regulations in a stringent and consistent manner is considered as a catastrophic act of negligence, one that cannot be tolerated at any costs, given how such negligence results to an array of threats.

Chemical Exposure Risks

Poorly handled chemical spill incidents and inappropriate chemical waste disposal pose a lot of health and safety risks. These risks include fires and explosion, toxic fumes reaching the atmosphere, uncontrolled chemical reactions, soil contamination, and water contamination, among others. These consequences can then branch out into substantial economic losses.

Considering the possibility of these hazards, proper protocol in chemical management should be upheld at all times. Meanwhile, chemical waste disposal Utah experts should be tapped whenever there is a need for excess chemical clearance since this is a highly critical job requiring specific skills and knowledge.