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3 Places You Should Visit on You Next Jordan Tour

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City of PetraDespite Jordan being surrounded by unimaginable unrest and chaos, it has managed to remain on the neutral ground and a peaceful place that is worth visiting. It is still the ultimate jewel and pride of the Middle East.

Jordan is an offbeat destination bordering Israel to the west and Iraq and Saudi Arabia to the East. It is popular among tourists, especially religious people from across the globe. Those who go for LDS trips to Jordan once can’t get enough.

Here are some of the locations that make people come back to explore this beautiful kingdom.

1. Petra

This ranks among the ancient and greatest cities in the world. Its momentous buildings that have been set up on high cliffs make Petra live up to the hype. The two-kilometer walk through the narrow and deep gorge in Siq will intrigue your instincts before landing you in the breathtaking Treasury Square. This legendary setting has been the venue for some Hollywood films.

2. Jerash

You haven’t been to Jordan if you haven’t visited a Roman Ruin. Jerash presents the highest preserved ancient Roman city that is not in Italy. This building is as old as 6500 years, and the dry Jordan climate has played a huge role in keeping the ruins in good condition. Inside the building, you can explore the North theater of Jerash, the temple of the Artemis, and the Forum.

3. Dead Sea

The Dead Sea has plenty of salt such that you can float on the water until your heart gets enough of it. The waters are also known to have healing effects and people who come here to seek this benefit can get accommodation near the sea for an early morning dip. You can also get a mud rub after which your skin will be as soft as a baby’s bum.

There are many other places to visit in Jordan besides Amman. With its rich history, excellent eco-adventures and the incredible landscapes and climbs, the country is a wonderful vacation destination in the Middle East.