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These are the Worst Food and Drinks for Your Teeth

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Model tooth showing interior and decayBesides brushing and flossing your teeth regularly, and frequently visiting a dentist in Richland, WA, avoiding certain foods can help prevent oral health problems. Knowing what particular food and drinks to avoid can save you from the pains of tooth decay.


When you chew bread, the saliva in your mouth breaks down the starches into sugar. This can cause the bacteria in your mouth to release acids that attack the enamel of your teeth. If you are craving for some carbs, go for less-refined varieties such as bread that is made of whole wheat as it likely contains sugar that is not easily broken down.

Sour Candies

Candies have long been known to be bad for people’s dental health, but sour candies — not just the traditional sweet candies — are also bad for your teeth. They contain more and different kinds of acid that tend to be tougher on your teeth. Since sour candies are usually chewy, they can also stick to your teeth longer and likely cause decay.

Coffee and Tea

Coffee and tea can dry out your mouth, which can cause you to have less saliva. Saliva helps keep your teeth healthy by preventing food from sticking to your teeth. It also helps wash away particles of food. In addition, drinking coffee and tea frequently can stain your teeth.

Citric Fruits

Frequent exposure to acidic food can damage the enamel and make the teeth more vulnerable to decay. If you eat citric fruits such as lemon and lime, make sure you brush your teeth after to wash away the acid from your mouth.

Carbonated Sodas

Carbonated sodas cause plaque, which does serious damage to the enamel of your teeth. You essentially coat your teeth with acid if you drink soda instead of water all throughout the day.

You can help prevent tooth decay if you avoid food and drinks that can damage your teeth. Remember, bread, sour candies, citrus, caffeinated drinks, and carbonated sodas can make your teeth more vulnerable to cavities.

Enhance Your Dental Implants With Cosmetic Dentistry

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Woman at the dentistry If you are one of the increasing number of people opting to replace missing teeth with dental implants, it’s probably got you thinking about what else about your smile you’d like to fix, and what cosmetic dentistry treatments are available.

One way to find out is to go to a dental practice, such as Edinburgh Dental Specialists. This practice often has patients referred to it by general dentists and offers certain cosmetic treatments that can brush up your smile alongside your implants.

Here’s a quick look at some of the treatments that can enhance your smile.

Porcelain Veneers

If your teeth are misaligned to a slight degree, porcelain veneers are a non-invasive way to straighten them out. Veneers are custom-made to fit over your teeth, and blend with the surrounding teeth. They are tiny sheaths of porcelain rather like false nails, which are bonded to the teeth using dental adhesive. A very thin layer of enamel is removed from your natural teeth in order to create a surface onto which the veneers bond effectively, and also to make sure that the new veneers lie flush with the surfaces of the surrounding teeth.

Invisible Braces

If your teeth need a bit more to realign them, you can choose to have invisible braces. There are various sorts of braces that will straighten your teeth without you having to wear embarrassing heavy duty metal braces. The good news is that you can get your teeth straightened at any age. You don’t have to be a teenager or young adult.

Cosmetic Bonding

This is a cost-effective way to smooth over chips and cracks in your teeth, without going the whole way to veneers. Cosmetic bonding uses materials similar to those used in white fillings. The dentist sculpts the materials over your teeth. It is especially good on the front teeth, which have less use for chewing and more for biting. The material is colour-matched to your teeth.

Teeth Whitening

If you choose this treatment, you need to have it done before you have implants so that the implants can be colour-matched to the new shade of your teeth. Implants cannot be whitened.

4 Ways to Solve Tooth Gaps and Chipping

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Group of dentists attending a single patient

Not everybody appreciates tooth gaps. In fact, you are lucky if you have not metsomeone who makes fun of it. People who have chipped or cracked tooth are likely to feel some insecurities, as well. If you feel like it is time to fix your teeth and fill that gap, you may want to try teeth bonding.

Teeth bonding is mostly offered by London practices and even around the world. This is a cosmetic dental procedure wherein a tooth-colored resin is applied to the cracked tooth using adhesives and a special curing light. If you are prone to this type of dental problem, here are some ways to prevent it:

1. Watch out for tooth decay.

Untreated tooth decay can lead to serious dental issues, including cracked or damaged tooth and even tooth loss. One of the ideal ways to prevent tooth decay is limiting your intake of sugary food and drinks. If you have a sweet tooth, regular brushing and flossing can help keep tooth decay at bay.

2. Protect your teeth from high-intensity sports.

Combat sports are known to knock out teeth, so make sure you invest in a good mouth guard. While you can always get quality mouth guards from sports shops, it is better to ask your dentist to create a custom-fit one for you. A properly fitting mouth guard can better protect your teeth.

3. Bite with care.

Biting into hard food can chip teeth, so bite with care. If you do not want to risk cracking your tooth, do not use it as a tool to pop open a bottle of beer or crack nuts. Even if you are biting into a succulent piece of meat, be careful where you bite since you cannot be sure if there is no bone left. While your teeth are strong, accidents do happen and you might end up with one less tooth after a bite.

4. Visit your dentist regularly.

If you do have cracked teeth, visit your dentist and get the right treatment. While there are DIY and over-the-counter options, do not risk greater damage to your bitters. After getting a tooth bonding treatment, your dentist will ask you to visit occasionally for them to check on the recovery progress.

If you do not want to risk losing a tooth or live with a chipped one, remember these precautions and protect your teeth from damage. If you are born with it, like tooth gaps, it is up to you to decide whether you will embrace it or not.

It’s Your Time to Shine with Dental Implants

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A pair of tweezers holding a prosthetic tooth If you have missing teeth, you do not have to just learn to live with them. Dental implants are an effective way to replace missing teeth, with the end result being a look and feel that is just like your natural teeth. Dental implants remove any issues with biting, chewing or speech, so you will be able to eat all your favourite foods and talk without any worry about slippage or pain from ill-fitting dentures. Go on, it is time to take a big bite of that apple. You can now restore your natural smile with dental implants. You won’t just see aesthetic improvements but your confidence and self-esteem may very well also receive a boost once you see your new smile.

Dental implants for a wider range of cases

Dental implants require a good amount of jawbone to be present. If this isn’t the case then there are zygomatic implants. They provide support for implant bridgework where there has been a substantial amount of bone loss from the upper jaw. This is a specialist procedure and PDC Dental Care in Barnsley is one of a few practices in the UK with the expertise to carry out such procedures.

The implants are longer than ordinary dental implants and anchor to the strong bone that forms the cheekbone. This means that the implants can be used as an alternative to complex bone grafting operations, making it possible to carry out surgery in just one stage. Prior to treatment with zygomatic implants, a scan will be taken to assess the amount of bone available. This allows the dentist to precisely plan the placement of these implants.

Other options

For patients who have lost most or all their teeth and currently wear dentures, All-On-Four dental implants could be the ideal solution.

The fixed solutions provided with All-On-Four ensure that patients never go without teeth, can avoid the hassles of dentures and can carry on with their lives as normal. With 4 to 6 strategically placed dental implants, a whole jaw of replacement teeth can be supported. After a period of healing during which time the implants fuse with the jawbone, a durable permanent bridge can be attached.