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How Teachers and Parents Give Children the Winning Edge

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Smiling students in computer class

Smiling students in computer classParents want the best for their children, whether it comes to food, health, or education. Giving children the proper start can help prepare them for the kind of future you want them to have. If you want to help a child develop a winning edge, how can you do this when there are just a lot of things to consider for both parents and teacher?

Education plays a huge part in knowing the right way to handle a child’s development. It is important to consider a child’s personality and passion, but it is only through a proper early childhood education course in Singapore that a teacher would know how to help children develop their talents, character, and the winning edge they need.

Early Childhood Education

Younger children are more open to learning new things and can easily “absorb” them. But there is more to Singapore early childhood education than academics. These courses help educators understand how to encourage children to socialise and make new friends. They learn a holistic approach to teach children about the world around them and how they could communicate effectively


Books, stories, and movies can take children to another world and dimension, but as the saying goes, “experience is the best teacher.” Travelling to new places and learning about different cultures allow them to appreciate the world around them and experience new things. Educators let them touch, feel, and see the world through their eyes. 


One of the most important things children can learn in early childhood education is responsibility. Educators need to know how to make children aware that they are a part of a family and society. Chores, for instance, make them realise that they are part of a household and their help is of huge importance. Giving children responsibilities promote discipline and accountability—something that will help get them further in life

Educating a child is not an easy task. While there are a lot of things parents and educators can do to give children a winning edge, they must keep in mind that they are still children and fun is an integral part to make learning a happy and positive experience.

Learning Early: Values to Teach Preschoolers

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Kids in preschoolPreschool education in Salt Lake City is very crucial and important. This is not only because of academic knowledge we gain but also because this is the period they develop values. This is because this would be the first time that a child would meet different kinds of people.

They would have to interact with other students, teachers, and adults. Learning at a very young age is essential for they start to build character during this stage in their lives.


This would be the period wherein kids would learn how to lie. With this, it essential that parents and the teachers teach the preschoolers the value of honesty and why it is essential. One way of doing so is by being honest yourself.


This is the point wherein kids would have arguments and would tell the adult for support. This is like the adult is the judge in a court case. With this, teaching them how to be objective and be able to let things go is essential in this period. Learning when to know when to let a child go is essential.


At this age, children tend to be selfish and prioritize themselves. This would be the perfect opportunity for them to learn to consider others. By doing so, they also learn about responsibility.


This is the period wherein teaching the preschoolers how to love one another, despite race, religion, culture, sex, and the like is essential. This would also coincide with the respect they show and give others. This would determine how they would treat others in the future.

Academic knowledge is definitely essential to the growth of a preschooler. However, parents should also remember that this is also the crucial point of building the values and character of a person.