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4 Things a Makeup Artist Can’t Live Without

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Makeup artists equipmentWe call makeup artists “artists” for a reason. They help men and women look their best and are experts on highlighting a person’s best facial features. However, they do need a little help sometimes, which is why they rely on some tools in their arsenal. Below are just some of the things that makeup artists have to bring with them to work, according to PJS Beauty Salon Equipment:

1. Cotton Buds

Cotton buds are a makeup artist’s best friend. They use them both to apply makeup and fix makeup mistakes. A cotton bud moistened with water or setting spray can help spread concealer evenly in areas that need full and seamless coverage, as well as put eyeshadow on the lids.

A cotton bud dipped in micellar water can erase winged eyeliner mistakes and similar makeup looks that are challenging to create.

2. Primer

Primers are essential to makeup artists because they need them to turn their clients’ faces into a flawless canvas. Some people have larger pores than others or suffer from acne or bumps and irritations, which will make makeup look uneven or patchy on their skin. Primers also help makeup last longer, especially when the client has an event to attend to.

3. Beauty Blender

A Beauty Blender is a godsend to makeup artists because it allows them to seamlessly blend products onto a client’s skin, from foundation to contouring cream. A Beauty Blender is a soft sponge that allows makeup artists to smoothly apply liquid or cream foundation formulations onto a person’s skin and blend out harsh lines. The sponge also picks up excess products which prevent caking.

4. Micellar Water

Micellar water has been the secret of French women for decades. This multipurpose cleanser is certainly a must-have not just for makeup artists, but anyone. They can use micellar water to cleanse and prep skin so that it has that nice, healthy glow.

It also shrinks pores and makes skin look hydrated. Lastly, since it erases makeup, it allows makeup artists to make adjustments to their client’s makeup look for the day.

An Insight into Various Categories of Hunting

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An hunter with his hunting dogHunting has developed to become much of science, as it is a hobby, sport, or art. There are dozens of hunting methods and equally many weapons for the people who love this adventure.

The hunting method that you choose depends on your level of expertise, availability of the weapons, and your target hunting grounds. Having that said, before visiting the hunting stores in Michigan, learn about the methods to help you choose your best weapons and hunting gears.

Archery and Crossbow Hunting

Experts divide this category into three branches. These include longbows, recurve bows and compound bows. The pound bow you select will be determined by your target game and animal and will have a direct influence on your success.

For instance, if you are going deer hunting, experts recommend a 40-pound bow to achieve a clean kill. Anything too heavy will be impossible to accurately draw in cold weather due to the many clothes you will have worn.

Muzzleloaders Hunting

If you are seeking a traditional and pioneer type of hunting experience, then this is for you. This category brings about both excitement and challenges since it does not need your standard type of a gun.

The ability to quietly stalk and successfully bugle large animals such as a moose or elk to a considerable close range requires not only special skills but also proper planning. For this reason, there are particular times of the year that are set aside for muzzleloader hunting only.

Gun Hunting

Whether you are targeting a small or a huge game, you need to specify whether you will be using a shotgun, handgun, or a rifle. The difference between these gun types majorly lies in the ammunition used as well as the barrels.

The size and type that you choose depend on your target animals as well as the terrain. For instance, if you will be hunting animals such as rabbits and squirrels, or you will need both hands to maneuver and climb the terrain, then a shotgun is the best bet for you.

Regardless of the method you choose, each has its benefits and challenges. However, it is critical to note that the bow hunting season lasts longer than the gun season. Ensure that you check with individuals in your state for specific laws, safety tips and any other hunting information.

European and American Ski Gear Trends: What’s the Difference?

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Skiing EquipmentAmerica and Europe are like siblings, but vastly dissimilar siblings. Americans do things one way, and Europeans do it in another. The same applies in skiing and snowboarding. Europe has starkly different trends than what America has.

The next time you visit ski shops in Vail, or any other ski resort, you may find evidence of the different trends popular among Americans and Europeans. Here are some of the major differences as observed during the recent ISPO in Munich.

Airbag Requirement

In Europe, airbags have become required safety gear given that the slopes of the Alps are rougher. The terrain in the Alpines is also mostly above tree line, making the snow more prone to slides. Although many American skiers use airbags, they bring them not because of a back country gear requirement like a beacon.

Ski Edges

Slopes in the U.S. have more powder than European slopes that allow you to enjoy wide skis without edges. In Germany and Austria, however, Alpine resort skiing necessitates razor-sharp edges. People also popularly use performance skis; when they check ski gear, they flip the skis upside down to inspect the base and edges. In America, skiers usually look at the flex and shape.

Fashion Forward

When you go skiing, much of the expert advice given on ski clothing tells you to ditch fashion and go for functionality. In Europe, skiers are more fashion forward. One reporter found many ski clothing displayed during the recent ISPO in Munich that seemed to have come out of a fashion runway.

Multipurpose Ski Outerwear

It may be amusing to know what kinds of trends are popular to European skiers. In contrast, American outerwear manufacturers have pivoted towards more multipurpose jackets, rucksacks, and trousers. They found that ski clothes you can use for other winter sports and activities have great value.

Gear Comfort and Lightness

When it comes to equipment, manufacturers have focused on more comfortable and lightweight gear, especially ski boots with such qualities. Manufacturers learned to make better ski boots from the example of snowboard boots. They used variable thickness shells that decreased weight and gave more flex.

These are just some of the major differences between American and European skiers when it comes to gear trends, as spotted during the most recent ISPO. Be sure to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each.

3 Ways to Prepare for Your Ski Vacation

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Ski Vacation in Vail

Ski Vacation in VailOne of the best ways to enjoy the holiday season is going on a vacation with your whole family or closest friends. Enjoying some downtime with the people you love and not thinking about your responsibilities even for a few days can give you the much-deserved break you need.

If you’re planning a ski weekend for this year’s holiday treat, here are some things you must do to prepare for it:

Book in Advance

Ski resorts can be fully booked quickly during the holiday season because this is the time when everybody is away from work. That’s why it’s best if you book your trip now (or much better if you’ve already booked it). This way, you can still get a discount for being an early bird and you don’t have to be stuck with the last rooms or a resort that isn’t your first choice.

Pack the Right Clothes

As you’re going to be exposed to the cold, you need to pack winter clothes to keep yourself warm and comfortable throughout your stay. Buy ski clothes in Vail stores that are waterproof, so melting snow won’t penetrate through your clothing and make them wet and cold. If you’re planning to try skiing or snowboarding, rent the gear at the resort instead of buying your own because they can be quite costly.

Prepare Your Body

Ski resorts offer tutorials for people who want to learn how to ski. What most people don’t realize is that this snow sport can be difficult. That’s why if you want to learn, you need to condition your body by working out and doing some cardio weeks before your scheduled trip. This will help you increase your endurance so you won’t get any muscle cramps while learning how to ski.

Follow this guide to be more prepared during your ski trip with your loved ones this holiday season.

Get Productive: 3 Hobbies to Keep You Grinding

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Equipment Hire in Perth

Equipment Hire in PerthEverybody in Perth needs a hobby. Hobbies are any activity or endeavour that people dedicate time and effort to just for the sake of it. It helps people cope with stress and turn downtimes productive. It keeps boredom at bay when someone has too much time on his hands. There are many hobbies out there, from assembling model kits, bird watching to landscaping and gardening. But before the vibrant season of summer ends, here are a few that might interest you.


Even beyond summer, sports and athletics never get old. For those who made a vow at the start of the year to achieve physical fitness this year, this one is for you. Engage in exciting physical activities such as sports. Lose the pounds and build strength by hitting the local gym, pool or track. Learn sports such as rugby, or even martial arts. This hobby has many benefits. It keeps you fit, gives you a way to channel your aggression, lifts your mood, and overall teaches you new skills.

DIY Projects

For those who want to be a builder, DIY projects are a hobby. With summer still in, you can go all out with construction projects. This hobby calls for skills in carpentry, masonry and being an all-around repairperson. Draft a list of projects you want to do, everything from a new smoker, a backyard bar, a playground to even a gazebo. Develop the plans, break out the tools and get working. And should you find yourself in the occasion to need bigger equipment, you can always hire access and construction equipment in Perth to help make your designs functional realities.

Outdoor Expeditions

They say you can never keep an outdoorsman cooped up in a house. Those who feel the call of the great outdoors can pack their bags and go on the best trip of their lives in the coming months. Australia is known for its great outdoors, from beautiful trekking trails to beaches and bays. Take advantage of this abundance and go on an adventure. Go mountaineering, skydiving or cruising. Anywhere is fine. Slake your adventurer’s thirst.

Whatever you desire, there is a hobby for you. Kick out boredom and bring in the fun.

Why Do People Love to DIY Anyway?

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DIY Hardwood Window

DIY Hardwood WindowDo-it-yourself (DIY) projects are extremely popular these days. These are projects made by individuals who use basic and natural materials to repair, modify or create something new, wonderful and essential.

They even re-purpose objects usually found at home and make it into something that suits their particular needs. Thus, it is the perfect way to express one’s creativity, at the same time, save mother earth.

DIY projects can be just about anything under the sun. It can range from a useless old tyre turned into a flower pot for the garden, a tree house built with its own zip line, a vegetable garden made out of wooden ladders, a watering can used as a shower head, or a plastic rain gutter transformed into a child’s reading corner.

You can also buy high quality timber like European oak and construct or install your very own DIY window. Some would even customise their beds, cabinets and tables at home like the ones you use for manipulating equipment, studying, working, doing crafts and sewing. They would maximise unused space and add more storage or better yet create a multi-purpose furniture.

Two main reasons behind this new trend.


Doing DIY projects allow individuals to use their hands and brains. They get to squeeze out all of their creative juices and focus all of that into building something that expresses and showcases that person’s uniqueness and individuality.

That is why DIY products are more valuable than the products bought out of store shelves. It is mainly because of the sense of satisfaction and reward one feels after building something out of his own hands. It’s priceless.


Some of these projects are made out of used materials and unwanted products that is usually found at home. Up-cycling these items into something useful and of better quality can really help in reducing environment destruction at the same time saves you loads of money.

For instance, instead of buying water sprinklers for your lawn, you can use plastic bottles with tiny holes to act as your sprinkler. Just place the nozzle of your hose inside the bottle and it will do its magic.